Convicted pedophile among gang members arrested at U.S.-Mexico border

The U.S. Border Patrol recently apprehended individuals with gang affiliations, including one convicted of child rape, along the southern border with Mexico.

In a notable enforcement action in southern New Mexico, Border Patrol agents detained two Mexican nationals who had entered the United States unlawfully. Anthony Good, the Border Patrol Chief for the El Paso Sector, highlighted on the social media platform X that these individuals were identified as members of the “Paisa” gang.

Among the detained, one individual had a prior conviction for the aggravated rape of a child in Kansas, raising significant concerns about the backgrounds of those attempting to cross the border. The tattoos of the apprehended men, including “Mi Vida Loca” and “Mexican,” along with a clown image, were distinctive markers of their gang affiliation.

These arrests were part of a broader effort by Santa Teresa and Las Cruces Border Patrol agents to combat illegal immigration and associated criminal activities. Chief Good confirmed that both men would face charges related to their illegal entry and would subsequently be expelled from the country.

In addition to these arrests, Good also disclosed the uncovering of a human smuggling operation and the identification of a stash house in Las Cruces, New Mexico. These operations led to the discovery of 14 migrants concealed within a tractor-trailer and a residential property, showcasing the varied methods employed by smugglers to transport individuals across the border.

This fiscal year has seen the El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents intercepting 1,464 migrants in connection with 7 tractor-trailer incidents and 132 stash house operations, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement in managing border security and human trafficking concerns.


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  1. Why were their faces blocked out? We should know exactly who they are and what they look like. I resent their privacy when we actual American citizens are having our privacy being invaded.

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