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EXCLUSIVE: Couy Griffin spent time in jail ‘praying and fasting’ after arrest

Couy Griffin, of Tularosa, New Mexico—who achieved national fame for riding his horse, “Red,” across the United States in 2019 to meet with President Trump in Washington, D.C.—was driving past his mother’s home in Tularosa, on Saturday,  May 21, when he was pulled over by an Officer Villa and handcuffed, arrested, then booked into Otero County Detention Center.

He was charged with three counts of criminal trespassing and two counts of harassment, according to Griffin.

Griffin was released from the Center on Monday and interviewed by the Piñon Post today, Tuesday, May 23. 

“I spent the time in jail praying and fasting. The crazier life gets, the easier it is to let it go,” said Griffin, a former pastor, and a past Otero County Commissioner.  

Griffin indicated that the problematic situation leading to Griffin’s arrest on Saturday, May 21st, began on April 13. 

It was on April 13 that he picked up a man who was a stranger at the El Paso airport. 

“He was a friend of a friend who was homeless in D.C.  He needed help.  I needed the interior of my mother’s house painted, and so I flew him out here, paid for all his food, and took him to my family’s home for Easter dinner.  I let him stay in the house until the painting was finished,” said Griffin.

The location on Dusty Lane is the spot at the end of the driveway where Griffin was filmed being arrested and also the address of the house in which the homeless man and “painter” DeWayne Braithwaite is currently holed up under the protection of the local Sheriff’s office.  

Griffin originally purchased the home on Dusty Lane. However, Griffin had quick-deeded his properties to his mother, a magistrate judge, due to his controversial and highly publicized pro-Trump position and threats he says he has received since he met with Trump. 

Griffin testified that after Braithwaite’s painting job was completed, and he asked him to leave the home, Braithwaite charged him with “harassment.” Braithwaite included the local authorities in his complaints, calling the Sheriff’s department over seven times complaining about Griffin.

Griffin has recently been informed that Braithwaite is a former felon and had just been removed from his sister’s house in Maryland after a three-year eviction battle.

“All my problems began after that meeting with Trump in 2019. The fierce attacks began after that day,” said Griffin, who spent nine weeks in federal prison on charges related to January 6. 

After the meeting with Trump, and related to his attendance at J6, Griffin was arrested by the FBI and placed in solitary confinement for nine days in federal prison—without being charged.  He was not allowed to call family or an attorney before or during this initial imprisonment.  Eventually, he was accused of the non-violent offense of “trespassing.”

Griffin was removed from his position as a commissioner after District Judge Francis Matthew indicated that because of Griffin’s supposed J6 “insurrectionist” behavior, he had violated Section Three of the Fourth Amendment. Defendants for Griffin stated that the clause was used in the civil war, not since 1860, and primarily to prevent Confederates from running for office.

In another interview, Griffin stated to CAT CHAT Rumble host Mahara Daniel that there were no designated areas near or on the Capital grounds or building that were clearly marked with no admittance or no trespassing signs.

Additionally, the crowds—who were mainly conservatives and/or Trump supporters who were both praying and celebrating but also protesting election results—were welcomed into the Capital, by capital security, according to Griffin.

“It was a trap. We didn’t know it, of course.  You don’t let the prey know they are stepping into a trap until it’s too late,” he said, about the January 6th protest, a historical event more often referred to as an act of “insurrection.”

“I feel set up by the system. In this case, I was simply trying to help someone who was destitute, “said Griffin.

The Otero County Sheriff’s Department could not be reached for comment on Tuesday, May 23. 

Is woke feminism the new patriarchy?

I have lived long enough to experience the second wave (the 1970’s) and third wave (current) of “feminism.”   The second wave, overall, might have brought about some positive changes, at least temporarily, including an inclination towards more natural childbirth; less overall pharmaceutical medication; an increase in alternative and herbal medicine; and more societal support for women who were experiencing domestic violence, but the underbelly was ugly.

The underbelly of the second wave included a generation of young girls who were being encouraged to “Lay Lady Lay” by Bob Dylan and dozens of other musicians, including the Beatles, Rod Stewart, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix. Love, commitment, marriage, and responsibility were now old-fashioned and “stuffy.” None of us wanted to be compared to fifties housewife archetypes such as June Cleaver (she seemed really happy now that I think of it).

