Dems holding drag queen fundraiser for far-left candidates

On Thursday, the Democrat Party of New Mexico is holding a fundraiser for at least three far-left candidates, including U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury of the First District and legislative candidates Augustine Montoya (D-HD-22) and Danny Bernal, Jr. (D-HD-7).

Stansbury is running for reelection while Montoya is challenging Republican state Rep. Stefani Lord and Bernal is running for an open seat being vacated by Republican state Rep. Kelly Fajardo. 

According to the invite for the event, which was updated to reflect a significant decrease in ticket prices from $50 to $25, the Democrats are hosting a “drag show” with Bunnie Benton Cruse, a former prostitute and failed candidate for state House District 28 vacated by Stansbury when she ran for Congress. The seat was ultimately filled by far-left ballot harvester Pamelya Herndon, a Democrat Party activist.

According to a 2021 report from the New Mexico Political Report, Cruse “has a conviction for sex work, which she is open about. She said that when she was young, another trans person told her there were three paths available to her in life: bartending, hair dressing or sex work.” 

The Piñon Post previously reported:

Cruse made headlines in 2019 when a public, taxpayer-funded library hosted a “Drag Queen Story Time” event where he and another drag queen read to young children. 

According to Cruse’s Facebook page at the time, he worked as a “Jello Shot Girl” at the gay bar Effex Albuquerque, and as the “Head Stripper” at “Shake N Bake.”

Montoya and Bernal are both far-left extremists, with support for radical “environmental” policies, unlimited abortions, and socialized school programs. The event with the far-left congresswoman and the former sex worker reaffirms their radical stances on issues across the board.


3 thoughts on “Dems holding drag queen fundraiser for far-left candidates”

  1. MLG, Stansbury and the drag queens all look like circus freaks! This is NOT normal behavior. Ronchetti should use this hideous image in his tv ads.

  2. Robin Greenwood

    Gosh – I’m glad I don’t have kids! It is beyond bizarre that ANYONE wants those perverts around! Bringing children within 50 miles of that garbage should be illegal, with fines and jail time.

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