Dems stifle debate, ram two far-left anti-gun bills through committee

During a recent committee hearing in the New Mexico House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, legislators engaged in heated debates over two anti-gun bills focusing on snatching citizens’ and gun manufacturers/sellers’ rights.

House Bill 27, one of the bills in question, seeks to modify the state’s Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order by including any healthcare professionals among those who can request law enforcement to file a petition for the order — further infringing on New Mexicans’ rights.

In contrast, House Bill 114, also known as the Firearm Industry Accountability Act, proposes civil penalties for gun manufacturers for actions like false advertising and failing to secure firearms in their shops. This bill would allow the state Department of Justice, district attorneys, and private citizens to file civil actions against firearms dealers who violate the law, with civil penalties of up to $5,000 for each violation.

The committee chair, Democrat Rep. Joanne J. Ferrary of Las Cruces, stifled debate on the bill. Ferrary’s attempt to call a vote was met with resistance from Republican Rep. John Block of Alamogordo, leading to a terse exchange where Block accused Ferrary of being “out of order,” to which she attempted to gavel him down. He responded by citing the rules she violated by stifling the debate, reiterating, “OK, but you’re out of order.”

Block and Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park), the lone Republicans on the committee, continued to challenge the bills during the hearings, particularly questioning the enforceability of HB 114, asking how one could prove a gun dealer “knowingly” lost a gun or had it stolen. 

Both bills ultimately moved forward on a party-line vote, with the four Democrats supporting and the two Republicans opposing. These bills are part of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s 21-measure public safety initiative, with eight specific gun safety initiatives she wants lawmakers to approve.

Despite these advancements, several gun-rights advocates argued against the bills, expressing valid arguments that the measures would infringe upon their right to own guns and leave law-abiding citizens vulnerable. 

The debates and committee decisions on HB 27 and HB 114 indicate a deep divide on gun control measures, with Democrats ramming bills through despite Republican opposition and concerns over stifling debate. Both anti-gun bills now head to the House Judiciary Committee.


23 thoughts on “Dems stifle debate, ram two far-left anti-gun bills through committee”

  1. Are politicians subject to the highest law of our nation?

    Yes? Then when they violate that law and commit a crime against the citizens, what is the punishment for breaking the law?

    Santa Fe is null and void as they are now choosing to be a threat to the rights of NM citizens.

    1. Amen!!! Santa Fe is null and void. They disregard the United States Constitution at every turn. If enough of us just totally disregard what they do, they won’t be able to do anything about it. But it’s going to take a big number. They will make an example of just one or two who stand against their tyranny.

  2. The United States constitution is supreme law above all laws. There for not only are they breaking the United States constitution laws but New Mexico constitution laws and violating their oath of Office. Is there any law that we as citizens can invoke to get them out of office and put them in jail. If so please let me know. I will file it. There has to be something we can do other than declaring the new Mexico government unconstitutional and severely biased and demand a vote of no confidence.

  3. Thank you John and Stephanie, keep up your persistence on these Idiots who have no right infringing in our second amendment . I can’t understand why they are punishing the law abiding citizens and not concerned about the migrants crossing the border into our State armed with fentanyl, weapons and child trafficking and intimidating the citizens who reside along the boarder. Wake up New Mexico voter’s your God given rights are next.

    1. RMG, it’s hard to understand because logical, sane and law abiding citizens don’t do this. But those seeking control of a populace always remove their right to defend themselves. Disarmament has historically ALWAYS preceeded atrocities against said populace. This must be vehemently opposed.

      1. Jose Francisco Lopez

        Our illustrious governor wants to take away or hinder private ownership of guns using the excuse of protecting children and others.
        Legal gun owners are just that, legal gun owners and taking away their right to protect themselves will do nothing to stop gun violence because criminals don’t register their weapons, the state doesn’t know they have them, so much for protecting New Mexico citizens.

  4. JB & SL… Told you. Nothing you can do but sit and watch the broke a** wheels on the DNC or dead bus go round and round.


    When the time is right…


    Take turns when the time is right and…


    and to my Rep MRS. Crystal Diamond…

    When the time is right…


    Between you 3, taking turns… FILIBUSTERING…
    this will never get on to the queen of the tolite seat in Santé Fe to sign… then she’ll be out of office.

  5. Hard to beat the wild-eyed leftist crazies.
    Just so pleased that Rep John Block and Rep Stefani Lord (my representative) are leaders in the fight in Santa Fe for our constitutional rights.

  6. thanks for fighting for our constitution, the one the POS governor should have sworn to uphold but has violated it. Should she not be impeached for lying? Most New Mexicans will blow off the laws except the gun stores which will have to pay the price to do business in NM. Some will leave, I say good luck as you will need it until NMs pay attention and speak out.
    John Block for governor!!!!

  7. Smooth move – all this year’s proposed anti-gun legislation are copy-and-paste bills that have been tried in other states and are tied up on various federal courts. Let’s follow the lead of other unconstitutional attempts (e.g., California, Illinois, and New York) and tie up our resources in endless litigation. Looking out for the people are we?

    Shout out to our friends in Illinois who have blown off the new AR registration. An armed population can just say no and make it stick.

  8. A snake will gather those of like mind and the squatter sitting in the Governors chair has done just that! New Mexicans have to wake up and remove these people who think they are above the citizens! I cringe every time these idiots gather in Santa Fe for “session” as we always seem to have at least 1 more GOD GIVEN RIGHT challenged!

  9. The way I see it is these people have deep psychological psychoses coupled with paranoid schizophrenia. I propose expert evaluation of their mental capacity. Honestly, they are a harm to themselves and others. They must be institutionalized in one of the finest mental hospitals available. I recommend medicating with Thorazine to combat their schizophrenia and paranoia. Obviously they are sick people.
    I wonder what types of guns they have in their homes.
    When they continually lie about caring for the children and yet legalize recreational marijuana it shows me that they are harming young children in New Mexico by condoning drug use. By showing our children that New Mexico pot culture is acceptable it puts our children and grandchildren at risk because of the negative influence pot culture inherently brings to society. It’s perfectly fine to permit murdering babies through abortion yet, they say they want to protect the children but the example of promoting pot culture in the State harms them.

  10. Nullification should happen in every county. Article VI “The Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof (This means that the laws must be in accordance to the Constitution); and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States (the Authority of the U. S. is the Constitution), shall be the Supreme Law of the Land; . . .”
    Article IV Section 4 “The United States shall guarntee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, . . . ” (This means The US Constitution if the Republican Form of Government).

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