Barbara Vigil is out as Lujan Grisham’s CYFD secretary

On Thursday, it was announced that Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Children, Youth, and Family Department Secretary Barbara Vigil is stepping down from the role after fewer than two years.

“My time at CYFD has been the culmination of a career working in both the judicial and the executive branches of government, always with a particular focus on the well-being of New Mexico’s children and families,” Vigil, a former New Mexico Supreme Court justice, said in a statement.

“Collaborating with child welfare professionals, we built a foundation for lasting change and positive outcomes for our children and families. It’s been my honor to serve these families. I am grateful to the thousands of dedicated professionals – foster families, service providers, and CYFD staff and believe deeply in their capacity to achieve transformational change.” 

CYFD, which has been failing for years, did not get meaningful reform during the 2023 Legislative Session, despite many Republican and Democrat proposals to fix issues at the ailing department.

CYFD has suffered a 39% turnover rate for youth care specialists for the 2022 budget year, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Lujan Grisham said she is conducting a nationwide search to fill Vigil’s position, saying the candidate “must have experience in successfully pioneering major systemic reforms.” The governor’s chief operating officer Teresa Casados will serve as interim secretary.

Although Vigil is leaving the role of secretary, she will remain on the governor-sanctioned Policy Advisory Council to make “recommendations” to the administration. 

Following Vigil’s announcement, House Republican Leader Ryan Lane of Aztec wrote, “While New Mexicans are frustrated that more meaningful reforms did not take place under Justice Vigil’s leadership of CYFD, we will continue to hold accountable the next CYFD leader. House Republicans remain resolute that the children and families within CYFD need better support and more accountability, and we will continue to lead on presenting reforms that benefit the families and not the broken system.”


10 thoughts on “Barbara Vigil is out as Lujan Grisham’s CYFD secretary”

  1. Nation wide search? What does that say about New Mexico if Grisham is looking out of state to fill the position?

    1. EXACTLY!!!!
      She could pick and choose from the “Corrupt” selections here in the
      Land of Enchantment. If they could not fix it in the last session that says it all – keep the BS train rolling down the tracks. This state is a SH*T-Hole
      and will continue under this party rule. Got to fix the ELECTION FRAUD

    2. She wants someone with experience successfully reforming programs to make them more suitable to far-left agendas.

  2. Wow! This is great news for New Mexico! I know the NMSC is filled with unbelievable treasonous violators along with the court of appeal and all other corrupt courts in NM.

    It is unforgivable how many crimes, criminal, Francis Mathew has gotten away with, He is the insurrectionist while accusing Cuoy (very much of an honorable Constitutionalist) of insurrection. How very corrupt. Francis Mathew needs to be hung for his unconstitutional violations and treasonous acts. All one has to do is look at the court records. The evidence is there in may cases. See case D-101-CV-2013-00911. If they continue to destroy the court records please contact the author and I will provide law, truth, and evidence. Everyone one of these criminals need to step down. We the People are looking forward to their military tribunals for treason and insurrection.

  3. One has to ask the question. . .why can’t our Governor inspire (or at least hold onto!) those who she believes are the “best and brightest” appointees for critical key positions in New Mexico? I think it understatement to consider that we have a significant leadership issue in the State House. Sadly, the electorate is in such a stupefying and longstanding habit of avoiding any critical thinking when they vote. Pray for miracles, folks.

    1. I agree with you Steve. So many NM voters just won’t consider voting for candidates who are not Democrats. You’re so right when you say the electorate has a longstanding habit of avoiding any critical thinking when they vote. As the old saying goes: You Get What You Pay For … or in this case what you vote for … Corrupt Politicians!

  4. CYFD, what a joke!! A sweet Christian family I know was interrogated about every detail of their sex life, religious beliefs, gun ownership,
    and more, for 12 hours, and had to filled out an inch of paperwork just to be able to take a nephew in after he was found wondering in the street while his mother was passed out from….They didn’t have the child for a full day before he was returned to his mother!

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