Behar concocts conspiracy about ‘Rust’ shooting special prosecutor

Far-left The View co-host Joy Behar claimed Friday that state Rep. Andrea Reeb (R-Clovis), the former district attorney for the Ninth Judicial District, should be booted from the legal team as special prosecutor of the investigation into October 2021’s fatal shooting on the set of the movie Rust

Behar claimed that Reeb being “a big Republican” means she should be booted from investigating leftist actor Alec Baldwin, who shot multiple crew members, leading to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Democratic Santa Fe District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies decided to charge Baldwin and head armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed for Hutchins’ death.

“The DA [special prosecutor] who is indicting him, or whatever the legal term is right now, she’s a big Republican. I’m only saying this because Alec Baldwin is a target for Republicans,” Behar claimed. “They cannot stand him. I’m not saying anything more than that.”

Behar was forced to issue a correction after the commercial break that she mixed up the Democratic district attorney, Carmack-Altwies, with Reeb, a Republican.

“I get them mixed up sometimes. So, sue me,” she said.

Carmark-Altwies told CNN in an interview Thursday that the investigation found there is “probable cause” to charge Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed because of lacking “safety standards” on the set. She said the tragedy would have been prevented if Baldwin and the others charged had “done their jobs.”

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11 thoughts on “Behar concocts conspiracy about ‘Rust’ shooting special prosecutor”

  1. With the left, Republicans are automatically guilty; Baldwin is a liberal, so he, of course, is innocent.
    They instantly thought that
    the mass shooting of Asians in California, was the work of a white supremacist.

  2. Of course, the left thinks that if you are a Republican, you are guilty; Baldwin is a liberal, so , naturally, he is innocent.
    The left believed a white supremacist was responsible for Asians getting killed in the mass shooting in California.

    1. The sad truth is that there’s an audience. Apathy and ignoring them isn’t the solution; I’m not sure what is, but certainly not apathy. Maybe keeping her (likely intentional) misinformation, and then her flippant attitude about being forced to correct it, in the spot light for a bit?

  3. So she is saying we need a two tier justice system? I think we already do, the J6’ers are still in prison (over 2 years) for what dems would be released the same day for!

  4. Leave it to a liberal… Making a homicide about being left/right; and then (intentionally) misreport the story and be dismissive about the correction. So, Alec shouldn’t even be charged with killing someone because he is a communist party member? I suppose that IS how the communist legal system works…

    Alec’s (no doubt willful) negligence and ignorance when handling a firearm is why he is in this situation. He didn’t check the firearm to ensure it was in a safe condition when he received it – that is why it was loaded when he used it. He pulled the trigger – that is how a firearm is discharged.

    This is a tragedy for the victims of Alec.

  5. “The Spew” demonstrates on a daily basis the elite mindset. Us deplorables aren’t allowed opinions, they will be issued to us by our betters. Well “joyless behar” I’ve got a newsflash for you – in 67 years of shooting I’ve NEVER had a weapon of any type – handgun, long gun, shotgun, single shot, lever action, bolt action, semi-auto or a SMG – NOT ONCE has any of the hundreds of weapons I’ve used “just went off” Your liberal stupidity of blaming the gun and not the one who handles it has lead directly to Ms. Hutchins death. alec baldwin was too arrogant to follow the #1 rule of gun safety – CHECK YOUR WEAPON. The #2 rule? YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for whatever happens while that weapon is in your hands. PERIOD.
    alec baldwin is a murderer.

  6. Does this FREAK get PAID for these hideous comments OR has she swallowed enough Commie Kool-Aid just to get the extra points for protecting her comrades? Maybe she thinks it protects HER, LOL?

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