CENSORED: Largest conservative NM Facebook group gets disabled just 74 days before election

Just 74 days before the November 3, 2020 election, New Mexico’s largest conservative Facebook group has been taken down by the California social media giant.

On Friday evening, former Republican candidate for New Mexico House of Representatives Audrey Trujillo and founder of “#NewMexit” Melinda Rivera, two administrators of the Facebook group “TURN NEW MEXICO RED 2020” announced that the massive community has been disabled for not following Facebook’s “community standards.” 

Rivera writes, “Facebook is Silencing Conservatives in New Mexico….  I’m an Admin with my amiga Audrey Trujillo on the largest NM Conservative Group Page with over 20k followers and it’s been Disabled! It’s wrong!” 

Trujillo shared a screenshot of the notification from Facebook, which read “Your group has been disabled because it doesn’t follow our Community Standards.” The Facebook group had 20,000 members at the time of its removal.

It is unknown if Trujillo and Rivera will rebuild the group, however, there are other conservative Facebook groups New Mexicans can access, however, the timing of the ban is noteworthy, as the November 3 election is right around the corner.

“This is just another example of the censoring of conservative opinion by the Left. ‘Community standards’? Meaning: not following leftist/liberal dogma?” writes conservative blogger Armand Vaquer.

Over the past few weeks, multiple instances of conservative suppression by Facebook have been noted, including an advertising ban on one of the largest pro-Trump Facebook pages with nearly 1 million likes, The Committee to Defend the President, which is barred from advertising until after the November election. Questions of election interference have been raised by many.

74 days counts from Friday, August 21st, when the page was disbanded, not the day of this article’s publication.


6 thoughts on “CENSORED: Largest conservative NM Facebook group gets disabled just 74 days before election”

      1. Debra Rae Steinman

        “You People”? Those people shouldn’t have to give up anything to retain their 1st amdt rights. If that is the way ‘you’ think; then you need to read the constitution instead of whining about “You People’.

  1. After Trump gets reelected Facebook and Twitter need to be seriously investigated and sued for discrimination. Also Google should be broken up violating anti-trust laws and for being a monopoly.

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