TV news station bullies ABQ restaurant owner for calling Gov. Lujan Grisham a ‘Nazi’

On Monday, KRQE 13 News bullied a local Albuquerque restauranteur, forcing an apology out of him for calling Gov. Lujan Grisham a “Nazi” and calling Joe Biden a “socialist” because of the extended unemployment benefits given during the lockdown. These government checks have lowered the numbers of Americans in the workforce because they incentivize not working.

Walden Minoli, the owner of Gecko’s in Nob Hill put up a sensible sign reading, “Gecko’s is closing our kitchen tonight at 6 pm due to a lack of staff. Special thank you to our Nazi in Santa Fe and our socialist in D.C. for trying to buy votes with extended unemployment benefits.” 

But the television news station couldn’t help themselves from ambushing Minoli at his restaurant about an apology, claiming him calling Lujan Grisham a “Nazi” was anti-Semitic. Minoli said, “I was angry, and it was stupid on my part.” 

According to the report, “Minoli said it’s been a frustrating year for restaurants and said he reached a boiling point this past weekend when he decided to put a sign up on the bar’s front door Saturday evening letting everyone know the kitchen was closing early because they were lacking staff. Minoli said he’s down three cooks.” 

“Minoli said when the state fully reopens on July 1, he’ll maintain capacity limits and cut down on business hours because he still doesn’t have enough workers.”

Gov. Lujan Grisham’s condescending press secretary wrote in response to Minoli’s sentiments toward the scandal-ridden Governor: 

“On the whole, we do not respond to people who choose to invoke that kind of language as if it doesn’t have actual, terrible meaning.

It’s important to note, and I hope your reporting does, that the Federal Reserve studied this specifically and found that the $300 benefit is not keeping people on unemployment longer the $300 benefit is not keeping people on unemployment longer than they would be otherwise – “the value of a job significantly outweighs the benefit of temporary additional UI income.” Additionally, we are not seeing dramatic swings in unemployment in the states that have cut the $300 benefit – while some may try to say otherwise, such an assertion is not based in the reality of the job market, which the NY Times also covered this weekend. The best thing the state can do to assist both employers and those workers who are not yet ready to return to work for health or family reasons is to end the pandemic quickly, which is exactly what we’re doing, in addition to supporting New Mexico small businesses with grants and funding, making over $1 billion available for reopening and rehiring.

I’ll also note that the $300 supplement expires on September 5th regardless and requires a one-month notice per the federal program, my point being that any action to end the supplement and provide that month notice would only minimally advance the program’s end date – a program that, again, is not incentivizing people to stay on unemployment at the expense of finding a job.”

Sackett’s analysis uses far-left sources from the New York Times to bolster her non-answer to the question, where economist analyses, such as by the left-leaning U.S. Chamber of Commerce notes that “the $300 benefit results in approximately 1 in 4 recipients taking home more in unemployment than they earned working.”

Many states, run by both Democrats and Republicans, are cutting these benefits to unemployed workers to push people back into the workforce. They would not do this if the incentive was not keeping Americans from returning to work.


15 thoughts on “TV news station bullies ABQ restaurant owner for calling Gov. Lujan Grisham a ‘Nazi’”

  1. ordinarily i watch local news stations to see how many shootings and deaths happened yesterday in albuq and if it will be hot this week being it;s summer here. i am disgusted that the local news stations jumped all over this frustrated NM business owner who dared to express his personal thoughts in his private business. we were forced to see this very thing on a very large scale for 4 yrs, rioting in the streets no respect for law and order, or personal and public property and anyone who expressed a differing opinion was attacked and called a “nazi or facist”. The hypocris,y is stunning, if the individual didnt like the sign why didnt they go somewhere else, why call the news
    , Hmm those whodont learn from history are destined to repeat it.

  2. Nora and Tripp are something else. I’ll never forget their condescending tone (as they continued to get paid and get raises), and even their Twitter rants. Tripp closed his Twitter awhile back after getting into it with regular citizens. She picked some great ones. Loyal to the end I’m sure.

    Both could easily flip and find ‘valid’ reasons for her various ‘do as I say, not as I do’ forays. They said the jewelry store was curbside. But at that specific time, curbside was closed. They love flipping the facts. The wagyu beef was for her staff, who could congregate and eat together apparently. And hundreds in booze was for a later TBD party. Why overspend during a pandemic?

    Let’s see here

    2nd worst in unemployment
    We shuttered:
    Booze stores
    Bicycle shops
    As 46-48 other states never did such a thing at any given time . So yes, they created this problem. We have nothing positive to show from this. 13th worst state in deaths per capita and the worst in economic recovery. But let’s believe MLG and her crew when they say they’ve done a good job. It’s never us, it’s always her staff and her people. She works for us. Let’s not forget what she put us through needlessly.

    And dare I not forget. We shuttered essential grocery stores as not a single state or country managed to do such a thing. We had food rotting away as we had folks waiting in 2-3 hour lines. None of this was needed.

    And let’s not forget either, not a single politician in the roundhouse wants to have a seat at the table for future/current health orders. She has run this state like a queen. And some say dictator. I think queen is putting it nicely. Dictator is much closer in my eyes.

  3. New Mexico it’s time to stand together and remove that “Nazi” piglet from the roundhouse and put sleepy Joe to rest!!

  4. The Gov. can call people…”Lizard People” but the news will make people cow down for calling her a Nazi. Danged if I would apologize. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and acts like a duck…….it’s a duck!
    He wasn’t wrong according to the Free Dictionary! It’s the Mockingbird Media that was wrong and who are they to make anyone apologize??? If anyone should be apologizing it is they!
    #3. .often nazi Informal -A severely intolerant or dictatorial person: food nazis who want to ban salt in restaurants.”

    1. This may be why I haven’t turned on any MSM in my home for twelve years! Growing up they had a saying about not putting beans in your ears. That also applies to lies and BS in general.

  5. The Nazi and/or KGB tactics of our governor and “elected ” government, would have probably be a better way to phrase it. BOTTOM line is history IS repeating itself.

  6. Why people watch the local TV news in Albuquerque is beyond me. The billionaire owners of the local stations simply refuse to spend the money necessary to put on a quality product. I haven’t watched local news for at least 15 years. By the way, at least 90% of what is on the local TV news is simply lifted from the local paper.

    1. I agree!!! Don’t watch much “news” on any TV station except the weather. 50%+ of the time they can get that right.

  7. Having state police as your private gestapo closing down shops, fining families picnicking or walking their dogs in group’s deemed too large. Oh yeah. She let them take the brunt of the heat. And only a few people stood up to them.

    The comparisons are all there. Many sheriffs or local
    Police didn’t dare do any of these tactics. But state police were truly that gestapo, which again, compares back to dictatorships.

    Rules for thee; not for me.

  8. Gee the governor, “On the whole, we do not respond to people who choose to invoke that kind of language as if it doesn’t have actual, terrible meaning. But she can call New Mexico citizens lizard people. Talk about being hypocritical. Yes she is a Nazi too much power in one person is not a good thing when it involves the destruction of people’s personal lives.

  9. Useing NMSP, as Enforcers of unlawful , unconstitutional orders is very Facsist like ! the Defining aspect of a DICTATOR is dictation of law without processes ! fining people without statutory authority ???? there is NO legislative action created to support these actions there for it is DICTATION of orders without legislation hence DITATOR by action ! I agree acting like a NAZI !

    FYI the actual term is NASDAP , not NAZI and it stands for National Socialist German Workers Party !

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