Don’t mess with our gun rights: Like in NM, CO legislature rejects anti-gun bill

While Colorado and New Mexico’s legislatures ram through extremist bills regarding abortion up to birth and transgederism, the one commonsense stance they can agree on is not passing bans on high-capacity firearms.

During the 2023 New Mexico Legislative Session, other than one bill regarding firearm storage, every single anti-gun bill died.

The dead gun-grabbing legislation from New Mexico’s legislative session includes S.B. 44 banning citizens from carrying a firearm within 100 feet of a polling place during an election, S.B. 428 targeting firearm retailers and manufacturers with frivolous lawsuits, H.B. 100 banning most firearms over 10-round capacity, and H.B. 101 mandating a 14-day waiting period before firearm purchases.

S.B. 427, which is similar to H.B. 101 banning magazine capacity, died, while S.B. 116, mandating a person must be 21 to purchase a firearm, did not make it across the finish line.

In Colorado, H.B. 1230 was blocked last week, which would have banned high-capacity magazines. 

The bill was blocked Thursday by three Colorado House Democrats and two Republicans in the Colorado House Judiciary Committee. 

According to The Denver Post, “Democratic Rep. Elisabeth Epps, HB23-1230’s primary sponsor, twice attempted to amend the measure before the vote and narrow it to a ban on specific equipment, a nod to the entrenched opposition even among her party colleagues on the committee, but the group narrowly rejected those amendments before nixing the bill in its entirety.”

The Democrat Party “has complete control of state government and a supermajority in the House,” according to the Post. Despite that overwhelming control by leftists, the radical anti-gun bill died.

In New Mexico, Democrats feared even putting their extreme anti-gun bills for a vote in front of the full House of Representatives because they merely didn’t have the numbers to pass their bills to unconstitutionally rip away gun rights.

The lesson to be learned by these Democrat setbacks is that even in states run by far-leftists like Colorado and New Mexico, guns are a part of our states’ fabric and the assault of Constitutional rights to bear arms will not be well-taken, even if Democrats have supermajorities or near-supermajorities.


8 thoughts on “Don’t mess with our gun rights: Like in NM, CO legislature rejects anti-gun bill”

  1. Now we need to overhaul the red flag law and also prevent forestry service from locking gates to prevent hunting access right before hunts like at Valle Vidal.

    1. Honestly, who are you so suspicious of that you need an AR15? Me? Your buy into the NRA’s arguments is outdated. WE HAVE SEEN ENOUGH demonstrated how your cultural influence has caused so much distrust in our society. How many more children need sacrificing? Are you truly willing to protect my rights? After all, what is real patriotism giving us equal footing? Tone down the rhetoric. Radical left … please? Honey always wins more. These kinds of arguments only polarize.

      1. You are obviously one-sided if you think legal firearm owners only buy them for protection. Has it ever occurred to you that some people go to shooting at ranges and sanctioned shooting events. I agree there’s a lot of shady people that shouldn’t have firearms but many more law-abiding citizens. There’s usually a bad apple in the bunch but that doesn’t mean you get rid of all the apples because a few rotten ones.

      2. The AR in AR-15 stands for “Armalite Rifle” after the original designing company. It does not stand for “assault rifle” but is instead a semi-automatic rifle that shoots one time per trigger pull.

      3. Hobbies are hobbies, you don’t want me protesting your cock sucking perverted gay pride drug party… Then don’t protest against me owning a gun. The mental heath damage these hippies are doing to the youth is 100000000000 times more detrimental to the future then me owning a fire arm. pull your head out of your asses…

        It’s your mentally ill youth that is killing people, not my target shooting gun.

  2. High capacity firearms???? If a pistol is manufactured to carry 17rds or a rifle with a 30rd mag capacity, thats not high capacity, its normal capacity for that firearm. Stop using the lefts bullshit terms in regards to firearms. Next thing you’ll be saying MLG has done a lot for the citizens of NM and thats why she got re-elected (bullshit) oh…I did read that crap from the pinonpost just a few days ago in regards to the highly corrupt CYFD.

  3. What a shame. There is no need of a high powered rifle, unless you’re planning on doing serious harm to innocent people.

    1. Hunting? I would never kill anything if I could help it, but I had a 430 lb black bear come into my campsite and he would not leave me alone without some persuasion from a high-powered rifle. Sorry, but if it’s going to be the bear or me, that bears going down as much as I hate doing it.

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