‘Catholic’ St. Michael’s High School lets males use girls’ locker rooms, bathrooms

According to a letter from Santa Fe’s St. Michael’s High School’s principal, Martin Sandoval, men and boys will continue to be allowed to use girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms.

The supposedly Catholic high school’s principal wrote, “The thorough review and consideration around the school’s approach to our LGBTQ+ students have led administrators to be at peace with practices currently in place.” 

“Current practices include, for students that identify as a gender different from their gender assigned at birth or otherwise listed on their birth certificate, to work with parents and school counselors to educate staff on their gender identity. The counselors, in turn, work to address any concerns or specific student needs. Once it is established which gender the student identifies with, they are allowed to use the corresponding restroom and locker facilities. This process addresses concerns about random misuse of restroom facilities. SMHS also offers a private, single use space for any student to use if they desire more,” he continued.

The revelation comes after a 12-year-old girl was reportedly raped by a transgender biological male in Rio Rancho, as heavily reported last year. 

“Parents are very concerned about this policy, yet the school is moving forward on implementing it anyway. This violates’ girls rights to privacy and security,” activist Sarah Smith wrote in a post regarding the policy:

The Rio Grande Foundation’s Paul Gessing added, “Very sad to see this happening at a purportedly Catholic school in our state.”

Pro-life activist Elisa Martinez wrote, ‘Figures. Anti-Catholic, abortion up to birth loving  “Catholic” [Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s] alma mater, St Mike’s high school allows boys & GROWN MEN violate girls’ privacy! As a practicing Catholic, this is appalling & 

[Saint Michael’s High School] must be held to account for violating Catholic teaching.”

St. Michael’s High School has been around since 1859 at the behest of renowned Archbishop Jean-Baptiste Lamy, the first archbishop of Santa Fe. Santa Fe Archbishop John C. Wester has yet to comment on St. Mike’s pro-transgender policy that is putting girls in harm’s way. 


76 thoughts on “‘Catholic’ St. Michael’s High School lets males use girls’ locker rooms, bathrooms”

  1. This is far from what the Bible says! Maybe the administrators should read what it says about a man & a woman. Disgusting!

      1. THIS ARTICLE IS DISGUSTING. Targeting a ONE young girl who in no way shape or form has posed any threat to ANYONE is RIDICULOUS. This is pure transphobia, how dare you compare to a rapist. even if a teacher who is transgender were to be hired at our school they wouldn’t use the restrooms with the rest of the students. You people are disgusting and if you are truly of God, then you will let him condemn who he must.

      2. THIS ARTICLE IS DISGUSTING. Targeting a ONE young girl who in no way shape or form has posed any threat to ANYONE is RIDICULOUS. This is pure transphobia, how dare you compare to a rapist. Even if a teacher who is transgender were to be hired at our school they wouldn’t use the restrooms with the rest of the students. You people are disgusting and if you are truly of God, then you will let him condemn who he must.

  2. Proof the Santa Fe’s St. Michael’s High School’s principal, Martin Sandoval is going down the satanic woke road. Satan is doing backflips over this, the Catholic Church and Archdiocese of Santa Fe need to nip this in the bud NOW

    1. Excuse me, but all the schools of the archdiocese have not been Catholic since the modernists triumphed at the Second Vatican Council in 1962. The decoy Latin Mass promulgated that year eliminated 87% of the ancient orations and replaced with Lutheran prayers. And it gets worse and worse from there. My parents left in 1962, as the decoy did not work with them (or with many others). Vatican II wears our vestments and occupies our buildings, just like the Protestants did in the English 16th century.

    2. Satan isn’t just hitting backflips over this, he’s giving all of us nasty back shots with this.

  3. We should learn from history. Children have not been safe in the church for some time. Santa Fe is named the City of Holy Faith, yet nothing but E-Vil is spewing from there.
    This is a disgrace and if any Catholic family that has children in this school should meet the Arch Bishop and the Pastor of that church and demand the policy change in the Name of Jesus Christ.

    Rev. Rico

    1. You are correct, Mario, it is a disgrace. You are also correct in that there has been a lot of perversion going on in the Catholic Church for the last few decades. That perversion is not limited to the Catholic Church. It pervades the protestant groups as well as government schools and other secular venues.

      As Catholics, though, our primary concern and attention should be focused on the Church. Meeting with Archbishop Wester is not likely to be of any avail, given that he is part of the problem. This is one of those diseases for which mistaking symptoms for causes is a gross error.

