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Underage victim of trans rapist given cold shoulder by Sen. Heinrich: Report

According to a report by The Post Millennial, shocking and tragic events happened in a Rio Rancho public charter school restroom where a girl reported to be 12-year-old “Ray” (pseudonym) had been raped in a girls’ bathroom by an older male student.

The incident allegedly occurred in October 2021 at ASK Academy, but Ray’s mother, Maggie, only discovered it several months later when she found her daughter’s diary. 

“I was raped. I was raped. I was raped. F*cking kill me,” the diary read.

The school’s adoption of gender ideology and trans-inclusive bathroom policies could have contributed to the assault, as Ray was regularly forced to use girls’ bathrooms with boys.

“When the male student first entered the girls’ restroom, Ray said she was washing her hands and didn’t take particular notice of the student’s sex, nor was she aware of his ‘gender identity,’” The Post Millennial reported.

Maggie believes that the school had fully embraced radical gender theory without her knowledge or consent, with students pledging allegiance to the pride flag instead of the American flag. 

“We learned that kids were pledging allegiance to the pride flag instead of the American flag,” Maggie said. “We learned that some teachers were discussing daily, the normalcy of transgender people and gender dysphoria, and that this school had a higher population than anyone would expect for such a small school of kids saying they were trans and parents not knowing.” 

The school is said to have fostered an ideologically far-left culture, pressuring students to accept the presence of men in women’s spaces and stifling any dissenting views. After reporting the rape to law enforcement, Maggie encountered resistance from the school, which dismissed her concerns and blamed her parenting.

The report also mentions other allegations of sexual harassment and assault at ASK Academy involving the same male student and potentially other victims who are too afraid to come forward. It criticizes the school’s lack of transparency and accountability, as well as the slow progress of the criminal investigation. The traumatic experience has had a significant impact on Ray’s mental health, leaving her anxious, depressed, and fearful. 

Maggie and her husband later decided to homeschool their daughters due to concerns about their safety in light of New Mexico’s legislation opening school facilities to individuals based on their gender identity.

“After a year at her local public school, Maggie and her husband decided their two daughters weren’t safe there, either. What solidified their decision was a law New Mexico passed in March that opened school bathrooms and locker rooms to individuals based on their ‘gender identity.’ Maggie wrote to New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich, a Democrat, to express her concerns about the legislation, even sharing the account of what happened to her daughter. Her inquiry, Maggie said, was ‘met with a complete rejection of the notion that he would support anything that goes against gender affirming legislation,’” the report concluded.

Heinrich is running for reelection in 2024, seeking a third term in the U.S. Senate. There have been rumblings he has his eye on the governor’s mansion, as far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is term-limited after her current term.

Ethics complaint filed against SOS Maggie Toulouse Oliver: Report

According to a report from the website “Estancia.News,” an ethics complaint has been filed against New Mexico’s Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver over her attempts to crush referendum petitions challenging the state’s far-left laws recently passed during the 2023 Legislative Session.

The outlet reported that referendum organizer Ramona Goolsby “filed an ethics complaint against the New Mexico Secretary of State for dereliction of duty, malicious abuse of process, and abuse of power. Goolsby also filed a judicial complaint against District 13 Judge, James Noel, for improperly closing a case dealing with the referendum, apparently for purposes of a media campaign to discredit the effort,” reported the outlet. 

“The organizers allege that the SOS has purposely misinformed the public about the referendum process to serve her personal political agenda.”

Although none of the six laws attempting to be challenged were labeled for the “preservation of the public peace, health or safety,” which are exempt from referendum, Toulouse Oliver is using this as a pretext to try and stop them from going forward. 

Bills attempted to be overturned via referendum include legislation trying local jurisdictions’ hands from regulating abortion, an expansion of school-based health centers pushing abortion and “gender-affirming care,” bills weakening New Mexico elections, a bill harboring criminal abortionists, and legislation expanding the “Human Rights Act.” Read more about the referendum petition project being organized by Better Together New Mexico here.

