RPNM Chairman Pearce gives away New Mexico’s 22 delegates at RNC Convention

On Monday, Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce gave away New Mexico’s 22 delegates to President Donald J. Trump for renomination as President of the United States in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Pearce said, “Madam Chair, on behalf of the good people of the state of New Mexico, the land of blue skies, limitless horizons, and unending vistas, a land where faith, freedom, and family dominate our values, we all saw Mr. Trump come down that escalator, and he gave a voice to fears and anguish that we all felt for this country, and he began to speak words of strength and purpose, words like courage and liberty, truth hope and life. And we saw him begin to rebuild this country and then we saw that rebuilding interrupted by the COVID-19. So now we have a choice. A choice to continue the rebuilding, the revival, the renewing of this great land. New Mexico is proud to vote for that renewal, that revival by casting its 22 votes for Donald J. Trump, the next president of the United States of America!” 


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