After MLG’s $62K payoff to alleged groping victim, liberal paper fixates on GOP ‘pouncing’ on story

On Tuesday, a report revealed that Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham paid off a former staffer James Hallinan over $62,500 in apparent hush-money payments following allegations that Lujan Grisham groped Hallinan at a party in 2018 after pouring water on his genitals.

The Governor’s spokeswoman’s response to the allegations was shocking. She said, “We’re a rambunctious bunch. I think they were playing around with water.”

But instead of covering the damning claims, which now have been given much more merit due to the tens of thousands of dollars shelled out by the Governor’s campaign to keep Hallinan quiet, New Mexico’s liberal media oh so desperately wants to shift the focus.

After the news hit the state with a bang after reports by the Albuquerque Journal followed by the Piñon Post, the Santa Fe New Mexican finally ran the story, however, they didn’t want to focus on Lujan Grisham allegedly groping a male ex-staffer. 

So instead, the New Mexican decided they would take the spotlight away from the Governor and point it on Republicans. In a tweet, the New Mexican shared their story, writing, “The Republican Governors Association pounced on Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Tuesday following revelations of a settlement of at least $62,500 with a former campaign staffer who accused the first-term Democrat of grabbing his genitals.”

The spin from the extremely liberal paper resulted in ruthless responses from the public, bewildered that the paper of record for the Capitol City of New Mexico actually sought to spin a story about a man being sexually assaulted by his superior to focus on the Republicans’ response.

One commenter wrote, “The REAL question is, WHY isn’t everyone ‘pouncing’ on this? And, WHY is [The New Mexican] trying to provide cover?”

“Real journalists would realize the story is the Gov.’s actions, not the opposition’s reactions,” wrote another. 

One person responded, “A+ framing. The story is not the politician you like grabbing a staffer’s balls? The story is politicians you don’t like noticing the ball grabbing?” 

“Whoah.  Hold the f*** up.  How does the story become ‘Republicans pounce…?’ The story should be centered on a superior abusing their power in a humiliating way over a subordinate. This phrasing is gross and the headline writer should fix it,” another Twitter user commented

The Twitter aggregation news site Twitchy previously noted how the liberal media used the “Republicans pounced” narrative on Joe Biden’s border catastrophe, which has caused a massive influx of illegal immigration on the United States’ southern border with Mexico, resulting in a humanitarian crisis. Twitchy labeled the narrative shifting as work of “DNC spinsters.” 

National outlets such as Fox News, The Hill, and others have now picked up the story. The New Mexican’s spin from alleged groping to “Republicans pounced” likely will not help the disgraced governor who, like her colleague New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, faces extreme pressure to resign for misconduct.


2 thoughts on “After MLG’s $62K payoff to alleged groping victim, liberal paper fixates on GOP ‘pouncing’ on story”

  1. From the American Thinker:

    “They are now declaring the settlement based on “numerous dubious and disputed potential claims” as the reason for the big payouts. Can other people who lie get a spare $62,500 from their campaign? Don’t think so. Something happened, and the money involved tells us it was a doozy.

    What’s revolting here is how common it seems to be among Democrats, the very essence of their culture. They don’t have any religion, none except state power, so anything goes, and now they are showing it.“

  2. Governor Crotch-Grabber is a sexual predator that needs the demons exorcised out of her. She needs to resign and never run for office ever again. Also, how many other crotches has she watered down and grabbed and SILENCED? This beast has many skeletons in her satanic closet.

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