BernCo Sheriff Gonzales receives slew of GOP endorsements

Over the weekend, Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales, one of the two Democrats running for the Albuquerque mayorship received a slew of Republican endorsements from high-profile current and former public officials.

Albuquerque City Councilor Trudy Jones, a Republican, was the first of the slew of endorsements, writing, “Sheriff Manny Gonzales is a strong fiscal conservative who will help us rein in wasteful government spending and ensure we focus government spending on basic services. Sheriff Gonzales will make fighting crime and homelessness a top priority. I enthusiastically endorse Manny Gonzales for Mayor.” 

Jones has been known to be one of the most conservative members of the Albuquerque City Council and her endorsement of the Sheriff may add more credibility to the Democrat’s race. 

Former state Auditor Wayne Johnson, who served in the position following Tim Keller’s abdication of the role to successfully run for Albuquerque mayor in 2017, also endorsed Gonzales. He wrote, “Sheriff Gonzales has spent his career keeping residents of Bernalillo County safe, even as crime in Albuquerque spiraled out of control. He’s a strong leader who works with everyone who wants to make their community better and safer. I worked with Manny as a Bernalillo County Commissioner and am proud to endorse him for mayor.”

Another Republican, former Secretary of State Brad Winter wrote, “Sheriff Manny Gonzales has earned a reputation as being an honest, tough-on-crime lawman. He’s born and raised in Albuquerque and honorably served in the Marine Corps. For Manny, it has always been about serving his fellow citizens. Manny is exactly the type of leader we need right now in Albuquerque and I’m proud to endorse him for Mayor.”

Gonzales, who is the only law enforcer and the only military veteran in the race, has fought a toxic campaign between the three major candidates in the running, with his unsuccessful battle to receive public financing after a strung-out lawsuit filed by Keller.

After the slew of losses in court, Gonzales has turned to fundraising, saying on September 17 that his campaign had already raised $100,000 in 72 hours. Gonzales formerly endorsed Keller in his race for mayor in 2017 and endorsed Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for governor in 2018. However, he claims he made a mistake with the endorsement. He did, however, partner with the Trump administration to fight crime in Albuquerque.

Gonzales faces Keller and one Republican opponent, Eddy Aragon, a radio show host. Aragon has made note that he is the only Republican running in the race, and his campaign has even pressured other Republican public officials, some of whom do not even live in the Albuquerque area, to endorse him via his surrogates on Twitter. Aragon has also been critical of Gonzales’ campaign manager, who appears to be a far-leftist. He is running on a “five C’s” platform of “Corruption, Commerce, City, Covid, and Crime.” Retired Brigadier General Greg Zanetti, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, has endorsed Aragon in the race.

Keller is in stark contrast to both Aragon and Gonzales, running on a hard-left ticket. His record includes defunding the police and replacing some outgoing 911 calls with social workers, spending $30,000 on a rainbow crosswalk, achieving the most annual homicides in Albuqurque in history, and championing abortion up-to-birth and infanticide. Keller is endorsed by the Planned Parenthood abortion business.


23 thoughts on “BernCo Sheriff Gonzales receives slew of GOP endorsements”

  1. so the New Mexico GOP is in favor of the murder rate continuing to go up…..the drug problem continuing to go up….the tents continuing to go up in nice neighborhoods…..
    Also..he will get rid of wuhan lujan mandates..the others will follow WL like sheeple for which they are…if that starts in ALB..then the rest of the state will look at it and say…enough of the WL BS

    I urge everyone to listen to Eddy Aragon on his radio station..KIVA…1600 AM..ALB area..or..1490 AM…Los Alamo’s. ..Santa Fe area..4 PM…or you can get it on the computer

    1. Concerned Albuquerque Resident

      Please!! Tell me what Eddy has actually done and succeeded at? An no, his radio station, that daddy owns 100% doesn’t count. Getting to run while using a homeless rule to validate residency doesn’t count, making himself to be the victim and “people don’t like me”, doesn’t count. He is a user of people, abuser of women and will burn you if he doesn’t need you any longer. He is a fake and a fraud.

      1. what has Biden in his 40 yrs of politics. that is good?….what is he doing now that is good…

        contrast Trump…no political experience….no wars…energy independence…etc…etc….

        1. Concerned Albuquerque Resident

          Eddy is no Trump. Just cause he has a big mouth doesn’t qualify him as Trump-like. He has not succeeded, is basically homeless, divorced 3 times, let his sister take the fall as he embezzled $600k from the family business to keep his coyote first wife well kept and keep up appearances. He goes on tirades if he doesn’t get his way. Is abusive and demeaning to employees, volunteers and women. Should I go on??? Cause I can and I will. The truth about him needs to come out. He is a menace to the Republican party. And no, this isn’t Roger or Esther. How easy is it to blame others for inconvenient truths.

