Eco-leftists have cooked up a new creative way for illegals to jump the border

The construction of an additional 458 miles of border barrier under the Trump administration, funded by military and defense allocations, has become the target of eco-leftists flinging cockamamy lawsuits to attempt to achieve open borders — and using wildlife as an excuse. They argue that the border barrier not only impacts human movement but also poses severe threats to the region’s wildlife by disrupting natural habitats and migration paths.

In response to these concerns, a coalition comprising 18 states, including New Mexico, alongside two environmental groups, initiated legal action against the 45th president’s administration for redirecting federal funds to the barrier without legislative approval. This legal battle has culminated in a settlement that promises considerable benefits for the environment and wildlife conservation.

Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico claimed the border barrier has a detrimental impact on the state’s unique desert ecosystems and the obstruction it causes to vital wildlife corridors. The settlement, according to Heinrich, represents progress in restoring these areas and safeguarding species such as the Mexican gray wolves, jaguars, and Sonoran pronghorn.

Key components of the settlement include the establishment of 24 wildlife passages and the maintenance of nine stormwater gates along the border barrier to facilitate animal movement. These measures claim to support a diverse range of species, from the endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep to various deer species. Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has committed $25 million towards acquiring a significant parcel of land for wildlife conservation near San Diego, along with funding research on endangered species. The open stormwater gates now give more opportunities for criminal aliens to leap the border.

The planned wildlife passages, designed to accommodate both small and large animals, are strategically placed to ensure minimal human interference while maximizing accessibility for species at risk. These passages are a testament to the concerted efforts to balance border security with environmental preservation, particularly in areas less frequented by migrants.

Moreover, the settlement includes a substantial investment in acquiring over 1,300 acres of land for conservation purposes. This land, previously earmarked for real estate development, will now serve as a crucial habitat for wildlife, enhancing connectivity between existing protected areas.

The settlement also earmarks $1.1 million for research into the conservation needs of key species like the Peninsular bighorn sheep and the Mexican gray wolves. This research is vital for understanding the impact of the border barrier on these species and for guiding future conservation efforts.

In New Mexico, the repercussions of an open border have been felt keenly, with illegal immigration exacerbating the challenges of wildlife conservation. The settlement’s focus on creating wildlife-friendly infrastructure and enhancing habitat connectivity is a critical step towards mitigating these impacts and ensuring the state’s rich biodiversity is preserved.

This agreement not only claims to address the immediate needs of wildlife affected by the border barrier but also sets a precedent for integrating environmental considerations into border security measures — helping achieve open borders.


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  1. Progressives hate America because they want a One World Government. If they win , America will no longer exist. You see this now with their open border policy.

  2. I don’t get it. Heinrich wants to keep the animals safe and protect the environment. Has he seen the trash, garbage, panties on trees where human traffickers are raping women etc? I am more concerned about the cost of human life, 10 year olds getting raped etc. than I am about some deer.

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