Aerial footage shows border wall materials wasting away near NM’s border

New footage shot by war correspondents Michael Yon and Chuck Holton shows tons of materials meant for the construction of the United States’ southern border wall with Mexico wasting away in New Mexico.

President Donald Trump worked to fulfill his campaign promise of building the wall during his term in office, getting hundreds of miles built to protect the country’s wide-open border. 

Unfortunately, when Joe Biden came to power in 2021, he nixed the finishing of the border barrier, thus leaving the materials to rot while leaving massive gaping holes in the wall — emboldening illegal immigration.

Yon wrote, “Unused Border Wall in New Mexico last week,” noting, “Millions of dollars of border wall sitting unused as America is invaded by millions, and we pour buckets of billions into Ukraine.”

New Mexico currently has over 53 miles of border that are not protected whatsoever with any wall built by pre-Trump administrations or under the 45th president’s administration. There have been scourges of illegal border crossings, especially near Antelope Wells, Santa Teresa, and El Paso ports of entry.

 According to recent figures, about six million illegal immigrants have been smuggled by cartel members or came by themselves illegally on their journey into the United States. With the recent expiration of the pandemic-era Title 42, it has emboldened illegal border crossers.


9 thoughts on “Aerial footage shows border wall materials wasting away near NM’s border”

  1. Why feign shock? They have to waste your money somehow? There is still laws against treason but people have weak stomachs for the penalty Who is weaker the ones who kill, steal and destroy or those who afraid of losing al they have and proving that they commit treason and then hang them?
    There is no bark in your bite or the whining.

  2. What a sad waste of OUR money. The Dems who are in control of government, many who have never earned a living the honest way, don’t flinch at sending billions to fund the war in Ukraine and pouring billions to fund illegal immigrants and many other WASTEFUL purposes. Yet, they are unwilling to sit at the table to negotiate a sound resolution to the debt ceiling crisis, they refuse to acknowledge that we cannot continue this pattern of spending and waste. There is no more road in which to kick the can…DEAD END…

  3. Is there a need for the wall, when all of the migrants are lining up at “their” appropriate border crossing waiting for the gates to open and their free (tax payer money) plane ride to all different parts of the US… We need to clean house, but I bet NM will stick with the same old democrat politicians like Martin Heinrich, what a waste…

  4. Okay, leave that material to rot and use coils of razor wire, command detonated mines and low orbit space platforms with solar powered death rays that are computer controlled so there are no accidents involving spotted owls or Mexican gray wolves.
    Give the 40,000,000 illegals here today a 30 day amnesty self deport themselves – after that it’s open season. While enforcing some laws let’s also enforce the ones on NO BENEFITS TO ILLEGALS and BIG FINES AND JAIL TIME FOR HIRING ILLEGALS. IT’S TIME TO GET SERIOUS.

    BTW – children born to people who are here illegally are NOT citizens. They are illegal aliens and it’s time to stop treating anchor babies as to what they are – citizens of some third world shithole, the shithole their parents ran away from…

  5. Stephanie McKenzie

    These materials are in New Mexico. I consider them a gift to New Mexico from the feds. Don’t we have someone in NM that could take on the project of using those materials to build more wall? Are they going to send the army to stop us? Will the wicked MLG send her gestapo to stop us? this is our state, we don’t have to wait for the government to do something for us, we are totally able to do things on our own – aren’t we? I’ve never built a wall, but I think I could figure out how to build one if there is someone in NM with a crane and a backhoe that would help. I know we would need fuel and cement but surely there are businesses in NM who could help. I’m done with complaining about those trying to destroy the USA. Our words don’t seem to reach the self-serving politicians so we have to take action, and we New Mexicans are talented and brave enough to do it.

  6. Not only are the materials already paid for, the labor CONTRACTS to build the wall has also already been paid for.

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