Leftist NM columnist angers libs by endorsing this Dem over Biden

In a surprising twist that has left many leftists fuming, Santa Fe New Mexican‘s leftist columnist Milan Simonich has ignited a firestorm by openly endorsing Michelle Obama over Joe Biden in a recent column. Simonich, known for his outspoken views, has drawn criticism from within his own ideological camp for his strong opinions on Biden.

Simonich’s column begins with a reflection on the power of a good lead, citing an infamous example from 197, where a journalist prematurely declared victory for Richard Nixon just before the Watergate scandal unfolded. Drawing a parallel to contemporary politics, Simonich suggests that the public’s tendency to forget scandals could play in favor of 45th President Donald Trump, whom the leftist media have done everything possible to besmirch.

The columnist then takes a surprising turn by expressing dissatisfaction with Joe Biden’s candidacy for a second term. At 81, Biden, according to Simonich, may not match up well against potential Republican nominees like Trump or Nikki Haley, especially in swing states crucial for an Electoral College victory.

“I had hoped Biden would end his reelection bid before Christmas Day and clear the way for the candidate who could stomp Trump. I wanted Biden to recruit and endorse Michelle Obama,” writes Simonich.

The columnist envisions a 2024 campaign with Michelle Obama at the helm, contrasting her plain-speaking style with Trump’s rambling and praising her thoughtful and reasoned approach in contrast to Trump’s affinity for Vladimir Putin. Simonich argues that Obama’s candidacy could invigorate voter participation and put more states in play for Democrats.

Simonich believes that Michelle Obama’s candidacy would be a game-changer, running on honesty and competence against Trump’s perceived vulnerabilities. He asserts that Reagan’s success in rebuilding the Republican Party post-Watergate was based on charisma and a lack of criminal history—attributes he believes make Trump vulnerable to someone like Obama.

“I had hoped Biden would end his reelection bid before Christmas Day and clear the way for the candidate who could stomp Trump. I wanted Biden to recruit and endorse Michelle Obama,” Simonich wrote.

While acknowledging the slim chances of Michelle Obama running, Simonich suggests alternative candidates if Biden were to step aside, mentioning Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey as viable options to defeat Trump.

The column concludes with a holiday wish for a president who puts the country first, leaving readers with a provocative and unexpected perspective from a typically far-left commentator.


18 thoughts on “Leftist NM columnist angers libs by endorsing this Dem over Biden”

  1. Obama’s “Hope and Change” slogan would have a whole new meaning with Big Mike as president—– sex change anyone?

  2. Big Mike’s “honesty and competence”??
    WTF are you smoking, pinhead? Mikey has never been honest – it’s never admitted to being the man in their “family”
    “competent” The only thing I’ve seen Mikey do well is load up his posse to take taxpayer funded vacations – like his trip to Morocco with 90+ of his closest friends. A week long spendfest on the taxpayers dollars.
    No thanks, we’ve already crossed the tranny buffet, the foreign poser as an illegitimate POTUS and a commie in chief with himz agenda to destroy America.

  3. If his holiday wish is a president who puts the country first then he should forget about voting damnocrat. Then again he didn’t mention which country so any damnocrat he mentioned is eligible. However if it’s the United States he’s talking about then he needs to vote Trump and keep America great.

  4. Well, it would all finally come out: Barry was our 1st gay president (but couldn’t come out of the closet @ the time) but circa 2024 the time is ripe for Big Mike to be our 1st tranny president.

    1. YOU are the only one that can block it! So do it so we won’t have to put up with your “white fright” BS.
      If you are as smart as you think you are, just block it!
      Don”t blame the people that think big “Moochelle is a man for saying what they believe is true. Take some time and look at videos and pictures of “him” before he “became” a woman.
      Take this is from a REAL woman. Not a FAKE one.

  5. Just look at troll sam’s post – the only reason to pick a minority anymore is so the socialists can cry racist/sexist/homophobic/etc about anyone that disagrees with their socialist policies.
    The columnist simonich knows to keep playing the same cards over and over again!
    Hey sam, is black skin a qualification? How about a vagina, is that a qualification? Leave it to a brainwashed socialist to bring race into the coversation…

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