 Planned Parenthood –rooted in racism and eugenics—had infiltrated all of America.  Abortions were promoted as “nothing, really,” and “the pill” was popped by my teenage female friends like candy.   If you didn’t sleep around–with all your “freedom” to abort or prevent pregnancy–while simultaneously smoking pot and being a Foxy Lady–you weren’t “hip.”   Mindlessly giving our young bodies away to men while both parties were under the influence of drugs and mind control music was the new norm. 

Also, in the 1970s, flag burning was interwoven with the advancing feminist agenda.  We were convinced to hate America.  As a teenager under the influence of MSM and repeatedly watching on TV the napalm bombing of women and children in Vietnam, I thought it was cool when in 1972, Jane Fonda stuck a flower in the gun of a Vietnamese soldier in Hanoi.

 Like all good liberals of my generation, I hated the Vietnam War (who doesn’t hate war) but blamed America exclusively.   But many of the facts behind the American invasion were hidden from the public.  I understand now that globally, the motivation for war is often drug and arms trafficking (i.e., profiteering), acquisition of slaves, natural resources, land, power, and profit for the global elite and is more of a cold war, Vatican, Rockefeller, Rothschild, CIA global Deep State issue, than exclusively an American one. Unless fought on your own soil, by your own military, war is rarely fought for freedom. 

Moving forward,  the newest wave of “feminism”—which is woke, which means, in part, you stay in your head and do as you are told by mainstream media ( which repeats the second wave, 1970’s format of social conditioning but on steroids with the proliferation of social media, which white billionaire men mostly control)—has, in my opinion, come full circle to become what we all said we hated the most—the “patriarch”—but also,  in its fruition, exposing the feminist movement from the onset, as a massive patriarchal psychological operation out to destroy women and families, babies, and ultimately, humanity.  

The anti-female, anti-human transgender, pro-abortion ( horrifically, up to birth) movement (as well as the deadly vaccine agenda) are deeply interwoven in feminism and heavily promoted by “feminists” such as Jane Fonda and AOC and hundreds more, especially on the radical Progressive Left. 

 It is also possible that a large population of young female Democrats who have unhealed trauma because of the first wave of feminism (and the resulting skyrocketing divorces and single-family households) are putty in the hands of the manipulative trauma-based mainstream media. 

In essence, The CIA and the Mockingbird Media are still using women, just like they used CIA agents Gloria Steinem and Yoko Ono in the 1970s and many more of us, as pons to promote this newer, even more, deadly version of feminism.

And so here we have a point, which was the point all along, to a degree, of feminism, at least from the top down, was transhumanism and transgenderism; the ultimate dissolution of the importance of the feminine, of women.  Mentally ill and traumatized millennial men, as part of the feminist movement, now say they are women and can give birth to children. 

 It was not enough to convince us to give up our bodies to loveless romance and our babies to abortion in the 1970s, now women are irrelevant.  We don’t even exist. Radical feminism wants to convince us that men are women, and these new hybrids (like Dylan Mulvaney) are stronger, faster, smarter, hipper, less “racist,” and less “misogynistic” than us regular women.

 The transgender movement is not about helping transgenders (of which there is a very small true amount and called “two spirits” by the Native Americans), but it is the elimination of real women, as we, healed and whole, are the greatest threat to corruption on the entire planet. 

It’s not all bad.  Just like in Rome, these systems will fall and self-destruct once we have reached the heights of hedonism. The curtain hiding the real criminals is slowly being pulled back.  The answer lies in our hearts and God and our highest powers.  Our God-given gut instinct and detaching from public figures and mainstream media will help us retrieve our strength, power, and direction.  

Both of my grandmothers had a life with much more love, peace, security, happiness, and joy than I did and, so far, more than my own daughters. It’s time we start to ask “why.”

To read more about Jane Celia Hatch and her experience in the second wave of feminism and much more, please purchase her book The Land of Broken Crystals (And the Girl Who Knew Too Much), published by Trine Day Press and available in most major book outlets. 

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