Dem senator accuses constituent of trying to ‘suppress the vote’ for opposing MLG’s elections bill

On Sunday morning, Sen. Bill Tallman (D-Bernalillo) responded to one of his constituent’s emails asking him to oppose S.B. 8, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s pro-election fraud bill.

The constituent wrote in an email with the title “SB8,” “Good morning, I strongly oppose this bill. A secure election is paramount but this bill does nothing to ensure voting rights. In fact, it makes it easier to cheat. Vote no!” 

The Democrat senator clapped back in a response to the email, writing, “I am beginning to get a feeling you want to suppress the vote.” 

It is unclear how Tallman could have reached such a conclusion by the constituent merely having concerns over the bill which has provisions for automatic voter registration, ballot harvesting, and unsecured ballot drop boxes — all measures making it easy for election thieves to cheat. 

In response to Tallman’s email posted on social media, New Mexicans responded. 

New Mexico Alliance for Life executive director Elisa Martinez wrote, “So Sen @tallman5909 falsely thinks  the thousands of New Mexicans against the bill he supports to upend voter rights can’t see past his lame, dishonest talking point.”

Another wrote, “So apparently Bill is good with cheating. Surprised he didn’t call you racist,” while another commentator added, “It’s all projection.” 

S.B. 8 is currently being considered in the Senate, where it still must pass the chamber before being sent to the House of Representatives for a final vote. With only four days left of the legislative session, it is unclear its path to passage. But pro-election fraud advocates are desperately trying to have it rammed through both chambers and to the governor’s desk. 

7 thoughts on “Dem senator accuses constituent of trying to ‘suppress the vote’ for opposing MLG’s elections bill”

  1. I am so happy that some Kimberly Haight got a response. I have called and emailed this guy, and nothing but crickets. I wish my district would find someone else more responsive to his constituents.

  2. Democrats have been steeling elections for years not only in New Mexico but across the nation all the way back to before the Civil War. Democrats can only sell free stuff to and get out of jail cards for so long and eventually the people they are selling it to find out it’s really not free we must and will remember all of these people the next time they come up for election and they must be voted out our vote is our only peaceful solution.

    Tracy Bakewell
    Rio Rancho

  3. Democrats have been stealing elections all the way back to the Civil War not only in New Mexico but in the entire country. Democrats can only give free stuff and get out of jail free cards for so long until even the people they are giving them to figure out they are truly not free. We must remember who these elected officials of either party are and both them out the next time they are up for election.

    Rio Rancho

  4. Funny Mexico has Voter ID, so dose near every country in the world. Mail in ballots ? biggest fraud in US History & the Democrats want to make it standard (note mail in ballots aren’t absentee, no verification process for mail ballots)

    NOW on the US Constitution amendments on voter rights , ONE key term is used in each & every one of them, {U.S. Citizens may vote} this is a specific term ! Now NM. and 15 other Democrat run states allow illegals drivers licenses! so tell me how they prevent NON U.S. CITIZENS from voting ???

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