Columnist calls Sanger a ‘hero’ despite her mission to decimate Black population

A Friday column by Milan Simonich that appeared in the Santa Fe New Mexican praised racist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, a supporter of eugenics, who called for the extermination of the Black population.

Simonich, in attacking the Edgewood Town Commission, which passed a pro-life ordinance on Tuesday based on the federal Comstock Act, praised Sanger as a “hero,” writing

The Comstock Act was weakened and then rendered toothless through a series of court rulings. The long fight had a hero.

Margaret Sanger, mother of three and a nurse in Brooklyn, opened the country’s first birth-control clinic in 1916. Sanger the next year served 30 days in jail for violating the Comstock Act.

Margaret Sanger’s arrest at Brownsville Clinic for violating the Comstock Act via Wikimedia Commons.

She said in a December 10, 1939 letter, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” 

Even Planned Parenthood rebuked Sanger, writing in 2021, “The difficult truth is that Margaret Sanger’s racist alliances and belief in eugenics have caused irreparable damage to the health and lives of Black people, Indigenous people, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, and many others. Her alignment with the eugenics movement, rooted in white supremacy, is in direct opposition to our mission and belief that all people should have the right to determine their own future and decide, without coercion or judgement, whether and when to have children.”

Alexis McGill Johnson, the president and chief executive of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, wrote in the New York Times, “Sanger spoke to the women’s auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan at a rally in New Jersey to generate support for birth control. And even though she eventually distanced herself from the eugenics movement because of its hard turn to explicit racism, she endorsed the Supreme Court’s 1927 decision in Buck v. Bell, which allowed states to sterilize people deemed “unfit” without their consent and sometimes without their knowledge — a ruling that led to the sterilization of tens of thousands of people in the 20th century.” 

McGill Johnson concluded, “Margaret Sanger harmed generations with her beliefs.” 

However, Simonich is now propping up Sanger as a hero, despite her ties to the KKK, support for eugenics, and racism against Black people and those with disabilities.

Should the Santa Fe New Mexican punish Milan Simonich for embracing a racist white supremacist?

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8 thoughts on “Columnist calls Sanger a ‘hero’ despite her mission to decimate Black population”

  1. People have been believing “revisionist” for years. It is spewed every day in America schools across the country. People actually believe Nelson Mandela was a great man and not a Marxist killer!

  2. Pertaining to the heated topic of abortion, the liberal left don’t want any limits including up to the birth of a baby while the very far right conservatives want no abortions at all. This kind of all or nothing mentality is dangerous on one hand and unrealistic on the other. I’m old enough to remember when abortion was illegal. There were instances of girls bleeding out because of botched non medical abortions. That will be the result if abortions that include the day after pill are completely outlawed. It’s better to educate than to legislate people into changing their attitude towards abortion. Survey results show the greater majority of Americans believe abortion should have limits, but it shouldn’t be totally banned. There should be a meeting in the middle that results in a win-win for both sides, but compromise is viewed as a loss by both sides instead of a win. So we end up with a very divided country.

  3. When it comes to shedding innocent blood there is no middle ground. Murder is murder. Abortion is murder. Period.

    1. Absolute nonsense. And that is why this debate will never end. There are facts, and then there’s this knuckle dragging anti-science cadre of which you are one of the useful idiots.

      1. Anti-science? Really? Life vs death. What is anti-science about that?
        Choice – the woman had a choice to open her legs but the baby does not have a choice.

      2. You are just as easily called knuckle dragging – anyone says the word “science” and you behave as though it is the word of God. “Science” isn’t fact, particularly new “science”. You are twice over the useful idiot for your arrogance and blindness. Wake up and look at how many times “science” has changed what it claimed was truth. An example? Research the history of the Periodic Table.

  4. So… babies not wanted? How about snip, snip, for him and clip, tie and burn for her? This way, no babies, no birth control abortions. Both simple procedures.

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