MLG flaunts opulence with $368 per plate catered meals at the gov’s mansion

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is at it again with lavish spending on catering at the governor’s mansion.

According to a report from the Santa Fe New Mexican, Lujan Grisham blew $7,336 in taxpayer money on food, labor, bar supplies, and glass rentals provided by the Santa Fe-based Adobo Catering for a January 18 legislative event, which was one of the less-extravagant gatherings she hosted, presumed for the 112 legislators and one of their guests (coming out to $32.75 per plate if 224 people attended). However, some legislators did not attend, many being Republicans.

A catered event for seven people in January with Sandia Pueblo Gov. Stuart Paisano cost a whopping $2,582, coming out to $368.85 per plate. 

Three other dinners, some with former staffers, her Public Safety Secretary Jason Bowie, and state Sen. Michael Padilla (D-Albuquerque) cost a combined $2,200. 

A February breakfast for freshman legislators cost $1,679, totaling $104.93 per plate, if all 16 legislators attended (or were invited). One Republican freshman legislator told the Piñon Post they never recalled receiving an invitation, so it may have only been for the Democrat freshmen. In that case, the cost of the nine freshmen, including appointed Rep. Art De La Cruz (D-Albuquerque) and returning Rep. Joseph Sanchez (D-Alcalde), would be $167.90 per plate, including the governor.

“While there were a few purchases of wine, none of the expenses is likely to ignite any outrage,” the report noted. Alcohol purchases with taxpayer dollars are prohibited. 

Lujan Grisham’s spokeswoman Maddy Hayden defended the opulent spending, claiming, “The governor does not take her duty as a steward of taxpayer funding lightly.”

The governor previously came under fire for wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars used for $200-per-pound Wagyu beef steaks, ahi tuna, and expensive wines and liquors, all totaling up to around $13,500. This all happened while New Mexicans were forced to stand in long breadlines at grocery stores due to Gov. Lujan Grisham’s restrictive public health orders. 

As we exclusively reported in December 2021: 

According to the documents obtained in the IPRA, the taxpayers paid Abobo Catering $1,057.27 for a party, totaling over $150 for each person’s expensive meal.

The menu included “[s]ous vide and butter-basted beef tenderloin with roasted vegetable Napoleon and rosemary red wine demiglace.” Dessert included a “chocolate pear tartlet with hazelnut crisp.” According to the memo, the bar, bar supplies, and “dinner wine” were provided by the “client,” i.e., possibly the taxpayers in another form.


10 thoughts on “MLG flaunts opulence with $368 per plate catered meals at the gov’s mansion”

  1. MLG’s “Let them eat cake” attitude is what got Marie Antoinette guillotined. The people of France were destitute at the time and couldn’t afford bread, let alone cake. And while many New Mexicans live in poverty, MLG hosting such lavish parties featuring extravagant food and drink, shows poor taste and bad judgement.

    1. This was behavior she exhibited in Congress, so whoever voted for her (if they even did…Soros-Dominion Maggie oversees all of the ballots) shouldn’t be surprised. She was known as a hard-partying foo back in the day:

      There were even pictures from that escapade. While her teammates were meeting to discuss hurricane recovery – that’s right, DURING THE WORKDAY WHEN SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING HER JOB – MLG was in the fancy hotel bar day drinking and dancing. Go look:

  2. That’s not the only expense, rumor has it “not my governess” mlg is shopping for a new limo to transport Her Thighness on her duties –
    a customized deuce and a half with mood lighting, a round bed, silk sheets, upholstered walls and a gold plated tailgate lift. Other amenities include a custom pate foi gras pump and a cooling rack for 55 gallon drums of Guv’s favorite wine.

    1. She definitely does not see her self as a servant. But her voters see nothing wrong with such when they know about such.

  3. Elections have consequences. This is what NMs want other wise she would have lost. Not saying there was not any cheating involved to get her elected because the point is mutt. With the changes our elected officials have made this year we will be sure to continue to pay for meals for our elected officials that we ourselves as serfs cannot. We are too stupid to decide what is right for our families and ourselves so we must elect democrats because they know better than we do. The republicans just want to do things for the rich not the people that cannot afford what the governor gives away to her “peeps”!

  4. Get used to it, in the Soviet Union under communism the “elite “ supreme soviets would bask in opulence while their version of the deplorable’s lived hand to mouth waiting in government bread lines. “Our” supreme soviets have the same disdain and contempt for the people they rule over. The irony is that they are indoctrinating our children in school that Marxism is equality when the opposite is true. The proof is in NM.

  5. Some citizens in New Mexico do not get that much in a subsistence check for a month. $368 a plate , not her money MLG doesn’t care.

  6. The piglet is living high on the hog- All at the expense of the taxpayer! Time for her to be removed from office! In reality she and her cronies are public servants and need reminded of that with a little jail time for fraudulent use and abuse of tax dollars.

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