All the New Mexico cities with a Safe Haven Baby Box


A Safe Haven Baby Box can be found at one of the local fire stations, providing a safe place for surrendering newborns in the area.


9 thoughts on “All the New Mexico cities with a Safe Haven Baby Box”

  1. I do not get it, where has parenting gone? Is it because the marxists running the state trying to take over parenting from our citizens? I get people do not want babies to be left in dumpsters to die, but allowing babies to be dropped off with out repercussions is just crazy. These people need mental health help. This is the best NM can do? People need to take responsibilities for their actions. Where are the grandparents? Where is the community? If you see your neighbor having a difficult time you help them. NM has caring people, this is just another sad thing that NM does poorly. When can NM do something right?

    1. I agree! However, change starts with us to loudly and calmly speak and act for the truth. In addition, we need people to implore God for an answer. Prayers can and has turned around many disasters. The point is that the majority of New Mexicans aren’t praying anymore, and are asleep because of their sugar, Marijuana, alcohol, and TV addictions. That’s the root of the problem. Passivity is the effect.

    2. It is not just NM. Sadly the progressives have gone a long way destroying our values and families all over the country. It has been happening since the 70s.

  2. While this may save a baby’s life (which is better than a mistreated baby), it’s sad that such a thing is needed. Please pray for the woman who that left their baby there.

  3. Thankful a baby has a chance at life and not aborted. And hopefully a couple can adopt the child left behind. Not a perfect answer but it is an answer.

  4. The root of the problem is non- prayer, non- education, and passivity ( non- action).
    This is caused by sugar, alcohol, TV, Marijuana, and other addictions.
    Very few people speak out loudly and calmly. Very few take action and pray. This is in a nutshell why Woke people, etc. even had a chance in the first place to promote their false philosophies.

  5. I agree with Zelda.
    If we knew that the child would go to a good family , than it’s a great thing. How do we know where these children will end up??
    I mean, where is the Church???
    A human life is worth saving.

  6. I appreciate the small group of people involved with Safe Haven Box to help save babies. I know that some churches like Legacy and Calvary support CareNet. There is a small group of good people that are standing in front of abortion clinics praying and talking to people. There are a small group of volunteers helping with the Pro Life groups in NM. There is a small group of people helping Pro Life candidates get elected by volunteering and donating to their campaigns. We are the church.

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