Heartwrenching short film shows why some New Mexicans are being forced to leave the state

A recently released short film from Adelante Now Foundation, which was posted on the Artesia Chamber’s YouTube account, reveals the sad reality for some in New Mexico who are being forced to leave New Mexico by no choice of their own.

The short film highlights community members in southeastern New Mexico, including business owners, restauranteurs, high school seniors, waitresses, and others who are most affected by Gov. Lujan Grisham’s government shutdowns and the Democrats’ assault on the oil and gas industry, which provides countless jobs.

“We’re hurting the state because people that want to work,” said business owner Chad Harcrow. He said the shutdown “just beat out” people who are trying to make an “honest living,” which is why they are leaving. 

Twelve days ago I shut my business down. I shut a successful business down because I want my son in Lubbock, Texas to have a chance at education,” said John Henry, an Eddy County Commissioner. “And you’re going to see more great New Mexicans move because your family will come first.” 

An educator, Becky Argo, said she didn’t go into teaching to “be in front of a computer screen for eight hours a day.” She added, “I don’t like teaching this way and I don’t like my own personal children learning this way.” 

A high school senior, Braxton McDonald, said of the fully online education, “You basically got to learn by yourself, or you just hope that your teacher… can somehow teach it through the computer.” 

Dianne Gonzales, a waitress, said, “They shut the restaurant down. We were not able to work. We were not open anymore.” She said, “We don’t make money like the way we used to when we were waitressing.”

Watch the full video here: 

3 thoughts on “Heartwrenching short film shows why some New Mexicans are being forced to leave the state”

  1. I saw the sad video about leaving NM and find our “leadership “ or lack thereof failing the citizens of this state miserably . Sadly brain drain and young people leaving the State is a continuing saga. until we find a way to really start electing people who care about their fellow citizens this trend will continue. One has to wonder if it is a contrived plot to continue to demoralize all citizens under the guise of a fake pandemic and prep us for communist control!

    1. Well said! However the voting doesn’t matter – the SoS is corrupt same as the rest of the people holding office right now. They care nothing for the people, nothing for their oath. Line their pockets, power hungry vile people who lie and lie and lie some more. However not all – Schmedes, Dow, Ryan – from what I’ve witnessed – they care.

  2. Let us thank the good God for John Block and the Pinon Post. Putting a face on socialism, as here, is pure journalistic brilliance.

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