Democrat state senator makes shock retirement announcement

State Sen. Siah Correa Hemphill of Silver City has decided not to pursue re-election, opening up a potential opportunity for a shift in party control of her legislative seat. 

Correa Hemphill, a far-left Democrat, announced her decision not to seek a second term in a news release, expressing a desire to explore new career opportunities.

Correa Hemphill noted her significant legislative contributions since her election in 2021, stating, “…after careful consideration and a lot of deliberation I have decided not to run in the general election so I can explore new career opportunities.” Although she will remain on the ballot for the upcoming Democrat primary on June 4, she plans to withdraw before the general election on November 5, where all seats in the statehouse will be contested.

State Sen. Siah Correah Hemphill (D-Silver City)

Reflecting on her time in office, she added, “I look forward to continuing our work together to support the needs of our community and state, [which] I love so dearly and has been home to my family for hundreds of years.”

Representing Senate District 28, which includes all of Hidalgo County and parts of Grant and Luna counties, Correa Hemphill initially won the seat in a surprising victory over then-incumbent Gabriel Ramos, who was a moderate Democrat at the time. 

Ramos lost in the Democratic primaries as part of a broader wave of defeats for less progressive incumbents in 2020, driven mostly by the radical far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and her so-called “progressive” ally organizations.

Ramos left the Democrat Party and is running again for the state Senate seat.


4 thoughts on “Democrat state senator makes shock retirement announcement”

  1. Gabe would be okay. Maybe Billy Billings (although we would miss him on the County Commission) or Joel Edwards?

    1. Good news. Glad she will be gone.
      Billy is termed out of Commissioner at end of this year. He will indeed be missed. Ramos ( now running on R ticket) is who we’ll be supporting for sure . She needed to go

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