      1. I am willing to join anyone who wants to sit down with Archbishop Wester, the principal of the school or whoever wishes to voice concern. This is influential on the spiritual welfare of innocent children. Adult perversion should not be pushed on kids.
        If the community, Protestant and Catholics united, come together to uphold the principles of God, then it must be done.

        Rev. Rico

        1. Good for you, Mario. I respect your commitment. If I were in Santa Fe I might join you, just for the experience. I have been in plenty of conversations with Catholic hierarchy about similar things. Doing so is an education. Go for it! I hope others join you.

          1. I am not in Santa Fe either, but I am more than willing to travel there for the sake of the children of New Mexico. I am not interested in further Catholic education as I have 8 years of it myself and can testify that this current behavior was not present when I attended St. Mary’s or St. Pius in Albuquerque. The name of Jesus is what matters to me know, not the name on church sign.

        2. Mario,

          If you are interested in helping spread the word please reach out to the Board of Trustees, Leaders and Archbishop Webster. There are people trying to do the right thing but any attention that is perceived as negative towards St. Michael’s High School in Santa Fe gets taken down almost immediately. There are much worse things going on at St. Michael’s aside from student safety and trans issues. Retaliation is a very real consequence. Please pray for everyone at that school.

  4. Well I guess my children aren’t going to Saint Mikes! Why pay 12k in tuition each year so my children can be in danger. What’s next biological males playing in girls sports! How has Archbishop Wester not stepped in to stop this? We condemn abortion but let people choose their gender makes no sense.

  5. Carlos Del Valle

    Like we have the RINOs, we most definitely have the CINOs as well, and Archbishop Wester most definitely fits in that category, as does Jorge Bergoglio and the great majority of the hierarchy of the Church today. Some Catholics have caught on to this and taken appropriate measures to defend their families and their faith but most have not, evidenced by the fact that they continue to drop money in the collection plate and otherwise support a corrupt and debauched hierarchy. “Catholic” schools are just as bad as their government counterparts. They are a great place to send your kids and pay a king’s ransom to have your childrens’ faith destroyed.

    1. Agree completely Carlos. Most people haven’t even heard of the deep state much less the deep church that likewise has been infiltrated by the same secular elites that rejected Jesus Christ from the beginning. Bergoglio has advanced all of the left and New world orders perversion and insanity. Read Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s posts to hear a true Catholic voice and man of God speak.

      1. Carlos Del Valle

        Absolutely! Vigano is one of those heroes of the Church that God raises up from time to time when the Church is put upon by forces of evil. He is one of the visible ones, but there are many others we don’t hear so much about. But for Heaven’s sake, don’t put your innocent kids in “Catholic” or government schools and stop supporting these debauched perverts financially or otherwise!

  6. Encouraging more pedophilia

    Parents take their kids to Catholic school and make the sacrifice of paying tuition to instill Christian and family values in our kids. Exactly right— Satan is having a grand old time with this as he has been for awhile. And Satan does his best work in families! Close St. M’s down— it’s hypocrisy. Since when did learning in schools place so much emphasis on gender? Homeschooling is still alive and well.

    1. Carlos Del Valle

      Right on, EMP. Take back the responsibility of educating your children in the safety of your own home. Those skeptical should attend a home-schooling conference and meet these children who are receiving this wonderful opportunity.

  7. Disgusting my wife graduated from St. Michaels. Now it’s gone down so far there is no going back. I would pull every one of my kids out of there if I were still there. DISGUSTING is not a bad enough word.

    1. Carlos Del Valle

      You are right. “Disgusting” is not a bad enough word. In a more sane past, these perverts would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town in disgrace. You are also right about pulling kids out of there. Don’t do it as a protest; do it to protect your children. For gosh sake don’t turn around and put them in a government indoctrination center either.

  8. Sandoval must be fired and run out of town NOW! If the Archbishop does not condemn Sandoval and this policy he should also be run out of town.

  9. Sure is putting ANOTHER black mark on the Catholic church.. Pedophiles and now this.. HMMMMM. probably not what is taught in the bible —

    1. Hey, Tom. One important distinction. The great majority of the abuse in the Catholic Church has centered around ephebophilia – an attraction to adolescents, as opposed to pedophilia – an attraction to children. The “pedophilia” canard has been a purposeful ruse. It has also been overwhelmingly male on male. Adult males grooming adolescent males. Let no one be fooled into thinking this is pedophilia.

