Longtime Democrat Santa Fe-area NM senator announces retirement

A veteran member of the state Legislature, Democrat Sen. Nancy Rodriguez of Santa Fe, has declared her decision not to seek re-election, marking the end of a lengthy tenure, one of the longest in the current Legislature. “Truly, it’s time to retire and let someone else take the helm,” Rodriguez remarked, highlighting the emotional weight of her decision after years of service that felt akin to being part of a family.

The announcement has sparked interest among local representatives. Rep. Andrea Romero, also from Santa Fe and a resident within Rodriguez’s Senate District 24, is contemplating a bid for the vacant seat, motivated by Rodriguez’s departure. Romero, known for her advocacy on gun control legislation, sees this as an unexpected opportunity to consider.

Similarly, far-left Democrat Rep. Linda Serrato, who had previously planned to run for re-election to her House seat, is now deliberating a potential run for the Senate seat, emphasizing the significant legacy Rodriguez leaves behind. Serrato, who co-sponsored much legislation this session, expressed her respect for Rodriguez’s fair and supportive presence in the legislative process.

State Sen. Nancy Rodriguez’s official photo via NMLegis.gov.

Democrat Rep. Tara Lujan, although not residing in Rodriguez’s district but representing an overlapping area, intends to seek re-election to her current House position. The upcoming filing deadline for candidates is set for March 12, as stipulated by the state Secretary of State’s Office.

Rodriguez, who has been a fixture in the Senate since 1996 and holds key committee positions, plans to fulfill her term through the end of 2024. Her career has been government-focused since the 1970s. 

Senate District 24, known for its strong Democratic lean, will be closely watched in the upcoming election, with Rodriguez’s departure setting the stage for a potential stand-off by moderate and far-left Democrats. 


8 thoughts on “Longtime Democrat Santa Fe-area NM senator announces retirement”

  1. Looks like they’ll replace a commie with a commie , standard for northern NM. When will they get sense and elect a public servant?!!

  2. Independents and Republicans you need to step up in these Districts. Just don’t hand it to another Democrat without someone running against the radical left of this State.
    What surprises me is we have conservative attorneys registered to vote in this state who do not run for office. Why?

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