Goolsby told Estancia.News, “The reason I filed the ethics complaint against the SOS is that she is being dishonest with the courts and dishonest with the public. I think she has become used to saying things that aren’t true and people don’t question her and go along with it. New Mexicans are fed up with being lied to and having their rights dismissed by the elected class who are supposed to be working for us.”

Even left-wing columnists have decried Toulouse Oliver’s attempts to thwart the referendum petition, claiming they are attacks on democracy by the Democrat official. 

The Albuquerque Journal previously reported, “The Secretary of State’s office has directed county clerks not to provide voter lists to those pushing the repeal effort, and warned voters that current petitions circulating are not valid since they have not been approved.” 

Goolsby concluded, “We are very disappointed that the SOS has not been willing to work with any of the grassroots organizations that have reached out to her. She continues to openly block a constitutional right the citizens of New Mexico were provided with by the founders of this great state. Her attitude smacks of elitism which is not sitting well with the average New Mexican.”

Leftists celebrate NM law harboring criminal abortionists taking effect

On Friday, the far-left George Soros-funded group ProgressNow New Mexico (PNNM) gleefully celebrated an extremist law, S.B. 13, taking effect. 

S.B. 13, signed by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, will harbor criminal abortionists in New Mexico who are wanted for extradition to other states. 

Section 4 of the legislation reads, “It shall be a violation of the Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Protection Act to request from a third party, or for a third party to transmit information related to an individual’s or entity’s protected health care activity with the intent to: . . . (6) deter, prevent, sanction or penalize an individual or entity for engaging in a protected health care activity.” 

Section 9 of the bill expressly exempts from extradition criminal fugitives who commit or conspire to commit illegal abortions, so long as the perpetrator remains in New Mexico during the commission of the crimes. 

PNNM hailed the extreme law, writing, “SB13 Protects information of New Mexico abortion and gender-affirming care providers, seekers and helpers. This includes protecting New Mexican’s health care information, health care providers’ licenses, prohibiting extradition for the provision of in-state abortion and gender-affirming care, and preventing the state from cooperating with out-of-state investigations.”

On Twitter, the extremist group wrote, “Oh Happy Day,” sharing what they like about the new law.  

The Soros dark money organization claimed, “Gender affirming medical care is safe, evidence-based and medically-necessary,” which is not true. 

The bill is currently being put up for referendum if organizers get enough signatures to have it put on the ballot.

Leftist columnist rips Toulouse Oliver over thwarting referendum effort

A leftist columnist, Walt Rubel, the opinion page editor for the Las Cruces Sun-News, wrote a recent op-ed supporting organizers collecting petitions for a referendum vote on laws passed in the 2023 Legislative Session.

He wrote regarding the failure to get 2014 a wage-related bill on the ballot in Las Cruces that it “relied on slimy legal tricks” to stymie the effort.

Regarding the current referendum drive by conservative groups, he opined, “Unfortunately, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver has greeted this effort of citizen involvement with the same obstructionist mindset as our former City Council. More specifically, she has decided that one of the new laws can never be repealed, regardless of how many citizens support it.”

“Toulouse Oliver is arguing that the bill can never be overturned by the citizens because it falls into a protected class of legislation necessary for the ‘preservation of the public peace, health or safety’ of the state. That seems like an enormous stretch. Does anybody believe the peace, health and safety of residents in Hobbs or Carlsbad will be endangered if they don’t have an abortion clinic? I suspect the opposite is true. Any facilities in those towns would surely draw protesters.” 

He added the caveat, “To be clear, I don’t agree with the proposed referendum, and would vote against it if given the chance. I’m just saying I should have that chance, if the referendum organizers collect the necessary number of petitions.”

“Toulouse Oliver said if any of those efforts are successful, they will be thrown out as well, because referendum organizers have not followed the proper procedure to begin a petition process. She may be right. But this sure looks like a Democratic secretary of state doing everything possible to thwart an effort by her political opponents. And I’m not sure why. I don’t think any of these five proposed referendums would pass if put to the voters. But lawmakers simply can’t stand to have their decrees challenged by the unwashed masses.”

