Vandals urinate, defecate on sacred Cross of the Martyrs dedicated to slain Catholic priests

According to Virgil Vigil, the president of the Hispanic cultural group Union Protectiva de Santa Fe, vandals desecrated the Cross of the Martyrs monument dedicated to 21 slain Franciscan missionaries who were brutally slaughtered in the 1680 Pueblo Revolt at the hands of Popé. The bloody revolt led to the death of 400 people in total.

According to Vigil, the cross, which was dedicated and is owned by the Caballeros De Vargas surrounded by City of Santa Fe land, was urinated and defecated on, among other things. “This is direct proof that our religion is being attacked,” said Vigil. The cross was also spray-painted with “1680” in an apparent reference to Popé’s deadly revolt, while a banner was hung on the cross with red paint and the word “NOW.”

Just blocks away, another monument dedicated to Kit Carson was also vandalized by what appears to be the same group of culprits. They used red paint to deface the external barrier protecting the Kit Carson obelisk monument from external evil forces trying to destroy it.

Last year, Democrat Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber gave the green light for police officers to not act on domestic terrorists toppling the 153-year-old Soldiers Monument sitting in the heart of downtown Santa Fe. When the vandals were finally recognized and arrested, the First Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies refused to give them jail time.

Webber’s failed response to the obelisk vandals came months after he promised a Marxist “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to have conversations about taking down monuments. 

The Cross of the Martyrs was previously desecrated in October 2020 with the words “LAND BACK” written on stones near the cross. Local media has largely ignored the anti-Hispanic and anti-Catholic hate targeting a large swath of New Mexico’s residents who identify with age-old New Mexico tradition and culture. 

The new attacks on the historic monuments eerily mirror previous attacks on the downtown Soldiers Monument obelisk, which was hailed by extremist anti-Hispanic hate groups including The Red Nation and Three Sisters Collective. These groups could very well be responsible for the vandalism. Coincidentally, on Tuesday the far-left online magazine The Nation wrote a fluff piece on The Red Nation’s radical agenda to decimate capitalism and steal land from Americans.

“Who would do something like this?” said Vigil, whose organization has fiercely advocated for Hispanic culture amid the attacks. Democrats added a statue of the bloodthirsty killer Popé as one of New Mexico’s two statues housed in the U.S. Capitol. Tuesday, August 10 marks the day Popé was born.


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