TV station debunks MLG’s bogus campaign ad lying about ‘free’ college

Recently, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who has faced constant scandal during her tenure as governor, released a campaign ad featuring a Portales woman named “Carla.” The woman, who is now a nurse, credits Lujan Grisham in the ad for helping her get her degree through the Governor’s “free college” Opportunity Scholarship program.

The problem is that the legislation was only enacted just days ago on July 1st, making it impossible for “Carla” to have been a beneficiary of the initiative.

“I promised my parents I’d become a nurse, but I couldn’t have done it without the Governors Opportunity Scholarship. Nursing school is completely free,” Carla Osborn said in the campaign ad:

KOAT 7 News debunked Osborn’s claims. “Target 7 dug deeper into the nurse Carla Osborn. According to the governor’s campaign she started nursing school in 2017 two years before the governor was sworn into office. Rodriguez said that Osborn received some of the opportunity scholarship money in her final semester. She graduated at the end of 2021,” the television station reported.

The station further proved that the facility Lujan Grisham was attempting to pass off as Portales was actually a hospital in Santa Rosa — a place Osborn does not work.

“The ad says Osborn is from Portales. It shows her driving to work at a hospital and sitting in the front of it chatting with the governor. Target 7 found that hospital is in Santa Rosa which would be about a two-hour commute from Portales. The governor’s campaign acknowledged Osborn doesn’t actually work there,” the report found.

This is just the latest attempt by Lujan Grisham’s campaign to skirt the truth in her campaign to dodge her record. 

After the exposé hit, Republican Governor’s Association’s Will Reinert wrote on Twitter, “Whoa — @GovMLG ‘s opening campaign ad is 1 MASSIVE lie, according to @koat7news. The woman began nursing school 2 years before @Michelle4NM became Gov. She doesn’t work at a hospital, like the one featured in the ad. The time she spent in school was not ‘completely free.’” 

7 thoughts on “TV station debunks MLG’s bogus campaign ad lying about ‘free’ college”

  1. WOW, only 45% of New Mexico will know this small TRUTH. As long as she has a “D” next to her name. It’s the New Mexico thing. Who is really paying attention here?

  2. MLG closed your business, now she wants your vote so she can keep her job. NO.

    The ad drives home the fact that no amount of spin can make MLG look like a desirable candidate. Pick any topic and we see MLG’s deliberate managed decline of New Mexico.
    MLG + education = Last in education (closed schools, distance non-
    learning, masked kids, depressed kids, etc).

  3. What they call “free education “ isn’t free at all, its a taxpayer funded scheme to make it appear that these vile communists are benevolent . The state draws its sustenance from taxing its citizens then doles out these “free” programs to keep the sheeple complacent and themselves in power. I’ll bet they extend this “free “ education programs to illegal aliens on our dime as they’ve done with all the other “free” programs putting them first while putting real New Mexicans last.

  4. What about the home she is building at Navajo Lake, & the landing strip that she acquired right next to this property? All this was done during the pandemic where no one was allowed on this Lake except her family & fiancé! Ask how she was able to acquire all this property, makes you wonder, was it with tax payers money?

  5. She’s nothing but a Lier she wants to be re-elected, she will say what she has to do like telling government not to send illegals here until later, so if she gets re-elected then thousand will be coming to New Mexico, open your eyes people

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