Trump thanks BernCo Sheriff Manny Gonzales for partnership in Operation Legend

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump tweeted a message of thanks to Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales after Gonzales agreed to partner with the President to make Bernalillo County safer. 

Trump wrote, “Thank you to Sheriff Gonzales of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, for joining my call with our Nation’s sheriffs. Appreciate your partnership to help make your county safe – great comments on Operation Legend!” 

Previously, the Bernalillo County Sheriffs Office tweeted, “Today, Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III was the first among ~1,000 sheriffs to speak on a briefing call w/the POTUS about Operation Legend, how it is helping to keep our citizens safe, & the opportunity to ask the POTUS a question related to public safety.” 

Gonzales has brought national attention to the crime problems in Bernalillo County, and his partnership with the President and the Justice Department in implementing “Operation Legend” has sparked condemnation from far-left in New Mexico, including Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich, who urged the Sheriff to resign despite him doing nothing wrong other than working with the Federal Government to ring aide to Bernalillo County.


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