Pro-Hamas extremists vandalize Sen. Heinrich’s Santa Fe office

According to photos obtained by the Piñon Post, far-left Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich’s office in Santa Fe has been vandalized by apparent pro-Hamas extremist domestic terrorists.

The building, located on Marcy Street in the capital city, was painted with the words “HEINRICH STOP THE GENOCIDE,” along with “FREE PALESTINE” and “CEASEFIRE NOW” tagged on the windows of the adobe office building. A large puddle of red paint was then dumped near the office’s front door.

Sen. Heinrich’s Santa Fe office, seen on November 15, 2023, was vandalized by pro-Hamas terrorists.

On Heinrich’s website, the office building in Santa Fe is no longer publicly available, although all other New Mexico office addresses are publicly posted.

The senator wrote on October 18, “The loss and tragedy in Israel and Gaza have been devastating. America must fight to always protect the innocent. Israelis and Palestinians deserve safety and peace. That must include an adherence to international law and ensuring that humanitarian aid is delivered.”

On November 7, Heinrich added, “As I’ve said repeatedly, Israel has the right to hold Hamas accountable for the horrific attacks on October 7th.  I believe deeply that the eradication of Hamas is paramount to stability and democracy in the region. But a shock and awe approach is not the answer.” 

Now, the extremist Hamas domestic terrorists are coming after the Democrat senator. This comes just days after Democrat Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware was accosted on an Amtrak by a far-left pro-Hamas “journalist.”

It is immediately unclear if there are suspects in the vandalism of the office or how much the cleanup will cost the senator. 


15 thoughts on “Pro-Hamas extremists vandalize Sen. Heinrich’s Santa Fe office”

  1. William George Norris

    Here are some links that show that Israel DELIBERATELY allowed the Hamas attacks as a pretext to wipe out Gaza!

    Great video of former IDF Soldier showing how Oct 7th was an inside job. (10:06)

    Another testimony from an Ex IDF soldier who lives in Jerusalem and was at her home and followed the developments of the The Hamas “attack” on October 7th. She says without a doubt this was an inside job. She says the large plan is to flatten Gaza. (10:04)

    Another former IDF person: “I served in the IDF 25 years ago in the intelligence forces.. there’s no way, in my view, that Israel did not know what’s coming…Something is very wrong here” (6:51)

    Jonathan Pollard: Helicopter Pilots Were Given Stand Down Order (1:32)

    Israel’s military was ordered to attack Israelis on 10/7

    Very interesting video showing the IDF was involved in killing Israelis on October 7th in “friendly fire”. (11:32)

    Here is the article for the above video testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles

      1. William George Norris

        Hey Dave, everything that was written about our beliefs is true. Whether it be Rome being in Apostasy for a thousand years,

        Francis not being a true pope,

        the Holocaust being a hoax,

        9-11 being an inside job

        or Hitler being an honorable man,

        it’s all true and if people due their due diligence with an open mind they will see that we are correct. I invite everyone on this blog to visit our website ( and please check out the proofs we provide.

    1. I would disregard anything Mr Norris says since he is someone who thinks Hitler was an ‘honorable man’ and believe the Jews rule the world and need to be displaced if not exterminated.

        1. “Pro-Hamas extremists vandalize Sen. Heinrich’s Santa Fe office”. But yet, he and our other U.S Senator Ben Ray Lujan, still want to fund money to the Gaza strip, which is inhabited by the very people, the Palestinians, who have since at least 2006, voted into office and into their own government the very terrorist organization, Hamas, who not only attacked Israel first, but whom are also raping and murdering innocent people in Israel including women and children and are going door to door to rape and murder innocent people in Israel, much like what the Nazis and Hitler did during World War II and the Holocaust when they went door to door to force people into concentration camps, and the supporters of Hamas, again who have been voted into office and into the government of the Gaza strip by the very same people, the Palestinians, that Heinrich and Lujan want to send money to, who vandalized Heinrich’s Santa Fe office as well. In fact, Heinrich and Lujan sent a letter to Biden and his administration just yesterday, February 24, 2024(it is February 25, 2024 as the time that I am typing in this comment) claiming that they have concerns with a “new arms deal with the Netanyahu Government”. Well obviously, in the letter, both Heinrich and Lujan lie about supporting Israel, because first they say “Like you(referring to Biden and his administration), we have repeatedly emphasized our support for Israel’s right, indeed duty, to defend itself, ” and then they mentioned the October 7 attack and so on. But then, in the very next paragraph, they talk about the “need to send aid to the Gaza strip” and so on. While I actually don’t wish death on the people of the Gaza strip or Palestine, whatever you wish to call that place, the fact of the matter is, those people in the Gaza strip, the Palestinians, have since 2006, have voted into office and into their own government an actual terrorist organization, Hamas, who commits acts of terrorism and genocide or near genocide, on innocent people, especially in this case the innocent people of Israel. And guess what, the Palestinians are STILL doing it! And yet, you want to fund them. What about Israel? Their the actual victims in this war. It’s like what Netanyahu himself said “We didn’t want this war.” And you know what, he is absolutely 100% right. Israel was attacked first OK. Not the other way around. Israel was attacked first, for no reason at all other than the fact that Hamas wanted to do it because they view Israel as this “horrible country” and all that stuff, which is simply not true at all and so on. What about Israel and the people of Israel? Don’t they deserve funding too? I think they do. Israel is the real victim of this war. Again, I don’t wish death on the Palestinians. I don’t. But, the Palestinians are the ones who have voted an actual terrorist organization, Hamas, into office and into government, since 2006 at least, and their still doing it today. Which means that the Palestinians are basically supporting terrorism. That is a fact. But, if you are going to fund the Gaza strip, then you should do that for Israel too. But especially Israel and the people of Israel. Because Israel is the real victim in this war. They were attacked first, unprovoked, by Hamas. Not the other way around. I mean, there’s actual footage of this from the first day of this war on October 7 of 2023. Hamas attacked Israel first. Israel didn’t attack Hamas first. Hamas attacked Israel first. It’s on video.

          And by the way, when the Left and today’s Democratic Party and the leftist universities around the country and the globe, say that they demand a ceasefire? Their not talking or demanding that Hamas ceasefire. Their talking about Israel. . In other words, they want Israel to do absolutely nothing while Hamas is committing terrorist acts and genocide or near genocide on the innocent people of Israel and they want Israel to do absolutely nothing while Hamas kidnaps innocent people in Israel, including women and children and then hold them hostage. That is what the Left and today’s Democratic Party and various leftist universities around the country and the globe are saying. And you wonder why people are leaving the Democratic Party and the Left in droves now including African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Cuban Americans, etc.

  2. If these Hamas-supporters really knew what Hamas was about, they’d run for the hills. Forget DEI. No such thing in middle-eastern Muslim lands. Or most anywhere else for that matter. Unless they were devoted Koran followers, they’d lose their heads.

  3. Funny that the pro Palestinian Nazi protesters now calling for a cease fire were celebrating when 1200 Israelis were massacred by Hamas.

  4. Jews should stop calling everyone calling for a cease fire in the genocide in order to get food and water to the dying women and children as…Hamas protesters and anit-semitic. Placing such a label of those of us who want the destruction and killing to stop is not fair. Those who march to suport Israel, no matter the carnage, need to stop and think of what emense anti-semitic damage Netanyahu has done to Jews all over the world who will have to live with this for the rest of their lives..

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