Anti-Israel protest at Kirtland forces closure of school, disrupts businesses

Early Thursday morning, activists converged on the streets leading to Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, causing significant disruptions as they fruitlessly protested the U.S. Government’s support for Israel. The protest, which started around 6:30 a.m., blocked the main entrance at Louisiana and Gibson, leading to considerable traffic backups and compelling the Albuquerque Police Department to shut down traffic in the vicinity.

A protester at the scene shared their motivations with the media, stating, “I think it’s complicated to say that this is a frontline, but, for me, it’s… it’s impossible to sit by and to be inactive, and to live a comfortable life as if I don’t know what’s happening.” The extremists remained until approximately 1:30 p.m. before dispersing voluntarily.

The protest’s location is strategic, given Kirtland Air Force Base’s significance in military and federal operations. The base, one of the largest employers in Albuquerque, houses several defense and research facilities. Although the temporary closure of the Louisiana gate did not affect base operations, it highlighted the potential future impact such annoyances can have on national security.

The blockade’s effects extended beyond the base. Wherry Elementary School, located nearby, was forced to switch to online learning for the day. A teacher from the school expressed concerns to KRQE News 13, noting that the protest had not only disrupted educational activities but had also hindered food access for students and interrupted some testing processes.

Local businesses also felt the impact of the protest. An employee from Family Appliances, located in the vicinity, described the challenges faced due to the disruption. They told KRQE News 13, “It really slowed us down, it’s just due to the fact that our techs weren’t even able to come in, so they weren’t even to fix, like, to do like, repairs on our appliances, it was like, it was pretty bad.” The employee chose to remain anonymous for privacy reasons.


16 thoughts on “Anti-Israel protest at Kirtland forces closure of school, disrupts businesses”

  1. When will the Police do their jobs and arrest every one of these TERRORISTS. They have the Right to Protest Peacefully, BUT they Do NOT have the right to Infringe on Anyone else’s rights to move freely or disrupt businesses and schools.

    1. People have any right to protest and the more people like you are cruel, rude, inconsiderate as of why I’ll convince others to protest also.

  2. Clare A May, retired

    Your generosity is overwhelming… not one second.

    Stand in the street, turn yourself into a human speed bump, call a street sweeper, get a bag and a spoon, scrap whats left into the bag, fire up the furnace, problem solved forever… No DNA left to inbreed, no more speed bumps forming on Gibson or Lousiana when they run out of bodies…

    Stand on the sidewalk, not a problem.

    Far too long… The Almost Peaceful Protesters… have crossed the line infringing upon the rights of others.
    After a few hours of the courts and police permit these lawful human speed bumps… Ill bet that being Almost Peacefull will turn into Peaceful…

    Just saying…

  3. The love, kindness and empathy shown by previous postings almost brings me to tears! I ( cynical) ! I guess self identifying as a conservative means you become very democommie like and call for death and beheading for anyone expressing their 1st amendment right that you disagree with. Did Dr King and the civil rights marchers block roads and inconvenience people to get their point across? Did Ghandi inconvenience the British? The protesters for Palestine have been brutally attacked by the police state and mostly silenced. That same police state that is coming to disarm you and silence you when you turn against the secular elites that rule this country!

      1. When you don’t have a coherent argument, resort to name calling, a leftist tactic, who’s the libtard?

    1. i agree, 1st amendment rights are being trampled.
      I guess a precedence was set on January 6th. At least none of these protesters will be in jail for 4 years and counting.
      We get what the people wanted then, but now the tables are turned…..

  4. The destruction of the Towers and the Pentagon define who the enemies of western civilization are. Hamas is reaping what it has shown and the Palestinian people have supported the goals of Hamas.

  5. I am so sick and tired of people spouting off who have absolutely no idea what is really going on in the world.

    First of all, 65% of Palestinians support Hamas! They actually elected Hamas as their leader!! Palestinians also send their children to camp to learn how to kill Jews.

    Secondly, Hamas is to blame for the Palestinans not receiving food, etc. It is not Israel’s fault. Hamas uses all the money sent to the “Palestinian Authority” and other sources to build tunnels for their terror campaign on Israel.

    Thirdly, Israeli soldiers go house to house warning the Palestinian people that they will be strategically bombing certain terrorist sites.

    Fourthly, Hamas uses the Palaestinians as human shields and had their headquarters underneath a hospital. Israel got blamed for the bombing of the hospital, but it was actually Hamas who was responsible

    Fifthly, on October 7, did you know that babies were burned alive in ovens, brutally ripped from their mothers’ wombs and beheaded? Did you know women were disrobed, raped, and paraded about town? Did you know families were murdered while sheltering in their safe rooms?

    It is DESPICABLE the atrocities that have been perpetrated on Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah are absolute demon-possessed animals who hate Israel and desire to destroy them.

    People who protest against Israel are at best ignorant and have no understanding or else they are being paid by George Soros, just like protesters on all the college campuses nationwide.

    However, protestors should be arrested for blocking access to Kirtland Air Force base, traffic, schools, and businesses. It appears the only person who is ever charged with anything, is President Donald Trump, who is being railroaded with FAKE indictments, while everyone else gets away with crime after crime!!!

  6. It’s odd that the anti-Israel protesters want Palestine to be “free.” Free from what? Free from democracy? To be free, they need to have new elections IN PALESTINE. And that means both local and statewide elections, and these elected leaders need to be called to account for their actions. One man, one vote, one time, is not democracy. There need to be multiparty elections, just like there are in Israel.

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