Alamogordo man reports confrontations over Walmart self-checkout machines

Walmart is facing renewed criticism over its self-checkout policies, with customers expressing frustration at feeling like criminals during their shopping experiences. Charles Bisbee, a Walmart shopper from Alamogordo, shared his encounter while using the self-checkout lane at his local store, according to a report by The Sun.

According to Bisbee, an employee approached him and reached into his bag to retrieve a container of energy drink mix, bluntly asking, “Are you going to pay for that?” Bisbee described the interaction as “confrontational” and explained that he had already scanned the item, even pointing to the screen as proof.

Bisbee, who resides in Alamogordo, New Mexico, emphasized the tight-knit nature of his military community and how accusations of theft can tarnish one’s reputation unfairly. He also shared a similar incident involving his father, a retired colonel, who was confronted by a worker due to a missed-scan alert for a gallon of milk. The alert system, implemented by Walmart in 2019 to deter theft, has inadvertently caused discomfort and hostility in various customer interactions.

Walmart employees conveyed that they are not allowed to directly accuse customers of theft, even in cases where suspicions arise. However, shoppers have reported feeling labeled as thieves due to innocent mistakes or technical glitches, causing distress. Daniel Jones, another customer, expressed his shock when the self-checkout kiosk played security footage of an alleged missed-scanned item. He felt accused of a crime and feared that the video playback in his work uniform might lead others to believe he was stealing. An employee approached Jones, questioned him, and reactivated the system, leaving him feeling “punished” for utilizing the hand scanner.

These incidents have left many honest shoppers feeling unwelcome and unfairly treated, as they are erroneously perceived as thieves. Walmart responded to the concerns, stating, “We’re continuously working on our security processes, and we encourage customers with concerns to let us know. Our associates are trained to handle these situations professionally and respectfully, ensuring our customers have the best shopping experience possible.”

The ongoing criticism underscores the importance of striking a balance between loss prevention and maintaining a welcoming shopping environment where customers are not unfairly subjected to suspicion or embarrassment.


15 thoughts on “Alamogordo man reports confrontations over Walmart self-checkout machines”

  1. Don’t like the self checkout…don’t use it. If Wallyworld wont employee people to scan your purchases…Don’t shop there. Find one of the local mom and pop stores that didn’t shutter their doors post COVID and use them.

    1. Mom and Pop stores keep money in the community. Walmart destroys small businesses because small businesses cannot compete price wise when Walmart buys Millions of items vs hundreds.

  2. same at Sam’s Club, you scan and pay for your items but they scan your receipt and every item you paid for on the way out. RIDICULOUS………..

  3. Professionally trained Walmart employees? LOL. Their exit policies are anything but consistent. In Silver City I followed a friend of mine out from the self-checkout and they AP employee at the door took his ticket and checked every single item in his cart. When I approached, they waved me on through without checking the ticket or the basket which was as full as my friend’s. As we left I told him that he must look suspicious and he said he thought that he made them mad in the past so they check him every time. Did I mention, he’s a minister.

  4. The short answer is for rapid and severe consequences for shoplifters, thieves, and scofflaws. The rest of us pay the price for their actions in a number of ways. The actions of a few have negative repercussions on all of us.

  5. I won’t use the self check out at Walmart and I have stopped shopping at Dollar General because it is all self check out. If a store wants me to check myself out then they can give me a paycheck.

  6. Using self check at any store is nothing less than slave labor. You do not get a discount for checking yourself while paid staff stand around picking their noses or playing with their phones. You aren’t paid by the company or get benefits so do not be a loser and use self checkouts.

    1. Not to be argumentized but I do disagree with you on not getting a discount. Price similar items at self serve stores and full service stores and you will see a substantial difference in costs. I guess we all have different perspectives but saving money by bagging my own groceries is a financial decision and does not feel like slave labor to me, besides, if you want to wait in line there are still full service checkers.

  7. Don’t like impersonal treatment? Don’t shop at china-mart. Don’t have much of a choice? Think about just how that happened… Everyone started buying cheap crap from the chinese communist slave labor party. Your recourse now? Pay attention and buy everything you can from shops that support American companies. I call it “supporting my neighbor” – even if my “neighbor” lives in Maine. Stop supporting slave labor. Same goes for most of the garbage on amazon – you know they cancel negative reviews that they don’t approve of? Find another place to shop!!!

  8. Everybody needs to get used to this and ensure all items scan or be prepared to be questioned. I have warned people that this will be the result of continuously raising minimum wage as every time it goes up, customer service goes down. If you want checkers you will have to go to the higher cost stores as they have higher costs to pay for the employees. It will only get worse in the future and there is a lot of people to blame for this as they did not pay attention to who they voted for or the policies they believe in.

  9. Not to be argumentive, but I do disagree with you on not getting a discount. Price similar items at self serve stores and full service stores and you will see a substantial difference in costs. I guess we all have different perspectives but saving money by bagging my own groceries is a financial decision and does not feel like slave labor to me, besides, if you want to wait in line there are still full service checkers.

  10. You can choose not to use self-check, and I highly suggest you do. I will stand in a cashier line at Walmart rather than use the self-check. Michael’s craft store recently put them in and I refuse to use them there, too. Now, if you are forced to use self-check, DO NOT comply with any attempts to show your receipt. Most stores won’t confront you, but the one time I had a “door staffer” demanding to see my receipt, I refused to show it to them. I had it in my hand and told them that if they wanted to make an issue of it, to call a security guard or a cop over. “What’s the problem letting me see your receipt?” asked door staffer. I replied, “You are getting paid $14/hr to stand here and do nothing but harass people. I make $40/hr at my full time job yet just had to scan my own groceries. You want to see my receipt? Get your ass on a register and check people out yourself. You don’t get to interrogate me if I am doing your job.” And I walked out. You need to do the same, in every instance. Also do not comply with “no cash” businesses. Cash is the legal tender of the land and businesses that do not accept cash should not be patronized.

    If I can shop and buy local and pay in cash, I do, at every opportunity.

  11. I have had no problems at my local Walmart using their self-checkout machines. That’s not to say others have not. I do resent having to use self-checkout when there are few, if any, cashiers manning their stations.

  12. My Santa Fe Walmart has about 10 self checkouts, 6 self checkouts that have conveyor belts, and about 5 with actual cashiers .They have people that observe and check I.D. for liquor.Even though it’s packed it usually pretty fast. They have a lot of stuff locked up due to theft. I heard an Albuquerque store closed because of so much theft. There’s certain products I wouldn’t get. When you order online they’re basically like Amazon peddling that China crap. I like Sam’s for certain stuff but they have raised their prices.

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