          1. I am not comparing him to Trump I only bring up the fact that Biden has 40 years in politics and then look what she’s doing the Border yeah energy crisis now Afghanistan that is all I’m saying that Biden was in politics for 40 years and Trump was not in politics but then Trump did far better job than than Biden

            Not to mention where is Hunter Biden we haven’t heard from him or his crack smoking painting etc etc and his dealings with China and Russia all been proven so still go with Eddie

          2. It does seem to me that you are undercover for Wuhan Lujan you have no case what so ever as she has no case about this wearing masks in doors.. or keeping up the covid-19 and fear for which she is doing

  2. That’s weird, that fact that so many Republicans were so quick to back a democrat instead of the actual Republican Candidate!!!! Is there something they’re trying to hide? Blackmail? Or are they just paying back a favor? Hmmm, either way, we need to vote them out of office!

    1. It’s called a debased and depraved mind. They can’t tell the difference between right and wrong. This is why New Mexico will NEVER be a good place to live and work. I think the arsenic in our water rots peoples brains. I have only drank bottled water ever since I moved here, but now I’m moving away from this state forever. My brain still works right. I stayed away from our arsenic water.

  3. As a 28 year veteran of law enforcement at all levels and all political boundaries from local to state and federal and actually seeing what each of the candidates for for mayor have done with their budgets, political clout with the news agencies ,in the actual service of the citizens of the state of NM. It is hands down a win by Gonzales. Keller is out of touch with many business owners in Albuquerque he is out of touch with the people of color, he is way out of touch with his oath of office to provide for the wellbeing of the citizens of Albuquerque, and the rights of those citizens to be safe with in their homes persons and property. All you have to do is follow the money as cliché (its not rocket science its basic accounting) as it may be to see who actually cares about what happens in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico and Dare I say The United States of America. Growing up in Northern New Mexico taught you the meaning of being well connected and financed and tow the party line well plenty of Real New Mexicans know and are now disgusted with how that line is towed and by who is cracking the whip on the backs of the citizens of Albuquerque and NM who are saddled with the political agenda and yoke of taxes imposed on them by such people as Keller. I once again encourage you as a voter to do your due diligence and follow the money as it may take you down some pretty dark rabbit holes that pop up in the strangest of places like Washington DC, Santa Fe San Francisco, and south of the US boarders. so I say educate yourself to vote know who really has Albuquerque New Mexico U.S.A ‘s SIX…

    1. To those who will vote for Sheriff Manny, know that you are voting for the entire Democrat Party Machine with all its Culture of Death, it’s open borders, the CIA-Media, the full agenda of the Communist-Globalists. Manny voted for Obama, the master at subversive-communism, (probably Biden too) MLG and her squalid murder-abortion-infanticide-euthanasia, and all the massive corruption of all branches of NM Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary. The Democrat Machine-Gonzales has alot more in common with the CCP, & the U.N. than Patriotic America. The U.S. Constitution is being ripped to shreds by both parties. The Military is heavily compromised by Milley & globalist. There is know such thing as a conservative Democrat. No dissent is allowed in the Communist-Democrat Party. Manny will be forced to do the will of his Masters. What kind of character does Manny posses to be such a loyal member of a Party of squalid death cult losers like Biden, Pelosi, Shumer, Clintons, etc.? Obviously Manny supports the dementia ridden Biden and the whole globalists cabal who stole the election. Eddy is an honorable man, throwing his hat in the ring into the cesspool of politics. Eddie observes Keller turning Albuquerque into another Detroit, Chicago, DC, San Francisco and all those other once great cities into gears of the diabolic Machine. Go Eddy

    2. Voting for Manny G is a vote for the whole Democrat-Communist Party Machine. Manny will be led by the ear to endorse open borders, Vax-Mask-Mandates, and the entire culture of death that the Democrats force on everybody. Manny voted for Obama, Biden, & MLG. What does that say about Manny’s character? MLG with her death cult of abortion-infantacide-euthenasia and her corruption. All of NM’s 3 governing branches are in the machines realm: Executive, legislative, & judiciary. Manny’s not going to buck the machine; he is one of them. Manny will kiss up to Dementia Biden for federal $$$$; even though the globalists, along with the machine flagrantly stole the election. Eddy is an honorable Man. He sees D-Machine Keller driving Albuquerque into the same squalid conditions as Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, DC and many other great U.S. cities that the machine is destroying. Go Eddy!!!!

  4. Concerned Albuquerque Resident

    No, it isn’t weird that people don’t supoort/back Eddy. He went on a tirade after his candidate for Bernalillo County Chair didn’t win. Fired a long time employee, screamed and almost got kicked out of a gun show and berated to the point of tears a woman who had supported him. People who know Eddy and who have been around enough now what he is all about. He is bad news period and would be worse than MLG if he was given some real power. VOTE NO to Eddy Aragon.

