Tomorrow’s leaders are needed today

That vibrant red color that Republicans wear so proudly should be indicative of the leadership and life of the party. With the 2022 Midterm Elections in our rearview mirrors, it is time that each of New Mexico’s 33 counties elect a young Republican who can resonate with college-aged individuals who have the power to make New Mexico go from a lifeless blue to that vibrant red chile color symbolizing economic prosperity and individual freedom.

The winds of change are here, and young Republicans are the key to getting New Mexico out of this dark, cold, blue abyss. All 33 counties need a young Republican to go to local high schools and college campuses to encourage the youth of this state to vote with the values they already have. Believe it or not, a good majority of young people hold the same values as Republicans.

Young voters want jobs, and this state does not provide them with that luxury. Young voters do not want to continue paying taxes without any kind of return to their own community. Young voters want New Mexico to start climbing the ladder from being ranked last in everything with the exception of being highest in crime. Young voters do not want a tyrannical government telling them how to live their lives. Young voters value the Second Amendment, as many of them are hunters and enjoy time outdoors.

Much like the established Republicans, the young Republicans with aspirations to be a part of local and state leadership hold the same ideas and love for New Mexico. The major difference is young Republicans can communicate with and relate to those young voters that the Democrats have swayed in their direction with broken promises.

Now is the time for each county to support their young Republicans, whether they are part of the Millennial Generation or Generation Z. We, the young Republicans, are here to stay, and we are here to help the party progress and grow to ensure we do not lose the New Mexico that we grew up in.

It is up to you, the established Republicans of each county in New Mexico, to embrace this excellent opportunity to become that vibrant red and full-of-life party by including the younger Republicans in each county’s local leadership to hold an elected office and help invoke much-needed improvements to the Republican’s current platform. The current platform is ineffective and on the brink of shattering. Thus, needing that last puzzle piece which is the young Republicans, to help lead the party into tomorrow. We need to make the leaders of tomorrow the leaders of today, so we can save New Mexico from the county level on up!

Written by native New Mexican Sami Morales, B.A. Political Science & MBA. Born in SilverCity, NM, and candidate for Grant County Republican Party’s 2nd Vice-Chair seat.


12 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s leaders are needed today”

  1. I wish you luck Sami and encourage you youthful idealism, but I still can’t join your “party” mentality. Still, fight for the country that has given you the right to express your views!!!

  2. Sami is right. We need to turn New Mexico red., and we need the youth to lead the way. For too long, it’s been New Mexico blue. A win for Sami is a win for New Mexico.

    1. We need leaders who will face reality and stop giving Pep Rallies.

      Reality #1 : Redistricting destroyed chances of NM turning Red.
      Reality #2 : The SOS and Dominion Machine alliance ensures Communists will win by algorithm.

      The problem with Republicans is they keep doing the same thing over and over based on the past. We live in a new reality and the first step is to acknowledge reality.

  3. Absolutely agree, Ms Sami. I believe most, if not all local county parties would welcome new, young folks. Even if not elected to a primary position initially, it will be so beneficial to get some that are willing to get “skin in the game”, be steady and consistant in the trenches with others who have been steadily plodding along, who might not always have all the necessary energy but do offer a wealth of wisdom and experience and have certainly working diligently. Continuing to be involved and consistant even in those times while not in the spotlight or the “not so glamorous side”, the ” blood, sweat and tears” work of all the party. It takes ALL the valuable parts of the body to be productive and make a difference. Bringing other young folks and fresh ideas, while not casting out older ones, their input & ideas, but to blend and work together creating strong team, building strength together for a more favorable Constitutional based, honest Republican Party. Putting pride aside by both young and old and honestly working for a better New Mexico. (the only way we can move is up since in most cases due to the current standings that is the only direction available….. Lol). Please come one and come many, young, vibrant Republicans, we look forward to working WITH and ALONG with you as we do not give up on making NM a solid and vibrant Red.

  4. What’s funny is people are saying she needs experience… as her long time friend she has been a Republican for many years and dedicated time prior to her illness in 2022 but still volunteered to help when she was free. Young republicans are not here to take away the party or want a title, they want to bridge the gap created by the old republicans who refuse to leave their roles for their now notoriety. Where have the young conservatives been? We’ve been working and providing for our families and fighting for our American dream. Sami stands for both sides on the spectrum, and the young conservatives need representation within their parties as an elected official. Stop insinuating she’s not good enough or that she is not experienced enough, she is better and more qualified than most of the officials within her local party.
    Newsflash: the current chairman of her party moved to their county from a different state months before the election and was elected with no prior experience in my home county.
    I live in Arizona because there is no opportunity here for people our age. Sami can help change that. Open your eyes people!

  5. Sadly, it’s pay to play in the NMGOP. Even if you do pay, you have no representation. It’s become a small clique of old people who won’t step aside for Gen X or younger to clean up the state.

    As long as that is in place, they will be nothing more that controlled opposition.

  6. Wow Sami! Great job articulating how we need to acknowledge young leadership. You’ve made a great point that there is an opportunity to gain support amongst the younger voters by speaking to them at a high school/college level. I believe most people don’t know what they do not know! Tomorrow’s followers/supporters will not know true leadership if they aren’t exposed to true leaders. Leaders who not only share the same values but also care for them and their future.
    Also we will never know the full potential of tomorrow’s leaders if we do not start supporting them today!
    Sami, continue leading by example, I truly believe you are one of tomorrow’s leaders and I hope others start to acknowledge the hard work you have put into inspiring young republicans to do more for their communities and state.
    I urge others to learn more about the young ambitious republican leaders in their local areas and start supporting them!

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