MLG claims outrage over anti-gun edicts is ‘sexism,’ wants to snatch more guns

In an article from the pro-abortion fringe site “The 19th,” Lujan Grisham and two other abortion up-to-birth governors were featured to talk about their assaults in each of their respective states. The governors invoked shootings as the impetus for their gun-grabbing, including Lujan Grisham.

Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul bragged about her state’s “Red flag” law and a law taking away 18-20-year-olds’ rights to own firearms. She claimed, “This was deeply personal to me.”

Michigan’s Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer touted bills she signed taking away her citizens’ constitutional rights. 

“Whitmer signed into law an extreme risk law, a secure storage requirement for firearms to protect children, a background check requirement for all unlicensed gun sales, a law prohibiting those convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors from purchasing or possessing firearms, and an extreme risk protection order law allowing police officers, health care professionals and family members concerned about someone who may harm themselves or others to seek a court order to temporarily confiscate their firearms,” the outlet reported.

Whitmer said, “Is there more to do? Absolutely. Is there ultimately going to be a need for national action? Yes.”

Lujan Grisham bragged about her 7-day waiting period bill passed in the 2024 Legislative Session and her unconstitutional edict that she signed to use the death of a child for political gain last September, banning all firearm possession and ownership in Albuquerque. The executive order was immediately struck down by a Joe Biden-appointed federal judge. 

The governor then blamed outrage after her unconstitutional actions on “sexism.”

“She knows it is work that doesn’t necessarily come without detractors — and sexism,” wrote the outlet, quoting her as saying, “I think someone opposing me might say, ‘Oh she had an emotional break’ but no — it’s a practical response to recognizing that my job is actually to make sure that I do everything in my power to make Americans and New Mexicans and their families and their children safe…. There are just so many guns out there. That family didn’t see a car with guns. You just can’t see them. You don’t know where they are. You can’t attenuate your risk.”

Lujan Grisham has called a special session for July 18 focused on “crime,” although her specific agenda items have not yet been set. She may bring forward more unconstitutional legislation to rival Whitmer and Hochul.  


27 thoughts on “MLG claims outrage over anti-gun edicts is ‘sexism,’ wants to snatch more guns”

  1. All three communist hags are merely continuing their philosophy of total public disarmament by “foot in the door legislation “ . The chipping away of the publics God given constitutional rights to defend themselves from tyrants like these hags must continue for the complete communist takeover of America. Already violating their oath of office any laws repulsive to the constitution passed by these subversive hags should be considered null and void.

    1. Great headline! But I’m sure that while it’s probably overly large, it still cannot hold many, limiting her effectiveness.
      Sorry, couldn’t help it.

  2. What those Governors didn’t point out is that all those unconstitutional gun laws have done absolutely nothing to curtail crime and never will.

  3. These 3 evil and crazy females that should not be in any leadership role. They seem to think they have all the power. Well “We the People” need to take back that “so called power” they think they have and vote these 3 out of office. And if they have some term left (MLG has 2 more years) then we must make sure that the legislature has more conservatives and not communist to stop their unconstitutional laws and executive orders and have enough votes to “impeach” these 3 crazy females. .
    And regarding the mention of “domestic violence” many women are beaten to death or stabbed to death. Are they going to cut off the perpetrators hands and/or outlaw all knives???
    Give me a break…


  5. MLG, Whitmer, and Hochul – what a lineup and perfect illustration of why we have a 2A in the first place.

  6. Curious as to how this is “sexism”? I am a female gun-owner and am outraged that this governor thinks that she is “keeping me safe” by going after my rights to own that thing that really does keep me safe.

    Has this governor ever held or shot a gun? Has she ever been at home alone when a tweaker knocked on her door at 11P (this happened to me)? No, I thought not…

  7. If she were concerned for the safety of New Mexicans she would do something to secure the border.

  8. Want to save lives. Stop trying to take away guns and close down the abortion clinics. There are more lives being lost there than by would also be smart to close down the marijuana stores. There is no way that these stores are not adding to crime stats.

  9. For every child gun death (the new anti gun stats show a child is up to 25 years old !), there are 1,763 children murdered by abortion.

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