Dem legislator threatened Edgewood funding over pro-life ordinance

On Wednesday morning, the Town of Edgewood passed an ordinance to ensure compliance with the federal Comstock Act, which prohibits the illicit transport of “abortion pills” or “abortion-related paraphernalia.”

During a meeting, state Rep. Matthew McQueen (D-Galisteo) threatened to yank funding from the Town of Edgewood if it passed the pro-life ordinance, according to attendees present and members of the public.

“I’m just going to have to reconsider how I allocate my capital outlay,” said McQueen, referring to funds legislators have for projects in their districts. In 2023, each legislator got $2,510,000 to spend.

Edgewood Commissioner Ken Brennan of District One clapped back at the lawmaker, “Is that a threat?”

McQueen responded, “Well if you want to take it that way.”

The Democrat lawmaker is also reported to have said, “I have 30,000 constituents, and Edgewood is insignificant.” 

Present at the meeting were Mayor Audrey Jaramillo, Commissioners Jerry Powers, Filandro R. Anaya, Ken Brennan, Sterling Donner, state Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park), and others. 

Among McQueen’s capital outlay requests for 2023 were four projects in Edgewood, with one project funded $500,000. That project was to revamp recreational facilities at Venus Park. 

During the consideration of the ordinance, Rep. Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe) testified in opposition to its passage, while pro-life Reps. Lord and John Block (R-Alamogordo) and Sen. David Gallegos (R-Eunice) testified in support. McQueen left the meeting before public comment.

The Town Commission passed the ordinance early Wednesday morning by a 4-1 vote, with Commissioner Anaya being the only vote against it. Edgewood’s move comes after other pro-life localities, including the Cities of Eunice, Hobbs, and Clovis, also passed similar ordinances. 

Because the ordinance is based on federal laws and not state laws, it supersedes recent legislation, including H.B. 7, attempting to ban localities from regulating abortion. 

In New Mexico, abortion is legal up to the date of birth without exceptions. 

Rep. McQueen did not respond to a Friday request for comment. We afforded him the entire weekend to respond, but he has not yet since reached out to comment on the matter.


13 thoughts on “Dem legislator threatened Edgewood funding over pro-life ordinance”

  1. Santa Fe has been bullying all the Counties, Cities, and School Districts far too much lately. They aren’t even allowed to make decisions or represent their own people, Santa Fe expects them all to blindly submit.

    Time for locals to elect leaders who will fight back against Santa Fe’s tyranny and threats… that is if the SoS and Soros money doesn’t rig THOSE elections.

    1. It is well known that the SoS accepted Soros money and in spite of the treasonous acts and deceptive voices Santa Fe rigged the elections
      Witnesses have seen this crime. Very few claimed to have voted for the people in office. I do not understand why New Mexicans are allowing this corruption. We the people and the retired military need to hold a constitutional court and sentence these criminals given the fact that the New Mexico courts are also the problem.

      1. Do not dare to generalize that all retired military agree with you. I am a 34 year retired naval officer. I think the governor and officials in Santa Fe are doing the right thing. A woman’s right to make medical decisions is and should always be a inalienable right protected by the ninth Amendment. The real tyranny here is local officials abusing the rights of individuals. Leave abortion up to individual women. The state is only trying to ensure individual women are not controlled by local officials. So that is where the real tyranny comes into play. By local officials stripping the rights of individuals.

        1. The real communist is you. You say the state is preventing local officials from making ordinances. The reality is, the state is trying to protect the individual right a woman has for her own health care. Your local ordinance takes away the woman’s right. So who is really the communist.

  2. That’s typical of how communists operate, through threats, intimidation and outright force. Those are the signals that have been coming out of State capitols and Washington during this horribly inept regime hell bent on destroying the will of the people. Pushing statism they advocate for central control from Santa Fe so that all of the “power” is in their blood stained dirty hands. The will of the people be damned. Stand strong Edgewood, Eunice, Hobbs. May God Bless you that stand for life and liberty.

  3. The Democrat lawmaker is also reported to have said, “I have 30,000 constituents, and Edgewood is insignificant.”

    What an absolute POS!

  4. Does bulling begin in the home and children witness it firsthand? The children grow up and become a political representative and use their bullying skills on others. Shows how many bullies we have in Santa Fe.

  5. What a thug. Guess he learned from the best: MLG. McQueen has nothing but disdain for the small pocket of more conservative constituents in this corner of his hugely liberal state district.

    I am so pleased that with redistricting I got moved from his district into that of Rep. Stefani Lord.

  6. Typical politician. Talks $hit, then runs away. Time for more toxic masculinity in Santa Fe. Where a man ir woman or other stands behind their statements.

  7. Wish my state rep was John Block.
    I bet he would throw hands for what he believes in. I cant believe in Otero county my rep is a Lujan puppet.

  8. Typical dumbocrats whenever they don’t get their way the pout like children. They obviously have no respect for Federal law and think their way is the obsolete one. This is what’s wrong with dirty politicians in New Mexico. They don’t care about all the New Mexicans just the ones that have been brainwashed by them. I hope those that support abortion get judged by the one true Judge.

  9. The reality is all of you who think it’s okay for local counsel to take away and individual right guaranteed by the 9th amendment are the control freaks. The state is only trying to ensure a woman’s right to control her own body and medical care. These local ordinances threaten the individuals right. So who is really trying to control individual rights. The state or the local officials suppressing individual rights? It is hypocrisy to claim the state is controlling local ordinances threatens individual rights, when the local ordinances does exactly that.

    1. Murder under the guise of womens reproductive health is evil at worst hypocrisy at best . Women have many options to prevent pregnancy and also have options to place the human being they are carrying up for adoption. Who defends the child who cannot defend itself ? Towns cities and counties all have a right to self determine what is moral instead of getting laws shoved down our throats by godless communists.

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