AG Torrez demands NM Supreme Court strike down pro-life ordinances

On Monday, newly elected Democrat New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez asked the New Mexico Supreme Court to intervene to overturn pro-life “sanctuary” ordinances passed by multiple county commissions and city governing boards.

KOB 4 reported, “At a news conference, Torrez said the ordinances are significant even in regions with no abortion clinics because they threaten to restrict access to reproductive health care in people’s homes. More than half of U.S. abortions are now done with pills rather than surgery.” 

“This is not Texas. Our State Constitution does not allow cities, counties or private citizens to restrict women’s reproductive rights,” Torrez claimed in a statement. “Today’s action sends a strong message that my office will use every available tool to swiftly and decisively uphold individual liberties against unconstitutional overreach.”

Torrez’s action targets Roosevelt and Lea counties and the cities of Hobbs and Clovis in eastern New Mexico.

“In his filing, Torrez argues that the New Mexico Constitution provides broader protection of individual rights than the U.S. Constitution — and that the local ordinances violate New Mexicans’ inherent rights, liberty and privacy,” the report noted.

On Monday, the City of Eunice in Lea County passed a pro-life ordinance with a 7-0 vote. 

Pro-life advocate Mark Lee Dickson wrote on Facebook, “Tonight, Eunice, New Mexico (pop. 3,026) became the THIRD sanctuary city for the unborn in New Mexico and the SIXTY-FIFTH sanctuary city for the unborn in the United States! Eunice was also the FIRST city to pass such an ordinance since the State of New Mexico filed suit against the two cities and two counties in New Mexico which have passed similar ordinances.”

It is unclear if the state Supreme Court will take up pro-abortion Attorney General Torrez’s request since the ordinances are based on federal, not state laws that protect the sanctity of life in the womb.


17 thoughts on “AG Torrez demands NM Supreme Court strike down pro-life ordinances”

    1. I think that is the bottom line is the right to life. However, the NM SC so far as only followed MLG, not the natural rights given to us by God, as the laws of these lands.

  1. It’s time for the Loserjan regime to be ended!!!! Too many crooked NO MORALS lawyers in the world to begin with and when you stack state Government full of them the citizens pay the price!

  2. I’m interested to know how many children AG Torres has and which ones or all of them he would have aborted. AG Torres, maybe I should have asked how many children did you and your wife abort?

  3. Elections have consequences and NM is voting for lefties, commies, and baby killers. NMs must be for social programs. The socialist Dems want to keep NMs needing there welfare. NM needs to pull the woke out of the schools and start teaching old fashion values where folks work for a living. We need jobs, we need to make/build things. We need to offer the rest of the US or the world something they need. If we continue be the worst case in schools, median income, lawlessness, rapes, car thefts, ……) we will soon become a mini California if we are not there already. NM needs to realize we are conservatives that want less government, a hand up not a hand out, family unions, and the 3 Rs in our schools at a bare minimum.

    1. NM is Inundated with Uneducated Uninspired And Unable to Comprehend Peons. These Fools are owned by the Demorat Party and they love it… 70 years of rule by these Demorat Weasels has paid off. After 62 years here I’m getting prepared to leave just as soon as the War Department Retires.

    2. I agree, except to say the Dems cheated to make November a selection and not an election. Under no uncertain terms were they not going to have their people as Gov, SS and AG.

  4. This state doesn’t exist solely for the enjoyment and convenience of Democrats. The state constitution says nothing of the like – Torrez should realize that….as well as the fact that any state Constitution is subservient to the Constitution of the land. Like the poster above said, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” If the citizens of a town don’t want an abortion clinic in that town, IT’S THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE ON IT. MLG has made it her mission of late to “codify” abortion rights. OK then. If the town you live in or need to travel to doesn’t offer the service, go elsewhere. Simple. Bad things happen when you force your hand when it is clearly not needed or wanted.

  5. I can’t help but notice that ALL PRO ABORTION ADVOCATES Haven’t signed up for the RBC Initiative…..
    B- BIRTH
    If they refuse to Support their policy ideas Why Should We??

  6. So the state constitution matters now? It also says no law of any kind is allowed against gun ownership. They passed red flag and have 3 more on the agenda now against gun rights. Why doe the constitution matter one day but not the next. These people are criminals.

  7. I wonder if a mass exodus of tax paying New Mexicans would wake up these despots? He’s absolutely right. It’s NOT Texas or Florida, two states that have limits on abortion. And we all know that abortion has nothing to do with women’s health.

  8. This man should watch a late term abortion video. Uphold “individual liberties”? What about the individual in the womb? He wants to see the dismemberment of innocent children continue in our state. What a royal idiot.

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