NM school board trainer on hot mic: ‘Parental rights end’ in public school

A new undercover audio recording released by Freedom Families United, a group that specializes in exposing educators and systems pushing “woke” policies, appears to show a New Mexico School Boards Association trainer, Andrew Sanchez, teaching school board members anti-parent policies.

“We’re going to start basic, really basic, power of the board. You… shall have the following power: to develop educational policy for the school district,” Sanchez says. 

“So guess what? You are potential targets with regards to any understandings of parental rights and/or subjects of curriculum.”

He told the school board members in training, “Remember, your most powerful governing tool is the power of the pocketbook. The school district doesn’t do anything unless you’re going to fund it, right? These are very fine points of why you’re so valuable and so important with regards to public education.” 

“Parental rights are developed by the common law. The idea of the common law was that only parents had the ability to tell… to say what was important for their child. Religious freedom: What basically the argument that has been happening now is people are arguing that the religious beliefs trump and allow them to discriminate against others.” 

He continued in the leaked audio, “In other words, now they are saying that the constitutional rights have precedence over each other. So you’re going to see a lot more everything based on that religious freedom-type argument.” 

“There are reasons why when you send your kid to school, you’ve given up some of that constitutional right. So, they can make decisions with regards to their [kids] without limitations on the custody and care… but when you send them to school, and by requiring school attendance, you don’t have that fundamental right anymore. In other words, the fundamental right of parents with regards to education is you get to pick the school [the child] goes to. You do not have the fundamental right to tell the school district how to teach your child. Your choice is if you don’t like it, you can go to a private school that was more aligned with your political or your religious beliefs” (emphasis added).  

Sanchez said, “So, this all boils down to parental rights being: They have the right to pick the system they want their kid to enter, but once they enter it, they cannot tell a public school how to teach their child or what to teach your child. You have the fundamental right, but once you’ve entered the public school system, the public school system prevails. Again, parental rights end when you send your kids to public school” (emphasis added).

He also went on to bash free states like Florida, erroneously claiming that the state “doesn’t even teach the Civil War anymore,” which is false. 

He said, “What you teach this generation that will soon be voting — the kids that are graduating next year turn 18 and vote in ‘24 — are instrumental to the future of us as a democracy and as society goes forward,” leaving out that the United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.” 

The Piñon Post contacted the New Mexico School Boards Association for comment but has not received a response as of publication. If the Association does respond, its comments will be updated in this article.

Watch the full video here:

Watch a snippet of the longer video here:


28 thoughts on “NM school board trainer on hot mic: ‘Parental rights end’ in public school”

    1. Schools cry “we need more money” every year (through bonds, fundraisers etc)?but NONE of it goes to kids. This is just another example of them WASTING MONEY. & influence peddlers.

  1. Public school was created and attendance mandatory so that we have an educated populace, bc without that your freedom is at risk. Dumb down the people and they are easier to control and believe and think whatever you you tell them to. That was the reason for home schooling and the first religious schools.

    1. The home-schooled children I’ve observed know a LOT more than the publicly educated ones. Who needs further dumbing down when we already have public education?

  2. Absolutely unacceptable.. this man and his like kind need to be fired and barred from having anything to do with education again. It’s time to weed out and banish these people.

  3. School board gets stupider every day . They should not I repeat not be allowed to teach a child who or what to vote for. It is none of their business. Parents should have the right to become involved in their children’s education. I would be.

  4. Public employees are paid by the public and should serve the public in a politically neutral position. However, many public employees chose or are forced to embrace union membership and political agendas with monetary contributions to specific political parties that undermines neutrality and creates a conflict of interest. The result is that public institutions might neglect what are good neutral policies for the public and focus only on their own political benefit. In turn, this behavior leads to a more polarized society. For example, decades ago, parents and public teachers worked together on the same team to educate and equip young people for vital roles in society. Now, it seems that they are at war with each other. There are varieties of ways of teaching and learning. Most parents and teachers will strive to find what is best for children. What is good and best must always involve a philosophy or world view that needs discussion, not abandonment.

    1. When the schools stop helping the NEA unions by having them on the school grounds pushing their woke agenda & stop taking dues out of teachers’s checks only then will you really see how many people want the unions because teachers will actually have to write a check to be involved. Unfortunately many teachers (especially new ones) are intimidated by union representatives & sign before reading the fine print.

  5. “School boards association trainer” ?? Sounds like a communist functionary to me. This is a person hired to confuse school board members and parents that they have no parental rights while their children attend school paid by our tax dollars. Fake positions like Sanchez’s are where our tax dollars go while students “finish” school illiterate but well propagandized. In 1978 president Carter federalized education and created a federal cabinet level department . It’s been downhill since then. Federalization is communism!

  6. How much truth do the censors allow on this site! I commented that the position of “school board trainer” is that of a communist functionary. While our tax dollars are wasted on such, our children finish school basically illiterate. A good question might be who is his trainer??

  7. I understand that either in the 1980’s or 1990’s the state passed a law that the public school system has total custody of the children while they are in school. This seems to support this.

  8. School board members are elected public officials and are indeed expected to answer to the people, especially parents, who they serve. Mr. Sanchez has no business telling these school board members they are not accountable for their actions. He should be removed from his position as a “trainer” for NM school boards.

    1. Democrats FEAR momsforliberty.org…you do not have to be a mother to fight for the children. I do not believe NM has a chapter, but maybe it is time they do.

  9. What happened to teaching how to read and COMPREHEND, have the ability to understand mathematics, plus at LEAST a basic understanding of science and American history. These objectives are what actually educates children, not a politically controlled agenda that keeps children ignorant and controllable. Topics of the PAST? Amazing… Um… what is NM’s standing in education? NEED I SAY MORE?

  10. I called the board of uneducation and of course you get the run around. I called the governor’s office and left a message. Waiting for a call back…lol. We all need to be calling and screaming our opinions at them until we are blue in the face. Call Call Call because they basically laugh at your emails. The parents are paying taxes that support this egregious, money hungry, communist, anti-God agenda. How dare that freak tell the board parents have no rights if their children go to public school. We pay taxes. God help us . This state is sick with freaks.

  11. I don’t know if this will work BUT rather than sending a check for your property taxes to the county, deposit the money in an escrow account and send them a copy of your receipt. Demand an open, public meeting with the school board to discuss the curriculum and extract promises as to what they will deliver before the money is released.

  12. YOUR power is the power of the purse. If the money follows the child to the parents school of choice, the reduced funding for public education will get the attention of the states board of indoctrination.

  13. Mr Sanchez should be forced to resign and the Governor should see this is done. Everybody needs to call her office and demand this. This guy is one of the reasons we are last in education in the country.

  14. Now you know why New Mexico is last in education. Because we have idiots running the show who care about control more than anything. They forget who pays their undeserved salaries.

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