WATCH: YouTuber takes down MLG’s anti-gun ignorance in less than five minutes

Prominent YouTube influencer and attorney Colion Noir, whose channel is about the Second Amendment, skewered New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham after she made uninformed and false comments while recently appearing on MSNBC. 

In particular, she called AR-15 rifles “weapons of war,” even though the military doesn’t use them, and falsely claimed the weapons were “automatic,” which they are not. 

Noir took down Lujan Grisham in under five minutes in his YouTube segment that is now going viral. 

He ripped her to shreds over what the Second Amendment says, her anti-gun legislation proposed, and the failed anti-gun policies already enacted that are not doing much of anything. 

Watch Colion Noir’s epic takedown here:


10 thoughts on “WATCH: YouTuber takes down MLG’s anti-gun ignorance in less than five minutes”

  1. You go Mister you are spot on as to how stupid and selfish she is and need to not be governor of anywhere.

  2. MLG is a room temperature IQ demonic governor!!! Let’s not mention the unborn she loves seeing killed and young children being mutilated as they are sacrificed to Moloch via “gender affirming care” AKA child mutilation all part of the UN agenda to reduce the population as these demons bow before their master Satan!!! Good job Colion!!!

    1. Gappedtoothgranny

      Not just the unborn she is refusing to rehab CYFD. She hates children promotes their deaths then heads to church on Sunday to take communion.

  3. She’s just another cali-fornicator. Does the same thing that CA and a lot of other liberal states do. No care for this country.

  4. It is only May, but there have already been almost 200 mass shootings in the U.S., and many of the deranged killers were armed with AR-15 rifles and carrying a lot of ammo, sometimes in extended magazines.
    It is beyond time to repeal the outdated and unnecessary Second Amendment. Or at the very least, renew the ban on assault-style rifles.
    AR-15 defenders claim it isn’t a “military-style” rifle. But they neglect to mention that the M16, a military rifle used during the Vietnam War, was adapted from the AR-15. It certainly isn’t a “sporting” rifle. They should be restricted to firing ranges where those who get a hard-on using them could rent one for a half hour or so to get their jollies.
    As for the Second Amendment, we don’t need “well-regulated militias” — i.e. civilians — when we have police departments and the National Guard and established U.S. military forces.
    Where are the “good guys with guns” when innocent children and adults are massacred by racists and Nazi-sympathizers and people who are just mentally ill and anti-social?
    If the 18th Amendment could be repealed to make booze available again, why can’t the Second be repealed as a first step to making Americans safer?
    Or maybe at least amend the Second to require SERIOUS gun registration and licensing and safety courses and other safety controls?
    Golly, I hope Colion Noir and his fans don’t get too upset about my point of view. FIRST AMENDMENT gives me the Constitutional right to express my opinion.

  5. She is a witch and what is scary is there are so many of them in office. God help us. God bless Colian and all the patriots for speaking the truth and not being afraid to do so. Again, I recommend the movie “Sound of Freedom” coming out July4th. If these politicians cared anything about children, they would leave our guns alone and fight child abuse, slavery, and trafficking.

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