Tomorrow’s leaders are needed today

That vibrant red color that Republicans wear so proudly should be indicative of the leadership and life of the party. With the 2022 Midterm Elections in our rearview mirrors, it is time that each of New Mexico’s 33 counties elect a young Republican who can resonate with college-aged individuals who have the power to make New Mexico go from a lifeless blue to that vibrant red chile color symbolizing economic prosperity and individual freedom.

The winds of change are here, and young Republicans are the key to getting New Mexico out of this dark, cold, blue abyss. All 33 counties need a young Republican to go to local high schools and college campuses to encourage the youth of this state to vote with the values they already have. Believe it or not, a good majority of young people hold the same values as Republicans.

Young voters want jobs, and this state does not provide them with that luxury. Young voters do not want to continue paying taxes without any kind of return to their own community. Young voters want New Mexico to start climbing the ladder from being ranked last in everything with the exception of being highest in crime. Young voters do not want a tyrannical government telling them how to live their lives. Young voters value the Second Amendment, as many of them are hunters and enjoy time outdoors.

Much like the established Republicans, the young Republicans with aspirations to be a part of local and state leadership hold the same ideas and love for New Mexico. The major difference is young Republicans can communicate with and relate to those young voters that the Democrats have swayed in their direction with broken promises.

Now is the time for each county to support their young Republicans, whether they are part of the Millennial Generation or Generation Z. We, the young Republicans, are here to stay, and we are here to help the party progress and grow to ensure we do not lose the New Mexico that we grew up in.

It is up to you, the established Republicans of each county in New Mexico, to embrace this excellent opportunity to become that vibrant red and full-of-life party by including the younger Republicans in each county’s local leadership to hold an elected office and help invoke much-needed improvements to the Republican’s current platform. The current platform is ineffective and on the brink of shattering. Thus, needing that last puzzle piece which is the young Republicans, to help lead the party into tomorrow. We need to make the leaders of tomorrow the leaders of today, so we can save New Mexico from the county level on up!

Written by native New Mexican Sami Morales, B.A. Political Science & MBA. Born in SilverCity, NM, and candidate for Grant County Republican Party’s 2nd Vice-Chair seat.