Lujan Grisham regime hands nearly half a million dollars to UPS

In an era where politicians are quick to allocate public funds towards their own agendas, often without regard to efficacy, an interesting development has emerged in the realm of electric vehicle (EV) adoption by major delivery companies like FedEx and UPS. According to a recent Reuters report, as noted by Errors of Enchantment, these companies face significant hurdles in transitioning to green vehicles, primarily due to battery shortages and high EV prices, compounded by the financial struggles of startup electric van manufacturers.

Luke Wake, the vice president of fleet maintenance and engineering at UPS, expressed skepticism about the future landscape of these businesses, asking, “The question is how many of those (companies) will be here in five years, 10 years?”

Amid these uncertainties, an April 30 report from KRQE 13 highlights an initiative by far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Environment Department, which has allocated over $473,000 in grant money to UPS. This funding is intended for the replacement of 16 aging delivery vehicles with newer, presumably more “environmentally friendly” models.

“At UPS, we believe in contributing positively to the communities in which we live and work. With over 18,000 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles in our fleet, we are proud to collaborate with the New Mexico Environment Department to increase our number of renewable natural gas vehicles and make a difference on the road,” Ryan Bankerd, UPS Corporate Affairs director of sustainability, wrote in a press release. 

While delivery vehicles are arguably more suitable for EV technology compared to personal cars due to their routine city routes and regular return to a home charging station, the current challenges of battery shortages and an unstable supply chain raise concerns. These issues highlight the risks associated with relying on EVs for consistent delivery services.

Moreover, the decision to grant a substantial sum to UPS, a highly profitable corporation, sparks further debate. Per UPS, in 2023, it had an “[o]perating profit of $9.1 billion; adjusted operating profit of $9.9 billion.”

This situation begs the question of whether such financial support from taxpayer money should be cause for concern, particularly among those on the political left who typically advocate for responsible and equitable government spending.

Furthermore, this raises an additional query about whether FedEx will also receive similar support from New Mexico for its “green” vehicle initiatives, or if this assistance will remain exclusive to UPS. Such decisions are pivotal, especially in light of the potential implications they carry for the sustainability and efficiency of large-scale corporate transitions to environmentally friendly technologies.
Read more about it at Errors of Enchantment.


18 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham regime hands nearly half a million dollars to UPS”

  1. Of course she did…

    She could have given that money to New Mexico farmers who can use it to buy harvesting equipment, since the “migrants” do not want to do farm work… (busted that Biden narrative).

    Rather, MLG will stroke a check to a private, FOR PROFIT conglomeration who can then return the favor in cash. So New Mexico, you just handed MLG another duffle bag of money with this deal.

    Truth hurts, but you need to hear it!

  2. Note the 16 vehicles will not be EVs, they will be powered by natural gas. A sound business decision that doesn’t require a state subsidy.

  3. IF I was UPS I would not go near ANY Govt. money ,especially from the witch of Sante Fe! There is always a cost to funds from the Govt!

  4. I agree with the thought on using NM Natural Gas…what a concept. I guess they couldn’t find a NM company that was “struggling.”

  5. Typical dembocrap action!! At the cost of taxpayers money and the hopes of Unicorn farts to power these Moochie Loserjan wrecklessly works to destroy New Mexico! She needs arrested and dragged out of the roundhouse wearing handcuffs! Feet first would be ok too!

  6. Seems like UPS is a traitor in cahoots with the evil MLG and her comrades. The so called “New Green Deal” is killing America and to be precise, there is NO SUCH THING AS CLIMATE CHANGE! The climate is what God has created for our world. He and only He is in control of the climate. Yes, we need to be good stewards of this world, but that does not mean to destroy it with what is needed for the electric batteries and plus the cost $$$$ is not conducive to the average American, especially here in NM. God have mercy.

  7. Bottom line this seated governor took tax payer money and gave it to a private business. She should be impeached just over this crime alone!

  8. I’m feeling like it is time to dump the tea. Paying taxes to this state and the feds is a joke. Don’t have a bay but we have river.

  9. Waste of tax payer money. What happens to these UPS vehicles after ten or so years? I predict these delivery vehicles will be in the junk yard with no way to retrofit the batteries.

  10. So very easy to spend money that doesn’t belong to you (nor has she EARNED). Especially with all the REAL needs of so many New Mexican’s. This type of spending is irresponsible.

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