Could the ‘First Manny’ secretly be MAGA?

A recent Thanksgiving post by far-left Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham could give New Mexicans a clue of who the first gentleman, or as Lujan Grisham calls him, the “First Manny” (Manny Cordova) really is.

Lujan Grisham posted via X on Black Friday, “I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the First Manny, my children and grandchildren. Let the Christmas season begin!” Along with the post was a photo of her and some family members, including Cordova, who stood to her right.

The first gentleman was wearing a distinctive Navy and white sweater, and the photo appears to have been altered to remove the “Turnberry Scotland” logo from the garment in the photograph.

On the right arm of the sweater in the photograph, however, the text “Glenmuir 1891” can be seen stitched in the fabric. 

The sweater design is sold at the official Trump store, which is run by the 45th President Donald Trump’s family, and the sweater is offered online for sale, which promotes the Trump Turnberry Hotel and Resort. Similar sweaters are also sold at the Glenmuir store.

Screenshot of the Turnberry Scotland sweater via the Trump Store. Accessed Nov. 24, 2023:

The subtle wearing of the Trump brand by the first gentleman is noteworthy, as is the apparent digital altering of the photo to remove the logo, as Lujan Grisham is rabidly anti-Trump.

The extreme far-left Democrat has attacked Trump’s record on the pandemic and immigration, calling him a “failure” among many other cheap shots, potentially to the chagrin of the now-first gentleman. 

Lujan Grisham and Cordova were married last May at a Washington, D.C. ceremony officiated by Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris.

According to analyses of Mr. Cordova’s past voting history and likely party indicators, although he is registered as a Democrat at the governor’s mansion, he is calculated to be a “weak Republican,” another indicator the first gentleman could be more conservative than he may seem.

Could the “First Manny” secretly be a Trump supporter? The evidence shows he may not be as far-left as his wife, the governor.


28 thoughts on “Could the ‘First Manny’ secretly be MAGA?”

      1. Are you delusional? Try stepping out of you bubble for a minute and see what she’s done to our state….. Last in all that good and first in all that’s bad. And that’s wonderful?

  1. Does anyone honestly believe a Trump supporter could actually love & be married to a satan-worshipping, deep left loon who believes in “green new deal”, tanking the 1 industry (oil & gas) that pays for over half the budget, planning to ban gas powered transportation in a few years, abortion up to birth, her insanity on steroids re WuFlu & everything else she’s doing to crater & destroy the state? If he’s covertly MAGA, he obviously is neutered & having zero influence.

    1. I so agree with you and married to MLG means he sold his soul to a satan worshiper and is blinded to the truth!
      Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy and she is doing his bidding.

  2. Doesn’t matter if he secretly supports President Trump (which I really doubt), he is married to the evil women who worships satan, and he is sleeping with the enemy. He is a fool.

  3. When you latch onto a woman with “power,” it’s no different than women who have sugar daddies: you do as you’re told and you act as you’re told in order to keep getting the benefits of the relationship.

    Either the man is a blatant fool OR he completely lacks a moral backbone (or both). I’m married and personally, being a Democrat in any flavor would be a deal-breaker for me. At the beginning of the scamdemic, my then-fiance knew that if he wore a mask, got any of the “vaccines,” voted by mail, etc…there would be no wedding and I’d be done. Like it or not, people associate you with the person you are with and the values they have. You are the sum of the five people you hang out with the most…that includes spouse/SO, coworkers, friends, etc. We are Conservatives in my household, period. I would not want to be associated with any Democrat thinking or actions.

  4. The Santa Fe satan Worshipper’s Club has invited this man as Guest of Honor and altar centerpiece for the December High Altar Sacrifice

  5. You women ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You have the audacity to call our governor a satanist . She has done a remarkable job of governing our state through extreme conditions . You must consider yourselves Christian , however you are more likely a money laundering , taliban Christian wanna be . You are not even knowledgeable of true Christianity . Our governor has done more for your state and you as women than you could imagine . You are dispicable .

    1. John, please tell me one thing that communist MLG, who is ok with sacrificing an unborn innocent baby to satan has done for our great state.

  6. I am always shocked by the amount of hateful thoughts & hateful language the Piñon Post engenders. Since it is clearly designed to pander to the extreme right (those who are fueled by hatred) I should not be. I think the reason why New Mexico struggles is because there are so many folks who scream with complaints rather than try to use their brains and common sense to come up with solutions to problems.

  7. The only thing I see Manny doing is trying to backtrack and cover his ass so he doesn’t go to prison with the skanky piglet sitting in the Governors chair!

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