‘You voted for it’: Conservatives scold NM after Biden assaults the energy industry

On Saturday, the Associated Press published an article detailing New Mexicans’ outrage over Joe Biden’s complete and total assault on the energy industry (as promised) in the state. It interviewed people of both political parties and the New Mexico Oil & Gas Association (NMOGA), encompassing how they felt betrayed by Biden. 

But the cries of outrage come after years of warnings from the conservative side of the aisle that Joe Biden’s destructive policies would harm New Mexico—a heavily oil and gas reliant state. And NMOGA bankrolled the Democrat Party in the 2020 election and well before that, even taking a “neutral” stance on New Mexico’s “Green New Deal,” which will completely wipe out the fossil fuels industry by 2050. Now, the end to that industry looks like it’s coming a lot sooner. 

Last August, the Piñon Post ran a story about how Joe Biden’s fracking ban would decimate the New Mexico economy, but the state went blue in 2020, whether that victory for Biden was legitimate or not. Now, conservatives are yelling “I told you so!” on social media after New Mexicans’ worst fears have become a reality. 

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wrote on Twitter, “Who could possibly have predicted this?”

“New Mexico voted for Biden so they are getting what they signed up for. Hard to feel sorry for people who drive their car off a cliff and then complain on the way down,” wrote author and conservative activist Dinesh D’Souza. 

Tim Murtaugh, communications director for President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 campaign wrote, “If only someone had warned that Biden would be an enemy of the energy industry and imperil energy-producing states.” 

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey wrote an encouraging note to New Mexicans, saying, “WV welcomes the opportunity to work with New Mexico and any other state which care about protecting energy jobs and want to preserve America’s energy independence.” 

Steve Deace, television show host on The Blaze wrote, “You voted for it, New Mexico. Own that poop. Receive your reward in full. And kneel before Zod.” 

Podcaster Vince Deo tweeted a comical video about the Biden administration’s assault on energy producers: 

Joel Pollak of Breitbart News wrote, “Biden and the Democrats don’t want people to provide for themselves. They want people to be dependent on the government — without a thought as to how the government is supposed to generate revenue. Notably, @JoeBiden has hardly ever had an actual job…. Imagine doing this to an industry in the middle of an economic crisis. Oh — yeah, they voted for him. They knew. Or they would have known, if the media were not such shameless liars.” 

The criticisms keep on flowing in on social media, however, the message appears clear as day: New Mexico voted for Joe Biden and they are getting what they deserve. Biden “won” New Mexico, but he very well could have been aided by massive voter fraud, as detailed in the Piñon Post’s report here.

6 thoughts on “‘You voted for it’: Conservatives scold NM after Biden assaults the energy industry”

  1. With all due respect to D’ souza, Ted cruz and the others, we didn’t vote for the senile pretender n cheat. The final electoral map released by Sidney Powell showed that President Trump legitimately carried New Mexico. Ted Cruz, pollak and the others should have has the stones to pressure Benedict pence to follow his constitutional duty to challenge the electoral fraud from New Mexico and the other six states that sent 2 sets of electors and send them back for a paper ballot – only revote. They own this in addition to deserting President Trump after the Antifa led insurrection at the Capitol. They can go pound sand!

  2. A Concerned Citizen

    But what if we didn’t vote for it? What if the democrats stole the election in New Mexico and we are powerless to stop them. Now they are blockading us for round number two in the legislature, where they will destroy what is left of private business and start a state bank to control us all down the line.

  3. What I know for sure is that rural NM areas went red and remained red. The areas with Oil and Gas industry did not vote for Biden. Albuquerque and other city areas went red. But I do agree with the other comments that the election may have been stolen here too. We are so small on a federal level we dont even get a second look. However, I worked the election that night. Anyone who renewed their driver license and requested to update their voter registration, even long term voters, had been “purged from the system”. They had to fill out provisional ballets. However, before we closed for the night NM was called for Biden. Second, the margins between democratic and republican votes is odd at best. As a whole New Mexican’s would of had to break from party lines to allow a huge win for Yvette but yet small margin for Mark. Normally, you would see straight party line votes. Making Dems win almost evenly across the board. If my numbers were correct NM would of had an almost 80% voter turn out. I am new at this but all seems a little off.

  4. Sorry to say but NM did not vote for biden…..we were cheated from our votes and the dominion voting system…..i have a household full of non biden voters…..and i know several democrats who did not vote for biden either…..the traitor officials were the ones who set this up…..especially the secretary of state…..she still refuses to show proof biden won legitimately…..#BIDENNOTMYPRESIDENT

  5. Mine and thousands of other conservative votes were stolen, I believe that now, then and until I’m gone. We are now all going to suffer the consequences of this irresponsible, destructive progressive agenda. Don’t bother contacting your Congressional representatives either. One is a Pelosi (insert pejorative here) the other a useless carpetbagger. Trust in God.

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