New ad rips Lujan Grisham for ‘playing politics with public safety’

On Monday, the group State Solutions released an advertisement railing against scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for her decades-long failed record on public safety as New Mexico has become increasingly more deadly.

The transcript of the video reads as follows:

New Mexico faces a crime crisis.

Violent crime surging. 

Record homicides.

Illegal drugs.

But Michelle Lujan Grisham has a long record of working against law enforcement.

As County Commissioner, she denied funding for extra deputies.

As Governor, she stripped away legal protections for police.

Even vetoed higher payouts to families of officers killed in the line of duty.

Tell Governor Lujan Grisham: stop playing politics with public safety.

“As the state’s crime crisis continues to grow, families know Michelle Lujan Grisham refused to fight for the safety of New Mexicans her entire career,” said spokesman Will Reinert. “At every point in Lujan Grisham’s career she’s failed to provide police with proper support to fight back against rises in crime, and no amount of false promises heading into an election will alter her dangerous record.”

The group said it will be spending six figures on the ad buy in the Albuquerque media market.

Lujan Grisham faces opposition from many GOP contenders who hope to oust her in November. Later this month, Republicans will shoes who will make it on the June 7 primary election ballot to face the embattled governor in the general election.

Watch the ad here:

6 thoughts on “New ad rips Lujan Grisham for ‘playing politics with public safety’”

  1. Nothing will get better until she is put out of office once and for all and no one else like her is allowed to hold office.
    It’s time to unite and show some intestinal fortitude.

    You know that Guppies eat their own off spring don’t you?
    Well, if you don’t stop these Communist and/or Communist sympathizers now you’re ruining the future of your offspring for decades to come. Are you a Guppy? Time will tell in the next generation if you were just talk, talk, talk or you walked the walk!

  2. With the ‘leadership’ she and Keller have displayed crime is up, taxes up, businesses closed, gas prices skyrocketing, unemployment up, and quality of life in NM down! But hey, wear your mask, get vaccinated and all will be good. It’s just about that time when she pivots back to climate change. Anything to distract from the failures, scandals and erosion of freedom they are responsible for.

  3. Too bad the add does not mention she continually laughs and hates her own people in New Mexico. Especially Hispanics (which she is). It should also mention that she will continue to force mask mandates and vaccinations on everyone because she is an evil tyrant that does not understand true science. Once again the idiot democraps of NM will find a way to put her back in office. Especially the people who moved here from out of state brining their idiot policies and ideals with them. Just wait for the cheating, its coming.

  4. Americans in recent times and New Mexicans for quite some time have not elected their own leaders. Voter fraud and communist media collusion have ensured that we end up with creatures like MLG. Who do indeed hate the people they rule. These rulers are given a false media persona so that when they are installed in office it gives the appearance of legitimacy . Their crimes are hidden and never punished. God help NM and America.

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