Toulouse Oliver’s office settles lawsuit after denying voter records

The office of New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver has resolved a legal dispute concerning voter records through a settlement of $22,000 with a libertarian think tank. This agreement comes after the initial denial of access to voting information.

The Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI) first informed The Daily Signal about resolving their lawsuit regarding a denied request under the state’s Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA). This act is analogous to the federal Freedom of Information Act.

SPPI president Patrick M. Brenner emphasized the significance of the settlement in conveying a message to all governing bodies. He remarked, “You are being watched, and we do not take ignoring public records requests lightly.” He emphasized that government agencies often employ tactics like stonewalling, delays, or reclassifications to dismiss requests, but the secretary of state’s office took the unusual step of attempting to disregard their request completely.

Maggie Toulouse Oliver, a far-left Democrat first elected in 2016, has a prior background as the county clerk of Bernalillo County, where she had oversight over public records.

Linda Bachman, the director of legislative and executive affairs for the secretary of state’s office, confirmed that a verbal settlement had been reached and that efforts were underway to document the agreement in writing. Bachman stated, “The SOS maintains that it did not violate the requirements of the Inspection of Public Records Act, but deemed it in the best interest of the Office and the public to settle this disputed claim without incurring further litigation costs.”

Patrick M. Brenner articulated the purpose behind their request, saying, “We were looking for voter records, all of which are subject to public inspection. We wanted to educate the public if we know which members of the public to educate.”

The lawsuit reached the settlement stage after a state court dismissed the motion by the New Mexico secretary of state’s office to have the case dismissed. Brenner underscored this outcome as a necessary step in holding public records custodians accountable for their actions and ensuring public access to government records.

Brenner stressed the importance of transparency in upholding a robust democracy and affirmed their commitment to fight for it within the boundaries of the law.


18 thoughts on “Toulouse Oliver’s office settles lawsuit after denying voter records”

  1. “Here you pawn, take your pittence and be gone with yourself”… (as our tax dollars paid the fee.) Thanks “Maggie Toulouse Oliver, a far-left Democrat”.

  2. The settlement money most likely came out of tax payers funds rather than from her own bloated salary. She doesn’t even realize what kind of government we have which should be a constitutional republic. How does she get to choose which of the tax payers get to review their voting records…. Sure looks like she is hiding how NM’s voted!

  3. Ol Maggie Oliver tried to have the case dismissed first, then, when the judge didnt throw it out, realized she was going to lose and decided to settle.

    Thank you Patrick Brenner for fighting for Election Integrity!!!

    Election Integrity!!! Without it, *no one* has a voice!!!

    1. It is odd that there is no mention of voter records being released to SPPI, only $. If records were released, are they for current voter records or for voter records requested at the time of denial of those records? As current NM Election now stands, voter records are NOT public record and therefore not subject to IPRA.

      1. LMAO, I or anyone can go to your county clerk & get a list of all registered voters ! How you vote isn’t reordered anyway it’s called a secret ballot for a reason.NO name only a numbered ballot!

        This is how people mail out political advertisements, Name & Address are listed! What SPPI probably wanted (a guise) based on the 2020 election graphs is the 2022 graphs, which were not made available after someone found large numbers of votes being cast that didn’t exist in the 2020 election!

        These Graphs from NM SoS office showed a surge of voters showing up in person & voting in the 4 days leading up to the 2020 election! Only thing is in small counties where everyone knows everyone,,,, No one remembers these people??? Strange?

  4. $22k of public money and zero consequences for breaking laws and committing fraud.

    “That’ll teach them!”
    Yeah… Sure it will. NM is run by Communists.

  5. He took the $22k and didn’t take it to court.. How is that fighting? Everyone wusses out and gives up so quickly. And that’s why the corruption will continue.

    1. It’s fighting because he’s doing something and holding them publicly accountable.

      I could be mistaken, but I’d bet part of the agreement is Maggie handing over the requested documents. The deal isn’t even in ink yet.

      When you’re the one taking the state of new mexico to court, let the Pinon Post know – we’ll be sure to complain about how you’re doing it.


  6. Where are the consequences? The payment should come out of Toulouse Oliver’s pocket. Without consequences the act will only happen again.

  7. Shame on UNM for allowing a doctoral candidate to hold them hostage for a degree. She obviously has never read the Bill of Rights. Really a doctoral candidate who stomps on the Bill of Rights?

  8. Will the Raul Torrez’s Attorney General new Civil Rights Office take a look at this. Or are civil rights for other people’s children?

  9. One party rules the state of NM and that party is supported by the local and national media.Thanks to the pinion post I saw this story otherwise it would have vanished into the toilet of Santa Fe corruption.

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