Gabe Vasquez ditches Biden’s NM ‘climate change’ event

Far-left U.S. Rep. was missing at Joe Biden’s “climate change” event in Belen Wednesday, despite the rest of the state’s Democrat congressional delegation in attendance. That included U.S. Reps. Teresa Leger Fernandez, Melanie Stansbury, U.S. Sens. Martin Heinrich, and Ben Ray Luján.

Gov. Lujan Grisham was in attendance, as was a slew of Democrat state legislators and even one Republican legislator, New Mexico Senate Minority Leader Greg Baca. 

Baca wrote amid Biden’s speech, “The Arcosa facility in Valencia County is a bright spot in an otherwise grim economy under [Joe] Biden. While I celebrate these new jobs, let’s not forget that good wages only go far in a strong economy. Under Bidenomics, working-class families are being gutted by inflation at the pump and the grocery store. I hope this … visit is more than just a politically motivated publicity stunt distracting us from the work needed to improve the lives of all New Mexicans.”

However, Vasquez was not in attendance in an apparent attempt to distance himself from the woefully unpopular Biden.

KOB 4’s Matt Grubbs noted that Biden confirmed to the crowd, “no Gabe.”

Former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, who is running to reclaim her seat from Vasquez, wrote, “While Gabe Vasquez is dodging [Biden] and we’re all trying to dodge Bidenomics, I’m in Lea County at the Parade & Fair with real hardworking Americans. I’m not afraid to show up and do the work New Mexicans need in Congress!”

Biden was met with a slew of anti-Biden protesters who were quite vocal about the opposition to the Democrat politician. 

“I don’t think it will give many people jobs, and I think he is a failure. I don’t think anything he has done for us has been successful, and he is a disappointment,” Belen resident Beverly Castillo told KOB 4. 

The New Mexico GOP wrote in a statement about Biden’s visit, “He didn’t address our Governor’s failing education system. He didn’t address his Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s horrible decision to obstruct the financial future of Navajo allottees. He didn’t address our border communities or offer them any solutions to stop the child traffickers, deadly drug smugglers, and cartels who are exploiting our open border. He didn’t address our oil and gas workers, who produce the largest source of revenue in our state and whose jobs are threatened by his administration. Instead, [he] came to brag about his ‘Bidenomics’ which has only resulted in higher prices at the pump, escalating food costs and less money in the pockets of hard-working New Mexicans.”


12 thoughts on “Gabe Vasquez ditches Biden’s NM ‘climate change’ event”

  1. Perhaps the Dems are distancing themselves from Gabe?
    Yvette, perhaps you need to get out of Lea County and spend some time a litte further North and Southwest.
    Games are afoot… sad for New Mexico, worse for New Mexicans.

  2. Yvette visited Luna County, in southwest New Mexico on July 15. She appeared fresh, comfortable, and ready to take on Vasquez’ and Biden’s failing records.

  3. It’s a shame that out so called gestapo governor supports Biden and all of his failed policies. New Mexico is a disaster and they are promoting it. Bring back Trump for some positive changes!

  4. From the limited far left news coverage provided by all the New Mexico television stations… I have a question…

    How many were in the crowd? Was there only just standing room inside this façade of leadership? Were there dedicated voters standing in line waiting to see the feeble minded retiree? There was a mention of protestors who are, IMHO, anti disabled senior citizens acting as a President continuing to be acting like an American President…but were there more protestors than supporters?

    Why didn’t anyone ask the President if he supports more “Tourism Dollars for Late Term Abortions for Any Reason for New Mexico”… and mention that our Governor does, so does he?

    You started permitting my posts to be published John, so I donated $10.71 to your Pinion Post…

    You need to hammer this home… You need to bring this to the campaign trail… The sick and demented practice that the Governor herself has put out to the public… She, our elected Governor MLG, desires “MORE TOURISM DOLLARS FOR LATE TERM ABORTION FOR ANY REASON” to bolster our tourism industry…

    Why you wont take this line up on the active campaign trail is a mystery… Sure its mobic and a gross stance, I know you don’t support this but this is the true evil that the MLG administration stands for… “Tourism Dollar Fanatical Approach to Fund the States Coffers”… Or am I wrong? Do you? I know you don’t…no sane person would… But the fact is… The Governor said it… she has no moderation button to push…She is…well… insane to even think or support this… I know from my Democrat friends in the past that I have had over the years…this fact alone cannot be supported by them, nor any medical person. Executing a viable human being up to and at the moment of birth is absolutely ethically and morally wrong.

    1. AMEN. How can you claim to be a good Catholic and support the murder of a baby? Or any Christian? If you voted for them then you must support their policies. I don’t care what political party you belong to, do the right thing.

      1. Apparently he is the second Catholic president.. Look it up.. What a joke.. he may view himself as Catholic but not in Gods eyes…

  5. The climate scam is really about depopulation. The dumb politicians believe its real, the smart but evil politicians know it’s a scam. Aerosol spraying, food facilities burning down, avian flu scam, dead cows from heat scam, quad tornado geoengineered weather, anti hydrocarbon policies, flooding events, high wind events, torrential rain events all brought about by our evil government and the wicked NWO actors using nexrad, HAARP, lasers, microwaves, scaler technolgy, DEW, electrifying the atmosphere through SAI. Reducing sunlight thereby reducing photosynthesis thereby reducing crop production which will lead to starvation AKA depopulation. Lies lies lies. Our current governor is evil but just wait until martin Heinrich Himmler becomes governor he will be new Mexico’s gavin newsom. Get everyone off hydrocarbons and on electric then we can be socially credit scored to 0 and our power turned off!!! Ben Lujan is dumb as is howie Morales but heinrich is pure evil!!!! Gabe Vasquez is a dumb true believer as eric hoffer would have called him. Wake up NM. If Harrell is going against Vasquez again the sleep walking republican party better take a hit of smelling salts and realize the demoncrats have ganed the system. Lie, cheat, steal that’s the CIA and demoncrat way!!!! Harrell better get on the stick if she wants to have a chance against the nefarious power elite in the land of entrapment!!!!

  6. Deb Hoagland? She is such a disappointment for new mexico, she says biden is a great president, the best we ever had, but in front of committee she could not answer if rigging guesting on what she has done or been doing, didn’t have figures or projected cost, nothing,

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