Congresswoman Yvette Herrell reveals the truth about the border wall construction

On Monday, Congresswoman Yvette Herrell shared a video of her at the United States’ southern border with Mexico and all the materials meant to construct the border wall left untouched by the Joe Biden administration after he stopped construction of the wall.

The failure by Biden to finish the wall and his pro-amnesty positions on immigration have led to a humanitarian crisis at the border, with hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens attempting to enter the United States illegally. 

Rep. Herrell spoke out against the wasteful lack of action on the materials left untouched by Biden. She said in a video posted on Twitter, “Not only are we looking at the gaps in the border barrier, but now we’re checking out all this material that’s sitting here on the ground. There’s a crusher on the ground that’s already crushed so much rock and they’re ready with the material. They have rebar, they have all these bollards stacked up.” 

“If we don’t finish the wall, if we don’t finish the gaps in the barrier, the American public will be paying to either destroy all this material or store it,” said Herrell, adding that “it will actually cost the American population more money to stop construction on the wall then to go and spend the dollars that have been adjudicated and passed by Congress.” 

“Again, if we’re not out here showing the American population what’s really happening on the southern border, you’ll never know because you won’t see this on TV. But all this material is sitting here waiting to be used and it will be at the expense of the American taxpayer.” 

Since Biden has been installed, 351,803 illegal border crossings have been recorded as of the end of March, per the Department of Homeland Security statistics. The Joe Biden regime has repeatedly denied the existence of a border crisis and has tapped Kamala Harris to manage the issue. She has yet to visit the border.

Gov, Michelle Lujan Grisham recently denied Congresswoman Herrell’s request for New Mexico National Guard troops to be stationed at the southern border to assist with the crisis despite Lujan Grisham sending troops to Washington D.C. in January to assist with security for inaugural festivities.  


5 thoughts on “Congresswoman Yvette Herrell reveals the truth about the border wall construction”

  1. Thank goodness we at least have Rep. Yvette Harrell speaking out and telling the truth about the disaster at our southern border. For crying out loud, FINISH THE DAMNED WALL!

    1. Nobody on Twitter, that’s for dang sure. Just go look at the idiotic comments, there.

      Apparently, none of those commenters have a problem with coming home to find people ransacking their house; or having their dogs poisoned; their cattle killed; water tanks and wellheads destroyed; vehicles stolen; and being robbed.

      If any congresscritter has the guts, let them go out and report the real consequences of leaving our border unprotected.

      1. They sit in there million dollar homes and live so far away that they don’t see the impact firsthand. They don’t even visit the border and pretend like it’s not an issue. We pretty much cater to illegal immigrants. It’s not right that your in America and you and your children can’t speak English. That’s why schools in NM are dead last in education. If you want to stay in America it should be mandatory for E.S.L. If we all went to Mexico would they cater to us English speakers? I’m a merchandiser and I do the Walmart twice a week and I’d say about 60% or more are strictly Spanish speakers. They should start sending bus loads of immigrants to the non-border cities.

  2. Love this Lady, she replies to every email I send her , and not the Canned party aproved Propaganda that the Democrats in the Senate & Conress send back as replies ( whether senate or Congress their { democrats } replies are worded the EXACT SAME , only title & letter head are changed CANNED official Propaganda ) Congesswoman Herrell listens !

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