Lujan Grisham walloped in court again over unconstitutional gun grabs

The United States District Court for the District of New Mexico’s Judge Kea W. Griggs denied an emergency motion filed by defendants, including far-left, gun-grabbing New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, to stay a preliminary injunction. This injunction had previously halted a public health order issued by the New Mexico Department of Health, which temporarily banned firearms in public parks in Bernalillo County and Albuquerque.

The court’s decision is a significant setback for Gov. Lujan Grisham’s administration, which had sought to implement these firearm restrictions as part of a broader public health emergency declaration due to gun violence. Critics argue that this move by the governor and her administration is an overreach of executive power, questioning the effectiveness and legality of such firearm restrictions.

The court’s order underscores a failure on the part of the governor’s team to provide sufficient historical evidence justifying the firearms ban in public parks. The ruling cites the Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Ass’n, Inc. v. Bruen, which establishes a standard for evaluating Second Amendment cases based on historical tradition. The court found that the defendants, including the governor’s office, did not meet the burden of showing a historical tradition of banning firearms in public parks.

The Court wrote that the “[d]efendants’ arguments are contradictory. They cite … three shootings [that] occurred in Albuquerque parks before the public health order’s ban on firearms in Albuquerque parks, as proof that a ban is necessary. However, those shootings occurred during what Defendants allege was a separate firearm ban imposed by the City of Albuquerque.”

It further added that the defendants “assert or imply that by referencing the months of September and October in his declaration, Plaintiff was asserting he only attends parks in September and October, and no other time. The Court disagrees.”

This decision raises serious questions about the governor’s approach to public safety and constitutional rights. The insistence on pursuing a public health order that restricts Second Amendment rights without adequate historical justification reveals a grievous disconnect with legal precedents and historical standards.

The rejection of the governor’s motion also reflects on the broader issue of balancing public safety with constitutional rights. While the intention to address gun violence is commendable, the method of implementing such policies must align with constitutional standards and historical precedence. 

Furthermore, the ruling also vacated the temporary stay of the preliminary injunction pending briefing on this motion, thereby allowing the earlier court decision to enjoin the firearms ban in public parks to stand. This outcome is a clear indication that executive actions, particularly those impacting constitutional rights, must be carefully scrutinized and justified within the established legal framework.


20 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham walloped in court again over unconstitutional gun grabs”

  1. I say NM is worth saving, we do have people doing the right thing. We also have Marxist trying to destroy our state but we can beat them

  2. The sooner she is arrested ,handcuffed and dragged out of the roundhouse the better off New Mexico will be!! Drag by her feet or her whatever it takes!

  3. Looking forward to more MLG smack downs as she and her toadies push their unconstitutional agenda in this legislative session.

  4. A true tyrannical narcissist and a danger to NM. Her and her cronies believe they are above the law and constitution. It’s all about power and the party line, be damed the NM citizens rights. Thank God for the constitution.

  5. Thank you Judge Griggs for seeing the agenda that MLG has for those of us who are law abiding citizens . MLG you are hazardous to public health, let’s start with Covid and how you destroyed so many mom and pop businesses, but kept the big box stores open. What about the abortions clinics that were kept open, but churches were required to close their doors. MLG you are our number one health hazard.

  6. Thank you Judge Griggs! I bet the midget used your name in vain. Thank you for standing for the constitution and common sense. Something that is severely lacking in the NM judiciary.

  7. MLG you suck!!! You should be in jail for murdering our babies!!!!! Save our state impeach our governor Michelle lujan Grisham Now!!!!

    1. Apparently she went to St.Michael and Catholic. She’s not Catholic is she supports killing innocent babies up to birth. The Archdiocese frowned on her. I’ve gone to Catholic Church for over 20yr. Go to Bible study. Does she go.It’s crazy that she was able to over turn Roe vs.Wade. She said in her state of state speech she wants to put baby kill mills all over the state.

  8. She loves to try and gun grab but will NEVER bring up the the fentanyl crisis, border crisis, and the REAL reasons as to why New Mexico is being destroyed. Because that 5 foot troll loves the destruction and chaos. Mlg you’ve earned your spot in hell.

    1. 2023 DEA seized 72,300,000+Fentanyl 43,200+ powder.That’s 369 million deadly doses.2mg could be fatal. Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. About 150 die a day from overdose.Where does this come from. I suspect drug mules cross different areas of borders, through boats, maybe airplanes, and most definitely smuggling into their bodies or any products

  9. In order to keep MLG in line we need to vote out every legislator that is against NM. Then in 2026 vote for a constitutional republican for governor. And not all republicans are for the constitution. We must do our homework and get it right. We, also, need to replace our federal legislators. They don’t represent their constituents but the party line which is the communist way.

    1. the oppressed seem to always vote in their oppressor.
      MLG is evil and yes, vote out her comrades and she so needs to be impeached. But the round house is packed with far left Democrats and until many of her supporters are voted out of office, she will continue her rain of terror upon the people of NM. And yes our border needs to be secure, but remember not so bright Keller has and the fools that be, have made Albuquerque a sanctuary city, Not sure how many more there are out there. Praying for Gods mercy.

  10. Outstanding! All MLG is, is a useful tool litmus test on how far they can push their power! Thank you for your common sense, Judge! There are still a few of you good ones left!

  11. As a matter of politeness and showing your due diligence, please correct the name of the judge. Her name is Kea W. Riggs (not Griggs).

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