BernCo Deputy Sheriffs Assoc. President: Can New Mexico Survive?

New Mexico was once a great state where family values and the safety of the community took precedence. It pains me to say those days are long gone. In the past several years, we have seen increasingly higher crime rates and homicide rates that are unprecedented in our communities. One can’t help but ask, “why is this happening?”

Most of it can be attributed to the neutering of law enforcement by “knee jerk” policies that serve as an inspiration to criminals everywhere. Most of these policies are based on events that didn’t even occur in New Mexico. In essence, creating a problem where there wasn’t one. Criminals and their advocates quickly learned that it was easy to manipulate the public with “social justice” rhetoric and cries for reform. Now, these reforms have come to collect, and the price is our communities’ safety.  

As a native New Mexican and 14-year veteran of law enforcement, I have seen the effect of these soft on crime policies that have devastated our communities first hand. They were small at first. Refusal by the courts to prosecute property crimes, which gradually progressed into a catch and release program for more severe crimes. These weak policies have created a safe haven for criminals and a living hell for the law-abiding, good citizens of this state. 

Now before our more liberal friends cry “racist,” let me say that I am a Hispanic cop who spent 11 years patrolling a predominantly Hispanic area. I volunteered for this assignment time and time again because I felt it was where I could best serve my community. I saw the effects these policies have on the Hispanic community or, more accurately, the good people that suffered as a result of them.

Any of these politicians who advocate for these policies on behalf of their criminal constituents should speak with the guy working two jobs to make ends meet for his family and just had his vehicle stolen for the second time this year. The single mom who comes home only to find it burglarized… again. Or the family torn apart by drugs because the neighborhood dealer is released from custody before the ink is dry on the officer’s report. What about these victims? Where are the politicians advocating for them? 

When these officials say they are implementing these policies for the good of the community, I have to ask what community? It seems they cater to a small criminal element while ignoring the rights and circumstances of the majority of the community. The honest, hard working and law abiding citizen. 

The current slew of anti-law enforcement legislation introduced by “social justice” activists disguised as legislators and funded by private interest groups will make our crime problem much worse. One doesn’t have to look far to see that these anti-police, soft on crime policies are an abject failure. Look at cities like Portland, Chicago, Baltimore, or our very own Albuquerque, and you’ll have all the proof you need. 

I hope the good citizens of this state are willing to fight to protect the law enforcement officers that fight to protect them. Support your police and support your communities. Without your support, New Mexico won’t survive.  

Contact your legislators and tell them to vote No on H.B. 4, H.B. 254, H.B. 263, S.B. 105, S.B .119, S.B. 192, S.B. 220, S.B. 227, S.B. 375, and S.B. 376. 

Text #SupportOfficers to 52886

Aaron Velarde is the president of the Bernalillo County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Follow the association on Facebook here.


6 thoughts on “BernCo Deputy Sheriffs Assoc. President: Can New Mexico Survive?”

  1. This article is a GREAT essay on what’s wrong with NM. It would make an AWESOME 2 to 5 minute video clip that the Republicans could use to clearly show why voting D does not balance with most citizen values, beliefs, or principles.

  2. I worked the streets of Albuquerque for 13 years with the police department and I saw first hand the changes described in this editorial. As an officer, I took people to jail if they shoplifted a big-ticket item (even under the felony $500 amount) or they fought with the loss prevention officer. We made numerous traffic stops of dangerous drivers and unsafe vehicles, a practice which often times led to arrests of criminals with arrest warrants. We took pride in being able to defend the defenseless and intervene in criminal activity that was damaging our youth and vulnerable citizens. But it changed, and quickly. Obama’s Department of Justice methodically and strategically swooped in on many mid to large city police departments to place burdensome consent decrees on them. These decrees were designed to change the face of law enforcement from protectors of the community to “jack-booted thugs” who indiscriminately used force to oppress minorities and the poor. Here in Albuquerque, the killing of a homeless man was hyped to the degree that people began believing every APD officer was guilty of murder and the department was recklessly and wantonly killing people for no reason. Should police departments take responsibility for wrongdoing or corruption within the ranks? Without question! However the federal government takeover of a local department and the subsequent throwing out of the proverbial baby with the bathwater caused a major downward shift in community safety. Answer the question yourself; has 6 years of a DOJ consent decree made Albuquerque safer? Has our Soros-bought District Attorney made a major pledge to fight crime? We are going to be a city where only the wealthy gated communities will be safe and our police officers will be merely symbolic gestures of enforcement like in Seattle or Portland. My niece is a police officer in Baltimore, MD, and she merely responds to calls for service to help clean up a crime scene. She loves helping people as I do, but her department doesn’t do any proactive police work to let people know that officers are there to protect and serve. Protect and Serve-the consent decree, not people.

  3. Ray Podmenik Col USAF (RET)

    Brynnda, I do not know if it sounds like the sheriff is up for re-election but I do know you sound like the nitwit politician in Abq who was very high and mighty about cops until he got a phone call that he claimed was threatening. I do not recall that he called Social Services. No, he called the police! Maybe you should join a police force and see what it is like. No, I am not nor ever have been a policeman but I do know that every day that policemen and women actually do go into harms way and even when they are not on duty they can be involved. I was in the military and our men and women also go into harms way in some very crappy places in this world. But not everyone of them goes into harms way every day. But every day every cop in this country goes into harms way – big city, little town. It does not matter. And where do cops go? To the trouble spots. When you do that, then let us know and we might agree that he is only trying to butter up the voters. But until then just be happy that a cop will respond to you when you are in trouble and won’t give a damn if you like cops or not!

  4. “When these officials say they are implementing these policies for the good of the community, I have to ask what community? It seems they cater to a small criminal element while ignoring the rights and circumstances of the majority of the community.” They sense kindred with their own kind.

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