Dem lawmaker makes disgusting remark about children being forcibly masked

On Sunday, state Rep. Moe Maestas (D-Bernalillo) tweeted about the Superbowl, which triggered responses from constituents about masking children due to the large number of celebrities who attended the big game maskless. 

One constituent wrote, “Unmask our kids you hypocrite.”

Rep. Maestas clapped back, callously writing, “My kids don’t snivel.”

One constituent wrote back to Maestas, “What a galactic a**hole response. Unmask our kids you fascist pig.”

Maestas clapped back again, “#NoSniveling.”

That response resulted in countless other New Mexicans furious with his careless response to children being masked at schools, while most of the country does not require masking of kids at school.

“[I] bet you wouldn’t say this to the face of anyone in this thread.  #coward19,” one user wrote.

“#UnmaskOurKids now. I don’t give a s**t if YOUR kids like it. They can wear a mask. Mine don’t need to,” wrote Paul Guessing of the Rio Grande Foundation. 

Another commentator wrote, “This from a State rep… Our government hates us. They want us broken and demoralized and our children abused and enslaved.”

“The fact that this is how he responds to parents in his state who’s children are suffering and witnessing hypocrisy in a mass scale shows his terrible character and his opinion is trash,” wrote another. 

Here are some other responses:

“What an absolutely disgusting response from ‘Moe’.  These people hate our kids.  Sick.”

“Sorry your kids have to deal with you. Bet they snivel behind your back.”

“This guy is a classic narcissist. He can’t be empathetic as he doesn’t possess the ability to.  His kids probably don’t snivel bc narcissists are abusive, and those kids are most likely terrified of him. He cares nothing for your children as he can’t even do that for his own.”

“[S]o kids who have to suffer all day in masks every day they are in school, never seeing faces, who then see the disgusting display of the super bowl and ask their parents ‘why do I have to wear a mask but adults don’t’….   are ‘sniveling’?”

“What a disgusting response. This is what he thinks of kids who don’t want to wear masks. Sniveling. Gross response…just gross.”

“Too disgusting for words. If you’re still not motivated to get up and do something about the situation we’re in, remember people like this are currently controlling how our children spend their day.”


7 thoughts on “Dem lawmaker makes disgusting remark about children being forcibly masked”

  1. I Think that all of us new Mexico folks should have the cell phone numbers for all the folks representing us. They stay behind closed doors not responding .Just a good thought

  2. The only solution to all the schools problems is to remove our children fro public schools and either homeschool which I know will be a problem for song or find a good non-public school adheres to your beliefs. There are many alternatives out there if we are willing to look and participate public school has become indoctrination camps For our kids. The only way to to stop them from taking our kids is to remove them from their hands.
    Rio Rancho

    1. Exactly. And since NM is 51st in education… we started out with homeschooling in CA, and we’ve continued here in NM. I could not imagine turning my son over to the PED heathens in any state. .

  3. I asked my Dr. at the beginning of the masking if little ones should be masked? (I told her I saw a parent masked but the toddler unmasked)

    My Dr. stated that little ones can not deal with the build up of carbon dioxide in the masks and it actually hurts the child. The governors and lawmakes of states are NOT doctors demand businesses to require 100% masking INCLUDING DAYCARES.

    CAN WE SUE the Governors and Lawmakers? It may sound obvious but the governor and lawmaker are NOT Doctors or Specialized Dr.s like Pediatricians. Some governors are FORCING ALL Businesses to mask their employees and patrons. Can citizens SUE the Governors and Lawmakers of states that demand that even tiny children be masked, even the ones in nursery school? Can we SUE the DAYCARES for child endangerment?

    1. Susan, yes you can. Yes they are all practicing medicine without a license. PCR tests are not for diagnostic use and produce false positives.
      A mandate is not a law. It is unconstitutional and null, void and without effect,except for the useful idiots who enforce it with violence and threats.
      Go to bonds for the win and learn how to put our servants in their place.

  4. Susan and everyone else,
    Go to They have a webinar: “Stop Masking Kids: Parents suing school district,” on February 23rd. The lawyer doing the webinar is suing the governor of New York and members of New York Board of Health. They will discuss a template for use by parents (across the country). This is what NM needs!
    Also check out GTTR account of DrNaomiRWolf (co-founder) of above. There is a letter posted from an MD (Mark McDonald) to his patients stating he will NO Longer allow children to be masked in his practice.

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