Navajo landowners repel Haaland’s Chaco Canyon ban celebration

An event celebrating the crushing of Native American sovereignty via a 20-year drilling ban around Chaco Canyon by Joe Biden’s Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Deb Haaland, a former New Mexico congresswoman, was thwarted by Navajo protesters, primarily made up of landowners.

“Haaland had to quickly regroup and relocate after a group of Navajo landowners blocked the way to the sacred site,” KOB 4 reported.

“Six and a half hours later, over 150 miles away, those celebrating the moratorium gathered outside of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Southwest Regional Office in Albuquerque in the late afternoon instead, surrounded by federal police officers on the outskirts of the area,” another source said.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reported, “Social media posts showed protesters yelling ‘Go Home!’ as some held signs that read no trespassing on allottee land.”

Other signs spotted listed Haaland, Biden, and other politicians who lauded the decision as “China and Russia oil lovers.”

The Navajo Nation pled with the DOI to make a compromise, but they were flatly ignored by Haaland, leading them to rescind their support for the compromise and to oppose the drilling ban that will mean hundreds of millions of dollars being robbed from the tribe over time.

The Navajo Nation Council wrote in opposition to the proposed ban, “If the buffer zone is adopted, the Navajo allottees who rely on the income realized from oil and natural gas royalties will be pushed into greater poverty.” It stressed the “detrimental impact to Navajo Nation allottees by preventing the development of new oil and gas resources on allotments as a result of the allotments being landlocked,” exposing the fallacy from DOI that the withdrawal will not impact Navajo lands. 

“The financial and economic losses that are impacting many Navajo families as a result of the secretary’s recent land withdrawal are nothing to celebrate,” Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren said. “As leaders of the Navajo Nation, we support the Navajo allottees who oppose the withdrawal of these public lands.”

Heinrich comes ‘back home’ to frolic through ABQ streets for ‘LGBT Pride’

On Saturday, Democrat New Mexico politicians frolicked through New Mexico’s largest city to promote “LGBT Pride,” which has been pushed in recent years to force gender ideology, primarily transgender ideology, on families and children. 

Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich made a rare appearance at the parade, which is uncommon for the lawmaker who rarely visits the state. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

“Happy Pride!” he wrote, adding, “No better way to celebrate than back home with @NMDEMS and @ABQ_Pride!”

Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-CD-01) wrote a “Happy Pride” greeting from her official account, while on her campaign Twitter profile, she appeared to be attending “Pride” in Washington, D.C.

Albuquerque’s Democrat Mayor Tim Keller also posted a “Pride” greeting, writing, “Can always count on ABQ to show up and show out for #Pride! Here in our city, we choose love over hate. We uplift one another, and we’re committed to supporting and celebrating our incredible LGBTQ+ community.”

Like in other posts, young children could be seen wearing “Pride” gear in Keller’s tweet. 

Other politicians showed up to the parade, including appointed Democrat Albuquerque-area District Attorney Sam Bregman, who posted about the event from the official District Attorney’s account: 

Even the University of New Mexico’s Popejoy Hall lit up its building in rainbow celebrating “LGBT Pride.”

Toulouse Oliver trying to crush referendum drive challenging leftist laws

Far-left Democrat New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver is on the attack, trying to squash an attempt by private advocacy groups to put radical Democrat bills passed during the 2023 Legislative Session and signed by the governor on the ballot for referendum.

Bills attempted to be overturned via referendum include legislation trying local jurisdictions’ hands from regulating abortion, an expansion of school-based health centers pushing abortion and “gender-affirming care,” bills weakening New Mexico elections, a bill harboring criminal abortionists, and legislation expanding the “Human Rights Act.” Read more about the referendum petition project being organized by Better Together New Mexico here.

The Albuquerque Journal reported, “The Secretary of State’s office has directed county clerks not to provide voter lists to those pushing the repeal effort, and warned voters that current petitions circulating are not valid since they have not been approved.” 

