U.S. Dept. of Education paying UNM students $5k to be trained in CRT

According to a new report from Just The News, the U.S. Department of Education is funding the racist Critical Race Theory with million-dollar awards at colleges across the country. The list includes the University of New Mexico.

The report notes that the program is called “The Research Institute for Scholars of Equity,” or RISE. Just The News notes that RISE promises to produce “a cadre of scholars who value and advance equity.” In the program, “RISE students receive a $5,000 stipend, money for food and housing, and a travel allowance. According to promotional materials and grant documents, RISE students are trained to use critical race theory as a means of evaluating teacher quality, among other things.” 

Jonathan Butcher, an education expert at the Heritage Foundation, said, “This is an example of federal funding for CRT at the post secondary level that also has an impact on K-12 schools based on the goals and activities of the fellowship.” He noted, “This directly exposes the claims that CRT is not used in K-12 schools as false.”

“The grant clearly has goals for teacher training that include instruction in CRT,” he added. 

The first grants, approved by the Barack Obama administration include the wording “critical race theory”: 

“One core feature of the fellowship is the eight-week summer research institute in which fellows will be introduced to critical race theory (as well as mixed-methods research techniques) as a means of studying issues such as teacher quality, education policy, and race and social justice in education.”

“In addition to coursework, fellows will conduct several short research projects and begin conducting research related to the RISE theme as part of research interest groups (RIGs) under the supervision of their faculty mentors. Fellows will continue to conduct research through their RIGs during the academic year.”

The 2021 grant under Joe Biden has the same wording but omits “critical race theory.”

Just The News notes, “A flyer on the University of New Mexico’s website advertises the summer of 2020 program, calling it a ‘Paid Virtual RISE Summer Research Experience in Critical Race Theory & Education for Undergraduate Students’.” 

Critical Race Theory is being installed not just in the K-12 education system, as leftists are trying to do in New Mexico, but it is infiltrating college campuses, including UNM, which has become increasingly left-leaning under the scandal-ridden administration of alleged sexual predator and child abuser Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. The embattled governor is currently working on updating social studies standards through the New Mexico Public Education Department to include tenets of CRT.

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  1. UNM Brainwasing institute of NM

    De-fund UNM. All taxpayer, public funding needs to be stopped. Parents need to stop sending their students to woke schools. CRT is racist, it is hate education. New conservative colleges need to be created. Liberal scum schools like UNM need to die.

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