Anti-gun bill to be heard on House floor Thursday

Democrat state Rep. Pamelya Herndon’s H.B. 9 is set to be heard on the House floor on Thursday, according to state Rep. Luis Terrazas (R-Doña Ana, Grant & Sierra). The bill, which previously passed two committees on party-line votes, forces New Mexicans to lock up their firearms in “a gun safe or a device that prevents a firearm from being discharged or from being used to expel a projectile by the action of an explosion or a device other than a gun safe that locks a firearm and is designed to prevent children and unauthorized users from firing a firearm, which device may be installed on a firearm, be incorporated into the design of the firearm or prevent access to the firearm.”

If the gun owner does not lock up any and all firearms and their gun is somehow used in an offense by a minor causing “great bodily harm” or death, the parent of that child could be made a felon if the victim of the crime is killed or permanently disabled.

As noted by even some Democrats in the chamber during a July 2022 preview of the bill, it would be the first crime proposal to base a defendant’s sentence not on their own actions but that of someone else (a minor) who got ahold of a firearm. 

The bill does not, however, include provisions protecting the gun owner if the firearm was stolen, nor does it account for the de-facto tax it burdens the owner with being forced to find a new locking device to place it at all times. The bill is also blatantly unconstitutional.

Previous versions of this bill sponsored during the last two legislative sessions by state Sen. Antoinette Sedillo-Lopez (D-Bernalillo) have died. Now, the House calendar shows H.B. 9 is being heard Thursday, which makes the stakes that much higher for stopping this radical anti-gun legislation.

Contact Democrat legislators to oppose H.B. 9 by copying the following legislators’ emails in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) section of your email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 


10 thoughts on “Anti-gun bill to be heard on House floor Thursday”

  1. Criminalizing the future victim… of a criminal action (theft-burglary-robbery) make perfect sense in our woke Legislatures. I’m so proud of them! You should be too!


    Lets see this pass now. I cannot wait for the mandatory gun registration law next so they, (Our Duly Elected Representatives), can actually figure out whos gun it was that might of been used in a crime…better yet, lets mandate a ballistics test on every firearm so that bullets can now be matched to an exact gun used in all criminal actions. This is the enforcement worlds dream come true!

    And those pesky high capacity magazines need to be numbered as well… all of them… and… Don’t forget the police who have them, because if they get stolen, we need to track where they came from.

    Like a car vehicles identification number… 17 digits and like 20 different parts with a check digit to prevent duplicated frauds…because that stopped every vehicle theft across the nation.

    I can hardly wait to stand in line for all my guns to be tested! Can you?

    Party line voting insures these issues shall pass…not must pass, not can pass… shall pass.

    Post this response and let it stand Rep. Block. Lets see how many thumbs up we can get.

    Then, when the votes stop coming in, keep the data on who voted thumbs up… because we should know who is for these types of laws rules or regulations in a free society…er…dictatorship.

  2. The Loserjan Regime needs ended TODAY!!! Those sitting in the roundhouse ALL have security or protection and think the common folk are peasants not worthy of protecting ourselves!

  3. Exactly. Enough is enough.!! These commies have control of our local media as well. Do you notice that lately they are not tallying up the homicides in the city? They were probably told not to. Is anyone covering the real truth at the border, the real drug issues in our state, the massive amount of trafficking of innocent people, the home invasions? Of course not. Only when it happens to a demoncrat. The rest of us do not count, but they want to take your guns away so you cannot defend yourselves. Whatever happened to honest investigative journalism? People out there need to wake up to the truth. Your freedom is being stolen at a rapid rate. Help us out here media and report the real truth.

  4. They make no attempt to regulate violent movies and video games, and no attempt to associate SSRI antidepressant drugs with mass shooters. Yet they continuously make moves to eliminate 2A rights. They are trying to kill us with the bioweapon and they fear retribution.

  5. I would like to think that the majority of our residents in this state are normal. Those who represent us in Santa Fe are crazy. How did normal vote for crazy. Governor Huckabee nailed it. MLG take lessons from Huckabee and maybe I will like you. Right now you turn my stomach at the sight of you.

  6. Told you… Passed the House, Party line voting and the Senate is next. I don’t see any problem with its passage…along party line voting again. Now, this is for all of you to consider. The next time your guns get stolen:


    #2. If you file a POLICE REPORT, Your giving the POLICE the opportunity to charge you with a crime when someone uses the gun….So… don’t file a police report.

    #3. Protect yourself and tell any investigator questioning you that you sold your guns at a gun show in Texas or Arizona.

    #4. That way you have plausible deniability, you don’t give a means to the STATE to enable and mandate an involuntary gun registration.

    #5. Nothing in the Criminal Statues of New Mexico criminalizes you for being a victim and refusing to report it.

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