“In addition, Toulouse Oliver, a Democrat, said in a recent letter the bill blocking local anti-abortion ordinances from being enforced is exempt from repeal. That’s because, under her ruling, it meets a constitutional exemption for laws that provide for the ‘preservation of the public peace, health or safety” of the state,’” the report noted.

Toulouse Oliver wrote on Thursday, “Invalid referendum petitions are being circulated throughout the state to challenge laws passed during the 2023 #NMLEG. As of now, there are no valid referendum petitions in circulation in New Mexico. Check our website for more info.”

She gave a further update, adding, “Today the 13th District Court dismissed a lawsuit against our office, finding that the laws attempting to be put to referendum are exempted from the referendum process. This has been our position all along & is a win for the rule of law.”

“To date, the Secretary of State has not approved and certified, nor has the Attorney General signed, any referendum petitions submitted and none of the referendum petitions currently being circulated will be considered valid under the law to challenge laws passed during the 2023 Legislative Session,” the Secretary of State’s website reads.

However, according to Better Together New Mexico, a supposed setback in court was fake news.

“You may have read in the Journal or from the Secretary of State that we had a setback in court yesterday over the referendum project. That is inaccurate!” wrote the group. 

“Ramona Goolsby filed a Verified Emergency Petition for Declaratory Judgment in the 13th Judicial district on April 11, 2023, against the Secretary of State which was very narrow in scope. There was NO ruling made on the merits of the case. Judge Noel’s dismissal has been set aside as of yesterday and the case has been reopened. There was a Request for Motion to Strike filed yesterday afternoon based on the non-conforming pleading filed by the Attorney General’s office. In addition, Ramona will file a judicial complaint against the judge today.”

“As always, there are concerns that partisan politics are alive and well in our courts since Judge Noel was appointed by Michelle Lujan Grisham in 2020. Keep the faith and keep working!”

Not once throughout Toulouse Oliver’s tenure has she approved a single referendum petition — making the process as difficult as possible to hold the government accountable. 

However, litigation is likely coming amid the Democrat’s stonewalling, with groups already ready to take the matter to court.

Jodi Hendricks, the executive director of the New Mexico Family Action Movement, one of the groups leading the charge, “said the coalition supporting the repeal effort, which has received support from the state Republican Party, is ready for a court fight, if necessary,” as The Journal reported.

Democrat New Mexico lawmaker reveals reason for resignation

State Rep. Christine Trujillo (D-Albuquerque) announced Saturday that she would be resigning from the state legislature, effective July 1, 2023.

“It’s been the honor of my life time to represent our community in the Roundhouse for the last decade. Thank you to my neighbors for placing your trust in me as your representative. I hope I have made you proud by fighting for our public schools and working to make life easier for New Mexico families. I look forward to continuing to serve our community in my next chapter,” wrote Trujillo in the press release.

However, the announcement did not indicate a reason for her departure. Now, a recent interview between Trujillo and the Santa Fe New Mexican confirms why she is exiting the chamber.

During the 2023 Legislative Session, while sleeping on a bench in the hallway, a vote was announced and, startled, she ran to her desk but tripped on a piece of carpet — leading to her hitting the desk with her forehead.

“The back of my head hit the floor,” said Trujillo to the outlet.

She reportedly blacked out when the incident occurred but did not immediately go to the hospital because she wanted to stay to participate in the final days of the contentious 60-day legislative session.

Legislative portrait of Rep. Christine Trujillo – 2023.

“Exhaustion was the underlying cause of her fall. She said it’s also a reason she will resign from office at the end of this month. She served more than 10 years in the House of Representatives,” reported the New Mexican.

Once Trujillo leaves the chamber, the Bernalillo County Commission will nominate a successor, more than likely another Democrat due to the partisan makeup of the Commission and her district, which skews 71.63 percent Democrat and only 28.37 percent Republican, according to Princeton University’s analysis.