    1. So putting in a different Democrat is the answer? It’s no wonder that Albuquerque and New Mexico has turned into a godforsaken hellhole.

      Manny is playing the chameleon in this race. He had fraudulent signatures trying to get public money and his campaign manager is a BLM activist. Does that sound like someone centrist? He won’t get my vote.

      1. Manny never understands the questions always needs them reiterated and has a leftist from California as a manager and man he’s been in law enforcement for over 20 years and Albuquerque is right at the top of the list for crime. time for a change people wake up. And shame on any Republican that endorses him I would say rhino and a part of the reason New Mexico is failing

  5. So I guess it comes down to picking the “lesser” of three evils: Keller, Aragon or Gonzales. If I lived in Albuquerque (thank God I do not!), I would pick Gonzales. He may be a Democrat, but he is also a Marine veteran and a career law enforcement officer. That’s good enough for me.

    1. Concerned Albuquerque Resident

      It really is Steve. Not happy about the choices or options. My feeling is the Keller campaigned and the D’s threatened by Manny put up Eddy to run. Why else would they let him stay on the ballot when they could have easily removed him if they really think he js a threat? An obscure homeless ruling superceded statute in terms of residency?? C’mon! Eddy is a useful idiot, entertainer and manipulator extraordinaire. Unfortunately,.many, many people have fallen for his machinations and by the comments on this post, they continue to do so.

  6. Once again we come to a question of law enforcement crime and political agenda. Political people as of late seem to think that once they are in office they can roll over the rights of the citizens that put them in to office. Do some homework for yourself see who your candidates are not just for mayor but for every office and amendment tax hike bond issue ordinance or law, become an educated and informed voter don’t let the media sway you one way or another. “Remember you are the defender of your rights” (rabbi Al Bin Rubinstine as he was dragged off by Nazi brown shirts 1937). Being that you are your own defender of your own rights, you should educate yourself as to what those rights are and how they are used either for you or against you. One basic right you should always keep in mind is the right to DUE PROCESS, because this right at its heart encompasses all other rights and gives them a voice in a court of law, either civil or criminal. why say all this here on this blog??? well because by electing certain people to certain offices you may be putting your right to due process at risk. how you ask does this apply to me the citizen on the street?. Very simply I.E. (for example) red light cameras remove a portion of your due process you don’t get to defend your self you have to pay a fine or an administrative fee in its basic essence, and if this is not paid then through other administrative means you may not be able to access other privileges such as driving, licensing and or other city services. now in the city of Albuquerque in 2012 this very question was put to a vote of the people to remove such items because the public at that time felt that the PROCESS of DUE PROCESS was circumvented and rights hijacked by elected officials, now you see the picture (pun Intended). So why oh why would you allow someone to take your rights use them against you and then use that political office to grab more of your rights so they may further their political careers and those of their cohorts. sounds kinda 1984ish more like 1935ish plenty of examples exist in real history of how certain really bad people came to power, and most of them were depending on voters giving away their rights for the purpose of “its for the public good or Its for your own good or its for public safety” .So i say once again look at the candidates for office do your own research and vote accordingly. once your conscience knows the truth, you are more likely to make the good decision… MAKE AN EDUCATED VOTE

  7. I think everyone is in agreement that Keller needs to go! With Eddie in the race, he is only going to pull votes from Gonzales, thus making Keller a likely winner. If Eddie really cares about Albq., he should withdraw and endorse Gonzales. Otherwise, as mentioned above, follow the money!

  8. Voting for Gonzales. If New Mexicans want to stay in Democrap he__ at least we can decide to vote for a Dem who will work to help save ABQ. Anyone that lives here, or has a family member who is an officer understands that Keller, the idiot needs to go. He is an MLG lover who does everything he is told. He is worthless and he does not stand by his officers. He has done nothing to help with the climbing crime rate. People of ABQ never hear or see him. He is a coward. At least Gonzales cares about ABQ and its officers.

  9. Do your homework NM

    Aragon is running as a tactic to split the Republican vote, that way Keller can force a win. Pay attention ABQ voters.

  10. .I emailed Manny and asked him is he is a constitutional Sheriff – no answer , I can not find his stance on murdering babies in the womb . I do not know his stance on the voter fraud. BTY when I voted in June the manager at the voting office on Coors confirmed the dominion voting machines I was using WERE connected to the internet. = Manny you can comment please

  11. Be Aware:

    In fact, Shannan Calland, campaign manager for Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales, follows all four of the founding members of The Squad — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”), Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib — a group of U.S. Congresswomen known for being among the most far-Left representatives in the House of Representatives.

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