  10. When, oh when are New Mexico Dems going to realize the left’s aggenda is evil? When will they start to vote for the RIGHT people. While I know Trump is poorly behaved, people need to realize voting is not a popularity contest. Voting needs to be done based on performance. This extends to New Mexico’s government as well. We are in last place in every metric yet people keep voting the same way. It is shameful.

  11. The church leadership seems to care more about being on a political side that will somehow benefit them than to care about it’s people. Unfortunately nothing new if you follow history. We need to remember the PEOPLE are the church. We need to be the ones to keep our children safe. It is unfortunate how society has turned it’s back on women’s rights and the safety of women and children. Looking out for the wellbeing of one group should not infringe on another. Don’t turn a blind eye. The day will come that this will negatively affect every family in some way. Think of your mothers, daughters, nieces, cousins, etc.

  12. Archbishop Wester didn’t waste any time supporting MLG’s unconstitutional gun ban. Why hasn’t he spoken out about this anti-Catholic policy at St. Michael’s High School? If this policy doesn’t change, I hope every parent pulls their student out and St. Michael’s goes broke since they’ve already gone woke. As a side note, it’s not so surprising since one of their alumni is MLG herself. I’ve heard from students who attended St. Michael’s at the same time she did that she was a BULLY, so now we know a leopard doesn’t change its spots!

  13. Disgusting, disgraceful, disturbing, deviant, despicable, and downright putrid. To know it’s a Catholic school is unbelievable. Parents remove your kids immediately. The only teaching methods that work is when it hits their pocket book. Men , boys will do anything to call themselves girls. Let’s get them castrated to make sure they will do no harm. That goes for the staff who made these decisions.

  14. It is shameful… and disgusting… your behavior towards a child that is. You’re worried about the girls at SMHS?? Me too… they are watching you speak words of hate and prejudice. I hope they don’t learn that this is the way Catholics should behave. Very gross indead.

  15. The only way this will stop is for people to stop validating and using the institutions the communists are destroying. Take your kids out of public schools; vote to pay for schools with sales taxes not property taxes; women have to stop competing in sports; the use of jury nullification in the legal system to stop unconstitutional laws; do not shop or give your money to woke businesses; Give money to and vote for Donald Trump. The communist are destroying or using our institutions to destroy us. We cannot help them. Do whatever you can to hinder them. It WILL NOT BE EASY. But it is the only way.

  16. MegaPatriotUSA 🇺🇲🦅

    It’s all of these filthy sissy liberals ruining our great country! We need to protest against this corruption of modern masculinity by the deep state liberals. We are the people, and we have had enough, it is up to us to stop this woke liberal agenda.

  17. Brother Mariano

    Believe it or not I identify as a girl and I can’t wait to go to the locker-room when the girls are changing.

  18. This article and the comments underneath are shameful and disgusting. This is the most homophobic and transphobic thing I have ever read. There are more pressing issues that need to be discussed at St. Mike’s. The fact that a trans-girl just trying to use the restroom has caused this much commotion is sad. Do you all have nothing better to do than condemn children? Left or Right wing, spreading hatred is wrong and it is poisoning the community. start by teaching your sons how to respect women, don’t teach them how to be transphobic bullies.

    1. Jeffery Epstein

      I will hit women regardless of my political leanings. I mean I’ve brought some to my island before and haven’t gotten in trouble, so I don’t think that hitting some would do anything.

  19. Btw Alex Gallegos and i been workin in the girls bathroom together for the past year 🇺🇸🇺🇸🔥

    1. Nobody cares what you want. You’re transphobic and need to evaluate your outlook on life before saying dumb stuff like this on the internet. You only feel just saying this because it’s behind a screen and not in person where you’re too timid to actually say something of the sort.

  20. You are my sunshine
    My only sunshine
    You make me happy
    When skies are gray
    You’ll never know, dear
    How much I love you
    Please don’t take
    My sunshine away
    The other night, dear
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    So I hung my head and cried
    You are my sunshine
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    My sunshine away

  21. We need to STOP the transfobia in this world and be more acepting. I think i have done a good job of accepting everything there is to take with open arms. Others have to do the same becase it might lead to more fun in the bathroom

  22. There’s a solution here. It’s called The Invisible Hand of economics. Parents pull your kids out! Yeah it’s hard. Yeah it’s inconvenient. But your children’s lives and their souls are at stake! At what point do we keep on making excuses because we don’t want to do the right thing? These bullies don’t have a right to jam their ideology down everyone’s throats!

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