California AG probing illegal immigrant flight from New Mexico to Sacramento

Far-left Democrat California Attorney General Rob Bonta is fuming after illegal immigrants were flown from New Mexico to California’s state capital city in Sacramento. The illegal immigrants were previously at a holding facility in El Paso, Texas.

Sacramento County is an illegal immigrant “sanctuary” within the “sanctuary state” of California, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

The California State Capitol in Sacramento. Suvicce via Wikimedia Commons.

“California’s attorney general said the state of Florida appears to have arranged for a group of South American migrants to be dropped off outside a Sacramento church,” reported the AP.

Bonta said, “While this is still under investigation, we can confirm these individuals were in possession of documentation purporting to be from the government of the State of Florida.”

“While we continue to collect evidence, I want to say this very clearly: State-sanctioned kidnapping is not a public policy choice, it is immoral and disgusting,” he claimed.

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to El Paso Sector, El Paso Station intercept a group of approximately 127 migrants. CBP Photographer Jaime Rodriguez Sr. CBP, 2019.

Bonta’s spokeswoman, Tara Gallego, said Florida’s Division of Emergency Management operated the flight carried out by contractor Vertol Systems Co.

The same contractor was paid $1.56 million to fly illegal immigrants to the “sanctuary city” of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, which made national news.

The AP continued, “The 16 migrants who arrived in Sacramento on Friday are from Colombia and Venezuela. They entered the U.S. through Texas. They were transported to New Mexico then flown by a charter plane to California’s capital, where they were then dropped off in front of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, California officials said.”

Santa Fe Archbishop Emeritus Sheehan passes away

On Saturday, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe announced that former Santa Fe Archbishop Michael Sheehan, 83, passed away. Sheehan served as Archbishop of Santa Fe from 1993 to 2015, retiring at 75 as customary of all Roman Catholic bishops.

He spent 50 years serving the church, 32 of those as a bishop.

“With sadness and with profound faith in the Risen Christ, I announce to you that Archbishop Sheehan passed away late this afternoon,” current Archbishop John C. Wester. “He died peacefully and with firm faith in his Lord and Savior. I am sure that he was very gratified by the many visitors he received these past few weeks.”

The Archdiocese wrote in a press release, “Archbishop Sheehan’s peaceful departure brings to an end a remarkable journey that spanned over eight decades, during which he selflessly guided countless individuals on their spiritual path and worked tirelessly to uplift the lives of those in need. Known for his unwavering faith, compassionate nature, and profound wisdom, he leaves a legacy that will continue to inspire future generations.”

“Beyond his pastoral responsibilities, Archbishop Emeritus Sheehan was deeply committed to social justice, evangelization, and worked tirelessly to abolish the death penalty in New Mexico. He championed initiatives aimed at eradicating poverty, promoting equality, and ensuring the well-being of the most vulnerable members of society. His unwavering advocacy for human rights and dignity earned him the respect and admiration of people from all walks of life. On June 17, 2003, he was named Apostolic Administrator of Phoenix until December 20, 2003, and was elected the Secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops November 12, 2003 – December 1, 2006,” the press release continued.

“Born July 9, 1939, in Wichita, Kan., Sheehan was ordained in Rome in 1964 and became the bishop of the Diocese of Lubbock, Texas, in 1983,” reported the Santa Fe New Mexican

“Archbishop Robert Sanchez had been forced to resign after admitting misconduct with women, and reports of child sexual abuse by priests were surfacing…. Claims of abuse would continue, eventually prompting a bankruptcy case that recently was settled with nearly 400 claimants for $121.5 million. By many accounts, however, Sheehan succeeded in restoring stability to the diocese and reviving its damaged spirit.”

The Archdiocese added, “The loss of Archbishop Emeritus Michael Jarboe Sheehan will be deeply felt by the Roman Catholic Church, the local community, and countless individuals. His motto, ‘Love One Another Constantly,’ will continue to inspire and guide the faithful to uphold the values he held dear.”

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