Why I am no longer a Democrat

Born and raised in New Mexico, like many of you, I grew up in a traditional household where values like hard work, family, humility, and integrity were deeply ingrained. These principles passed down from generation to generation, have shaped who I am today, all with the endless support and guidance from my wife.

My wife and I navigated challenges through 28 years as small business owners to become successful in business. Our fundamental values and principles have guided us through many difficult times and plenty of wonderful times.

In my upbringing, voting Democrat was a cultural norm, seen as synonymous with representing Hispanic interests and aiding the less fortunate. However, over time, it’s become clear that the Democratic Party has shifted away from these traditional values.

The rise of radical progressivism within the party threatens beliefs in the American Dream, faith, family, and personal accountability.

Seeing the disconnect between my values and the direction of the Democratic Party, I made the decision to run for State Senate, aiming to represent my community’s true interests. Issues like crime, economic instability, education, border security and government overreach need addressing.

For the first time, I found alignment with the Republican Party and sought to bring positive change to District 10.

I invite those who share similar experiences and beliefs to join me in this endeavor. Our community faces challenges, but together, we can make a difference for our children and future generations.

Rudy B. Mora is a Republican running for New Mexico Senate District 10.

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4 thoughts on “Why I am no longer a Democrat”

  1. I joined Rudy in becoming a Republican after 55 years as a registered Democrat. Couldn’t stay with a party that is so against what our country stands for. As a Vietnam Veteran what Biden and his administration along with our Governor MLG have done is a disgrace.

  2. NMConcerned Mom

    I left the Democrat party in 2016 for these same reasons. I was a Kennedy era classical liberal. That thinking no longer exists in the D party. In fact, as Mr. Mora states it is most aligned with today’s Republican party.

  3. I still have not become a Republican, but I am no longer a Democrat. Covid did that for me. I voted for more 3rd party candidates over my many years of voting. I wish everyone would stay home and not vote at all in the coming election. It would be like a bloodless coup. But you can’t trust EVERYONE not to vote.

    I’d love to see mealy-mouthed Martin Heinrich be defeated. Not likely, unfortunately.

    1. If no onw goes to vote then you will have that dumbass Heinrich for another 6 years. Get smart and go vote even if it’s someone else. The one in office has showed you what he is about. Try someone else but by all means GO VOTE

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